A few words on perseverance

It takes great time and effort to create world-class photographs.  When I started photography my results were far from being what they are today.  In fact, my first photographs were quite disappointing, even though I had great expectation for them.  Until I had the film developed that is.  It was then, by looking at my negatives, that I realized that I had a very long way to go.

Only through regular study and constant practice was I able to achieve results that were satisfying to me.  But again, my satisfaction lasted only until I opened a coffee table book by some of my favorite photographers and saw how much further I really had to go.  For a long time, doing photography was a humbling experience, one that constantly reminded me that I had to continue working hard to achieve results comparable to those of the photographers I admired.

While I am now able to create images that I am proud of, I still work extremely hard at what I do. I  continue to study regularly with other photographers.  Over the past few years I have studied with Joseph Holmes, Michael Reichmann, Charles Cramer, Tony Sweet, Mac Holbert and other photographers and artists.  Even though today I am able to create images that satisfy me, I do not assume that I know everything or that my way is the only way.  Constant study and practice, and yes, perseverance, are the keys to success.

Don’t give up, no matter how difficult the challenge might seem.  You are most likely much closer to succeeding than you think.  Often, it is this last final push that is the hardest.  But if you do give this final push, you will find out that the rewards  greatly outdo the hardships you had to go through.

Alain Briot

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