Photographing Architecture

Photographing Architecture

Diversity is the spice of life.  While my preference is to photograph landscapes, I also like to photograph other subjects when the occasion presents itself.

Each subject offers unique opportunities and challenges.  Landscapes are fantastic because of the virtually endless arrag of forms and colors that they offer.

Architecture, the subject of this short essay, also offers unique opportunties and challengers. For one, there is the issue related to obtaining permission to use private property.

Landscapes pose few legal issues, except when they are private property which is not the case when you photograph public lands, national parks and the like. But Architecture has many legal issues. There’s usually no problems with public or gvt owned buildings, but private buildings require permission from the homeowner to photograph, and of course to get in. of course, if you photograph your own property, copyright is not a problem.  Plus, if someone uses your photographs of your property without permission, it is pretty easy to prove the photo is yours!

I’ll post more ‘architectural’ photographs, as well as photographs featuring subjects ‘other than landscapes’ as time goes by. These photographs are a nice change from the Landscape work I most known for.


Alain Briot

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