Spring 2024 Navajoland workshop

Spring 2024 Navajoland workshop-1 seat available due to cancellation 

Navajoland is the land of beauty.  And what better way to discover and learn to photograph it than going with two artists who have lived in Navajoland for 7 and a half years?  That’s what Natalie and I did.  And while we lived there we learned where the best photographs are and what are the best times to be there.

So join us next spring and learn to photograph the beauty of Navajoland.  We will explore Canyon de Chelly, Canyon del Muerto, Monument Valley, Agatha Peak, Round Rock and other unique locations in Navajoland!  

All the details of our itinerary are on the May 2024 Navajoland Workshop page.

Canyon de Chelly