Resizing Photographs for the iPad

The iPad has a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels at 132 pixels per inch (ppi).  Therefore to prepare your photographs for display on the iPad you need to resize them to that size.  That way you will minimize the file size and maximize the number of photographs you can store on your iPad.

After sizing my images to iPad size and using Save for Web with a high jpeg setting, my photographs are around 180 kb in size.

To speed up resizing photographs, I created two droplets in Photoshop that I am making available free, by download at this link: resize

These droplets make the process of resizing photographs for the iPad automatic.  All you need to do is drag and drop your photographs onto the droplet.  You can drag 1 photo or several photos at once on the droplet.  They will be resized then saved to your desktop.

One droplet —iPad resize 1024 horizontal— is for horizontal photographs and the other —iPad resize 1024 Vertical— is for vertical photographs.

The droplet will resize and sharpen your photographs then save them to your desktop.

Let me know how these droplets work for you.  There may be problems using them to save photographs to your desktop since the script indicates saving them to my computer.

Alain Briot

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4 thoughts on “Resizing Photographs for the iPad

  1. hi alain

    great tip and fantastic that you have the droplet already created. of course this was posted in 2010 and it looks like technology has moved on – i’ve just tried to download and use the droplets (a little lazy to go through the process of learning to do them myself although i have managed to do the job to the right size for my website).
    the droplets look like they are now out of date for a current version of photoshop.
    i’m wondering if you have droplets available on your blog for a more current version

    many thanks and what a great idea to share your knowledge

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