Mastery DVD study order question

Alain – having purchased both the Composition and Layers DVD, do you have a
recommendation as to which of the two I study first? Or are they
sufficiently different that it does not make a difference?

Hi Richard,

The two tutorials are really very different, so in a way it doesn’t really matter which one you study first.

However, in the seminar series, I do teach composition first then optimization and printing second and finally marketing third. The reason being that when following a logical progression, one starts by composing an image in the field, continues by optimizing and printing the photographs, and finally exhibits and sellis the photographs (the Marketing course is about both selling and exhibiting).

So if you want to follow the order of the Seminar, then you could start with the Composition Mastery Workshop on DVD and continue with the Layers Adjustment Workshop on DVD.

Let me know if this helps.


Alain Briot

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