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I recently felt the need to add a “blog,” for lack of a better term, to my website.

A “blog” offers something that a website does not offer.  First, it offers the possibility for readers to post comments, making it an interactive environment.

Second, it offers the opportunity to post short entries instead of full-size essays.  Because short entries can be written relatively quickly, a blog opens the door to more frequent posts.

I am not so fond of the word blog, and I use it because I do not see another word that would apply.  However, I will thereafter refer to this area of my website as “Reflections.”  I much prefer using the name of this blog than the word “blog.”

Reflections focuses on four areas of photography: technique, art, marketing and success.

I added success to the three areas of photography that I have been teaching so far (technique, art and marketing) because I take it for granted that the purpose of our efforts in to be successful in creating Fine Art Photographs.

Thererfore, if the goal is to be successful, it makes sense that talking about success as a field of study is necessary.

For several years I have been writing about success without publishing these writings.  I wasn’t sure where these fit in the context of Fine Art Photography.  My decision to publish these writings stem from the realization that success is something that is present, and that affects, all human endeavors. As such, it affects photography and it should be studied, and talked about, in the context of practicing photography.

To do so is one of the goals of this blog. How this will happen is what we are about to find out in the coming weeks and months.

Stay tuned for what is shaping up to be an interesting journey.

PS-Notice that clicking on the thumbnail in each entry will expand the image to full width and will present the essay by itself.

Alain Briot

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Reflections

  1. Welcome addition to your site and work in F.A. Photo. This will nice for a many reasons. Thanks

  2. Alain,

    What a great thing to have done! I am enjoying your blog and I recognize the blog image from our San Juan river trip.

    Editors note: actually the photograph is from Navajoland.

    We will soon be on our interesting journey and will be posting a blog as well. My emphasis will be on photographing Australia, experiencing the culture, and taking time to plan where to go from there in our lives. So, in many ways, it too will be a journey of reflection.

    Bonne chance, mon ami!

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