After the Rain-how it was done

After the Rain : How this image was created


This image is a collage of 2 photographs. The camera I used wasn’t wide enough to capture all I wanted in 1 shot.

I could have used a wide angle attachment but it is huge and carrying it defeats the purpose of having a small lightweight camera. Collaging is easier. I like the technique so much that over 50% of my work consists of collaged images.

The image was taken during a walk in my neighborhood. The tree is just down the path from my house. It’s not that remarkable. What makes it attractive is the reflection. I’ve seen it with reflections before but this time the water pool was larger than I’ve seen it before and that what made me see this image.  Plus, there were no leaves making it more effective as a graphic element.

Our eyes change and we see things differently. I like to carry a lightweight camera because having to go get your larger camera, tripod, etc makes it more difficult to capture things intuitively and spontaneously.

Regarding tripods, lenses, etc. who wants to take all that for a stroll down the neighborhood path! This photograph would not exists if I didn’t have a simple lightweight camera. I wasn’t going to take my medium format digital camera to do this ! A small lightweight camera opens another way of seeing and capturing what you see.

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Alain Briot

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