Is the new Advanced Marketing DVD relevant outside of the USA?

Is the new Advanced Marketing DVD relevant outside of the USA?

1 – Introduction
I have a lot of students who live outside of the USA or overseas.  Understandably if you are in this situation you want to know if the contents of the new Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD will be usable in your country.   You may also have spent a lot of money previously on marketing materials that have not worked as well as you expected them.  Again, you want to know if the Advanced Marketing Mastery DVD will be worth spending your hard earned money on.  These are important questions, and the answers are below:

2 – Can I use the information on the Advanced Marketing DVD to sell fine art photographs outside of the United States?
Yes, the new Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD is totally relevant to selling fine art photographs in countries other than the United States.  In fact, I have students from all over the world using my Fine Art Marketing DVD, not just in the US, and they are doing very well with the information featured in it.

My marketing approach is based on my knowledge of why people buy fine art photographs.  I explain this in detail in the Advanced Marketing DVD.  I have sold photographs successfully since 1997, not just in the US but all over the world, because I sold at the Grand Canyon where over half of the visitors are international tourists, and because I sell on my website where again over half of my customers are international collectors. This gave me the required experience to teach you how to sell your fine art photographs successfully regardless where you live in the world.

3 – I purchased too many Marketing Systems that did not work for me and I am careful now.  Why will yours work while others did not?
There are a lot of marketing tutorials available on the Internet and elsewhere.  However, to my knowledge,none of them teaches you how to sell fine art photographs.  Many teach you how to sell portraits, weddings, pets, children, babies, studio and other type of commercial photographs, but none focus on fine art photographs the way I do in my Fine Art Photography Marketing DVDs

Selling fine art photographs requires a very specific approach.  People do not purchase fine art photographs for home and office decor for the same reason they purchase photographs of their loved ones such as portraits, wedding, children, etc.  I explain what the differences are in the Advanced Marketing DVD.

For example, how many of these marketing ‘experts’ teach you how to create limited editions? Not just put a number on a photo, but structuring an edition according to a specific marketing system, in several categories, and with a sliding price structure?  To my knowledge I am the only one to teach this extremely important aspect of fine art photography.

How many teach you how to measure your level of leverage and how to use this  leverage? Or, even simpler than that, how many teach you what leverage is in fine art photography?  Knowing how to structure an edition according to your level of leverage is one of the most effective ways of increasing your income.

Also, how many teach you how to create a website where you will sell your photographs successfully, together with do’s and don’t, what you need to have and what you should never use?

And, what about teaching you how to handle stalls and objections from customers?  Customers have more objections than ever before since the recession started.  If you don’t know how to answer them, you will miss a huge number of sales!

What about teaching you how to do a pre-close, how to do a close, how to qualify customers?  All this is brushed aside most of the time, if not totally ignored by the ‘gurus’ out there and when it is addressed it is not done in the context of selling fine art photographs.  I teach you how to do all this in the Advanced Marketing Mastery DVD.

People have different objections when purchasing fine art photographs than when purchasing portrait and wedding photographs! In the new Advanced Marketing DVD I give you the exact objections customers have, together with the exact answers to give them, all this based on my 16 years of experience selling fine art photographs. There is hardly any situation I have not encountered and answered successfully, and on the Advanced Marketing DVD I give you all the answers so you can be successful too.

The price of the new Advanced Marketing Fine Art Photography Mastery Workshop on DVD will go up after the pre-order period is over. Shipping is free. We ship via USPS and declare a low value so you don’t have to pay import tax.

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