July 2011 Print of the Month

July 4th

The July Print of the Month is available at this link. Print of the Month Prices will increase by $100 next month. July is therefore the last opportunity to invest at the current prices. This will be the 3rd price increase this year.

These increases are due to increased demand for my work. Because the Print of the Month sets a base price for my work (it is my most affordable print collection) my other prices will increase as well.

I like to increase my prices on holidays and July 4th is one of the most important of the year. Plus, July is a great month when it comes to holidays because being from France and of American Nationality I get to celebrate two national holidays in the same month: July 4th and July 14th. 


Natalie and I wish you a Very Happy 4th of July. And yes I know some want me to say “Natalie and me” but it is part of my personal style to say “Natalie and I” so I’ll stick with that. Personal style is, well, personal, and extends to way more than the contents of a work of art. Plus, it’s Independence Day so I claim ‘Independence of Speech.’

To conclude while on the subject of Personal Style the July Print of the Month is a definite example of personal style. Be sure to check it out.

Although I do not envision selling my work anytime in the near future I bought Marketing Fine Art Photography figuring there would be some useful info that I could apply in the workplace somehow (personal brand, etc).I have so far read Part 1 & Part 2 (Chapters 1-8) and I can say that the book is more than I expected (not that I have low expectations for any book from Alain based on all the previous ones).I found that these first 8 chapters contain much information that causes me to think differently about my work and artistry in general and gives me energy to do some different things in the future. Good stuff Alain!John Motzi, Downingtown, PA

Click here to download the table of contents

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  1. Natalie and I is correct because if you drop Natlaie, you would use I, e.g. I went to the story.

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