Marketing Photo question – answer

1 – Question:
“I have some opportunities to have some of my work shown at a couple of City Hall and similar venues. Am wanting to know if others have done this and if it is a good way to sell prints?”

2 – Answer:
Any venue where the public is invited has the potential of being propitious for sales. However, it is important to keep in mind these pointers:

1 – Has there been art shows organized there previously?
2 – If yes, how successful were these shows?
2 – Is this a public show where you actively sell your work (such as a street show or similar) or is it an exhibit where you hang your work and ‘hope for the best?’
3 – The venue is only one of several elements in defining your eventual success or failure.
4 – In the light of the previous remark, how much experience do you have with marketing and salesmanship?
5 – Do you have a ‘VIP’ list of collectors you can personally invite to the show?
6 – Is your work and pricing structure appropriate for this venue?
7 – Will the organizers advertise the show or is this up to you?
8 – Will the organizers want a cut of your sales, and if yes is their cut agreable to you or excessive?

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