1 thought on “New Photography Workshops

  1. Alain and Natalie, my currently “clunky” (a good friend’s description) is back online. It was hacked and corrupted in 2016, and it has been dormant since then.
    Along with all our common interests, today I discovered we are also woodworkers. In 2017 I was invited as a combat-wounded veteran to a 1-week, all expenses paid, class in hand tool woodworking (with emphasis on sharpening and hand-cut dovetails).
    And we are also car guys–but I knew that!
    Here’s to your continued success and inspiration!
    Bill (after losing 97 pounds I can carry more gear now, but the 8×10 is too heavy until I build more muscle. I stay close to my new Ridgeline to work with it).

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