Marketing Your Photography Today

Marketing Your Photography Today

Market yourself
In today’s publishing world, photographers are expected to do a lot of work when it comes to marketing their photography.  You cannot rely on others to do this for you.  It is simply not going to happen.  You have to do the marketing yourself.  This means learning what is marketing, how to do it, and why to market your work.

Your most valuable asset is time
Don’t waste it trying things that are not proven to work.

You get what you pay for
Valuable information is expensive.  Useless information may be free but it will often cost you time because you will waste time trying things that do not work.

There’s no free lunch
Rather than look for ‘free information’ (remember that there’s no free lunch), look for knowledge that’s proven to work and use it.  If you have to pay for this information, remember that those who share it had to pay for it themselves.

Use only field tested information
Ask at whether the information offered to you is theoretical or field tested.  Information that comes ‘from the trenches,’ meaning successfully used by the author, is a million times more valuable than theoretical information that come ‘from the classroom.’  While classroom information may sound good to academics, it has not been field tested in the trenches and therefore you will be doing someone else’s legwork and wasting your time testing something that may not work!

Share what you do
In the past the artist’s life was isolated, introverted and private.  Today the life of successful artists is shared, extroverted and public.  To be successful today you have to share what you do with your audience through marketing.

Don’t add noise
The internet is drowning in content.  Don’t add noise.  Instead, add meaningful content.

Make yourself heard over the general Cackle
As we just saw, everybody is making noise these days.  But most of this noise is meaningless.  People pay no more attention to it than to chicken cackling around the barnyard.

You need to make yourself heard over the general cackle. To do this you need to have a voice that matters, a voice that people listen to.  This can only happen if what you say is important, if it is true, and if people respect you.

Don’t wait
Don’t wait until all the stars are lined up or until you have 100.000 followers on Facebook.  Share your work today, no matter how small or large your audience is.   Every minute you wait is a minute you waste.  Count how many minutes you have wasted so far then ask yourself how many more minutes you can you afford to waste?   When you count your wasted minutes you will realize that you need to start immediately.  You have wasted enough time already!

Read my book
My conclusion to this brief essay consists of three words: read my book

Click on the link now and propel your photographic career forward. I guarantee you will stop wasting time when you do that.  Remember, no one is going to do your marketing for you.  You must do it yourself and this starts by learning what is marketing, how to do it, and most importantly why to do it.

Alain Briot

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