Summer Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB Special Offer

The Annual Summer Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB Special Offer is live. This offer saves you up to 40% off the regular pricing. It applies to all eight Mastery Workshops on DVD/USB. It is the perfect opportunity to complete your collection, or to start studying with the Mastery Workshops on DVD series. There are 8 different Mastery Workshops…Continue reading Summer Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB Special Offer

Creativity Top 12

Creativity Top 12 How to stand out from the crowd  Introduction Standing out among the ever-increasing number of photographers is becoming more and more difficult.  Gear and software are getting better and better.  Prices for photography hardware, software are consumables are getting more and more affordable.  Technical training is readily available. Information about locations that…Continue reading Creativity Top 12

Fifteen Remarks on Fine Art Photography Composition

Fifteen Remarks on Fine Art Photography Composition by Alain Briot Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. Albert Einstein Moonset at Sunrize, Zabriskie Point, Death Valley, California Introduction What are the most important aspects of composing a Fine Art Photograph?  The answer to this question certainly varies from photographer…Continue reading Fifteen Remarks on Fine Art Photography Composition

Workshop Openings Update

Here are our current workshop openings:   1 – Our fall 2012 Workshops are sold out except for the Death Valley Workshop: 2 – Our 2013 workshops are filling out quickly. Here is the link to all of them: Email with any questions or to register. Pricing and detailed information are available…Continue reading Workshop Openings Update

2012 Photography Curriculum:

2012 Alain Briot Photography Workshops Curriculum Developing a personal style is a process that starts with taking ownership of your artistic license. It continues with making specific aesthetic choices, very much like the technical choices you made when you purchased your camera equipment, software and other gear. The process of developing a personal style culminates…Continue reading 2012 Photography Curriculum: