Vision starts with personal taste. It starts with a conscious awareness of what you like and don’t like. One of the first exercises you can do is make a list of what you like and don’t like in photography and which photographers you like and dislike.

Vision is about your personal taste, as well as your personal opinions, expressed visually. it’s about taking a stance and expressing it through a 2 dimmentional visual medium.

We all have opinions. We all have taste. The first issue here is knowing what our opinions and taste are in regards to photography. The second issue is learning how to express our taste and opinions in a visual language.

The visual language of photography is really what has to be learned. This knowledge is not innate, and unless we grew up among artists or went to art school, we are not familiar with it. It is like learning a foreign language in a way. The challenge for many is accepting that while we may intuitively know what a fine art photograph is of, because we are familiar with the subject matter, we do not know intuitively how it was made.

Learning this is one of the very first steps, and definitely one of the most important ones as well.

Art is one of the very few endeavors where your opinions can help you create great work!

Alain Briot

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