Maintaining and repairing your Gitzo tripod

Maintaining and repairing your Gitzo tripod

Tripods are put to hard use and eventually they need some maintenance.  For example, when the plastic bushings inside the legs wear out it it impossible to tighten the legs. The solution is to replace the bushings with new ones.

You can either send your tripod to Gitzo and have them fix the problem (either bushings or other), or order the parts and fix it yourself.

This website sells all sorts of parts for Gitzo:

If you do not know which part you need there are very convenient part finder diagram on this site to help you find the part number.

If this doesn’t work, if you prefer talking to someone, or if you want to send in your tripod for repair  you can call Bogen/Mafrotto in NJ to find out which part you need.  The phone number for parts is (201) 818-9500 Ext. 244

You can also email them at:

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