2019 Alumni Rendez-Vous annoucement

Registration for the 2019 Rendez Vous is open by invitation.

If you have attended one of our workshops and you want to attend the 2019 Rendez Vous email us at alain@beautiful-landscape.com.  The Rendez Vous is already partially filled but we do have seats available as of today.

If you are not familiar with the Rendez Vous it is an event open only to Alain Briot Workshop Alumni, meaning previous workshop participants. The rendez Vous is different from all our other workshops because it features a print exchange between participants and a presentation of their photographic work by each participant. The 2019 Rendez vous will also include new features not part of the 2018 Rendez Vous.

You can read a description of the 2018 Rendez-Vous description at this link. This description will give you a good idea of what the 2019 Rendez Vous consists of.

Alain Briot

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