Photography Workshops with Alain and Natalie Briot
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2019 Workshops

Spring 2019
Joshua Tree

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Spring 2019
Antelope Canyon

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Fall 2019
Mono Lake

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Alumni Rendez Vous

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2019 Death Valley
Fine Art Summit

Little Known

By Invitation

One on One Mentoring and Consulting

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Click here to see photographs taken during our workshops

"To photograph Navajoland you first have to live with the Navajos."
Alain and Natalie have, for many many years.

Join Alain and Natalie and learn to photograph the places they love,
the places they live in and know intimately. Meet the many friends they have there.

Learn how to photograph locations that Natalie and Alain have known for over 20 years and
study photography under the guidance of working professionals.

Alain and Natalie make their living selling fine art Photographs.
They are also professional instructors,
with over 20 years of combined teaching experience.

Each workshop include a powerful teaching component, with syllabus, handouts,
lectures, exercises, assignments, print reviews and more.

I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic workshop. 
I admit I was a little hesitant about joining a workshop with someone I have not met before, however, I was pleasantly surprised. 
The quality of the instruction, the handouts, and Alain's keen insights
beyond the technical aspects of photography
made this workshop second-to-none and a valuable investment to me. 
Your scheduling and organization of the workshop was flawless. 
In addition, phenomenal locations and a fun and diverse group of participants
made this workshop a clear winner.  
It was definitely worth the money and more.

Rene Pirolt,
Antelope Canyon Workshop participant

Our unique series of workshops and consulting programs is designed to help you:
• Improve your photography
• Create better photographs
• Get answers to all of your technical and creative problems no matter how long you have been photographing
• Build or enrich your personal portfolio of beautiful landscape photographs
• Discover new and rarely photographed natural locations
• Learn how to make an income from your photography
• Work professionally in the field on a day-to-day basis

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