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I recently received the question below and I thought it would be interesting for you to read my answer as it applies to many photographers looking to attend one of our workshops

I am an amateur photographer. I have read one of your books (Photographic Composition) and listened to several podcasts. I like them a lot. I am currently considering joining one of your workshops.
The reason for this mail is that I am wondering if the workshops are appropriate for my level. Could you please comment on what skill level you expect your target audience to be at and whether it will be an overkill for me.

Our workshops are open to photographers of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced. A lot of our students start at a beginning level, then move up to more and more advanced levels as they continue to practice and study photography.

Personally I think that starting at a beginning level is ideal because you get the maximum from attending a workshop. Plus, you do not have to get rid of ‘bad habits’. This is good because it is more difficult to unlearn bad habits than to learn good habits right away. I do understand that the cost of the workshops represents a sizable investment. However, our prices are competitive with the prices of other professional photographers.

We do keep the number of participants low, and you have 2 instructors, myself and my wife Natalie to work with you and help you with your photography for 5 days. We give lectures and presentations everyday, and we review your photographs personally during the workshop.

We also do not teach from my books, therefore you will learn during the workshop is different than what you read in my book. We always teach the latest techniques and latest subjects I am writing about during the workshops, so what you learn is something that no one has heard or know about yet. You are the first one to know about it!

Finally, we have many repeat participants, which means that we are offering something that people value. Be sure to read the many testimonials on my site from previous workshop participants. I

s there a workshop you are particularly interested in? If not, let me know what you are looking for and I can recommend a specific workshop that will work best for you.

Best regards,
Alain Briot

Author of
– Mastering Landscape Photography
– Mastering Composition, Creativity and Personal Style
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