Four categories of photographers selling their work

Four categories of photographers selling their work

Selling your photographs is a serious decision. How you approach this decision depends on your personal goals.  I have been studying and teaching he sale of fine art photography for a long time.  One thing I found is that most photographers fit in one of four different categories. Below is a description of these categories.

The goal of this essay is to help you chart your path in regards to selling your photography.

1 – You are considering selling your photographs
If you are considering selling your images I strongly encourage you to attend the Fine Art Photography Marketing and Business Seminar even if you are not selling right now.  The reason is that acquiring the knowledge necessary to sell your work professionally and profitably is needed before you start selling, not after.  After you can only try to fix problems.  Before you can save yourself many mistakes, headaches and frustrations and be profitable much faster.  The discount package for the workshop + the seminar is also a good reason.  We have many students who do both so attending the seminar will allow you to make friend with workshop participants right away.

2 – You are starting to sell your photographs
You may have been selling for a few months, a year or two years, and you are trying to ‘learn the ropes’ and figure out how to build your business.  The main question at this point is to realistically assess your level of success.  Are you making a profit or not?  Is your income justifying the hard work and long hours you are spending to sell your work? Are you happy with your present situation or are you frustrated, or worse angry, because of what you have to go through?  If the answer to these questions is yes the answer is to attend the Fine Art Photography Marketing and Business Seminar because you will get solid answers and solutions right away instead of trying to find the answers by yourself which can take years, if you find them at all.

3 – You have been selling your work for a number of years
You have been selling for a number of years and you have your system.  It may not work as well as you’d like, but it works well enough to continue.  You would not mind finding a way to make it truly worthwhile though, more profitable, so that you reach the next step, make more money and kick butt.

Again the important thing here is to realistically asses your level of success in regards to your original goals.  However this is not enough.  Another important step is to take a good look at your dreams.  Most photographers dream of achieving more than they have but settle for less because they do not believe they can do better.  Fact is you can do better, but you have to know how. There is a much higher potential for success than you believe, you just need to know how to get there.

4 – You have stopped selling your work
Photographers rarely stop selling because they reached their financial goals.  Just about all those who quit do so because of problems.  You may have quit because selling your work was frustrating, or you did not have enough sales, or problems piled up, or adversity of one kind or another overwhelmed you.  However you have this longing feeling that somehow you did not give it your all and that there may be a way to make it work.   In other words, you would give it a second try if you knew how to make it work.  You still want to achieve your dreams.  You know that there is only one way to do so.

I designed the Fine Art Photography Marketing and Business Seminar to help you regardless of which of these four main areas you are in.  Success is possible, but you have to know what to do to be successful.  Quite simply, the goal of the seminar is to teach you what that is.

Take a look at the Fine Art Photography Marketing and Business Seminar description to find out how this will be done.

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