Fine art landscape photography is about natural light

In Fine Art Landscape Photography, we photograph the light first and the subject second.

This is because the best subject in poor light will not look good. Think about how many photographs of the Grand Canyon taken at noon you have seen. None of them look very good even though we all know that the Grand Canyon is an awesome sight.

On the other hand, a subject with minor interest in great light can look great. This is because light is the most important aspect of photography and good light has the potential of making just about anything look great. Think about photographs of subjects you have never thought of photographing before. All of a sudden you find yourself wanting to photograph this subject. The beauty of the subjet is revealed by the quality light used by the photographer.

Of course, the goal is to get great light on a fantastic subject! If you have both, then you have the makings of a superb photograph.

Alain Briot

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