The iPad

We got an iPad. I wasn’t sure if I wanted one, so I did not pre order it. But when April 3rd rolled in I felt the irresistible urge to go to the closest Apple Store and get one. I checked that my website, and Reflections, loaded properly on it (they do) and I purchased the 64gb model.

I don’t always get the latest technology right away. Often I prefer to wait and hear how people like it before committing to a purchase. Here I did not feel like waiting.

I had been waiting long enough for a portable device with a large screen that wasn’t a laptop. I liked the iPod, but never upgraded to the wifi model because of what I saw as a ridiculous small screen.

I wanted a large screen to look at my music collection in iTunes, look at my photographs at an acceptable size, and surf the web without the need for a magnifier. The iPad offers all of that.

Size matters. As time goes by I tend to purchase larger things. Being from France, I started small. Things are small, or smaller, in Europe. The reason is lack of space and a more conservative approach to resources. Things in the US are larger. And large can be satisfying. Large has to be experienced. If you grow up with things large you may want to experience things small. I grew up with things small and I want to experience things large.

I may be addicted by now. Lately I have opted to acquire the largest option available in the various things that I purchased.  It may be that I think large.  It may be that I live in a large home with lots of space for things to be in. It may be that I have developed a taste for things large.

Back to the iPad. I plan to use it to write on after I add a wireless keyboard to it. There is an iPad docking keyboard, but I don’t think it is available yet. I also plan to use it as a mobile digital portfolio. It takes hardly any space and is lighter than stack of prints. Plus it does so much more than just show photographs.

Alain Briot

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