August 2011 Newsletter available

August 2011 Newsletter available The August 2011 Newsletter is available at this link: you are not a subscriber yet you can subscribe for free on my site at  by clicking on the ‘Subscribe’ link at the top of the page.  You will receive 40 free eBooks when you subscribe.

Coming soon: Advanced Fine Art Marketing Seminar

Advanced Fine Art Marketing Seminar — join the pre – registration list for free. I am opening a pre-registration list for the upcoming Advanced Fine Art Marketing Seminar.  This seminar will be held in 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona.  The seminar contents will be entirely new and different from my book: Marketing Fine Art Photography book.…Continue reading Coming soon: Advanced Fine Art Marketing Seminar

Photographing Architecture

Photographing Architecture Diversity is the spice of life.  While my preference is to photograph landscapes, I also like to photograph other subjects when the occasion presents itself. Each subject offers unique opportunities and challenges.  Landscapes are fantastic because of the virtually endless arrag of forms and colors that they offer. Architecture, the subject of this…Continue reading Photographing Architecture

About Reflections

In this blog Alain Briot shares his reflections on the many aspects of Fine Art Photography. Alain addresses Fine Art photography from three different perspectives: artistic, technical and marketing.  Alain also writes about success in photography. These reflections expand upon Alain’s other writings which have so far been published in 2 books: Mastering Landscape Photography and Mastering Composition,…Continue reading About Reflections