Optimization is part of composition

Optimization is part of composition

Ooptimization is part of composition. As well as it should since a good photograph, one that has merit enough to go through a lengthy optimization process, has to be properly composed to start with. Otherwise, why bother to spend the time to optimize it properly.

Plus, the goal of optimization is not only to achieve a technically perfect image. The goal of optimization is to achieve both a technically excellent and an artistically inspiring image.

Therefore, the goal of optimization is first and foremost to complete the process started in the field by using the tools available to us to perfect the expression of our vision.

In other words, what guides us when optimizing an image is expressing the original vision we had in the field when we took the photograph. Without this vision we are left with a technical process and nothing else. With this vision in mind we are using technique not for technique’s sake but for the sake of expressing a vision, an emotional response, to the original scene. We are expressing the image we have in our mind’s eye so that this image can be seen by our audience.

Alain Briot

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