Monument Valley Avant Garde: How it was done

Monument Valley Avant Garde

I make it my challenge to photograph well known locations – icons as some people call them – in a new way. This is one of the reasons behind the ‘avant garde’ part of the title.  While I also photograph little known locations, I find it inspirational to photograph locations that are well known.  The challenge of seeing a location photographed by many with fresh eyes is a challenge that gives me motivation to create images that have not been done before, images that fit within a tradition while at the same time challenging this tradition.  The rebellious spirit that motivates this approach is part of my work.  It is assotiated with a focus on form and color, both of which are modified at will to fit my vision.

We visit this location during our Navajoland Workshop.  Here is next year’s Workshop description:

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Alain Briot

3 thoughts on “Monument Valley Avant Garde: How it was done

  1. I like this so much! The relationship of the forms and textures take the cliche to a whole new level.
    All of your work has this wonderful strength and originality–I’m a huge fan, and really appreciate
    your newsletters. Thanks for this new inspiration! MH

  2. Mr. Briot,

    Can anyone walk down to this spot where you shot this? Or are there restrictions as to where you can go unattended? I’ve shot from the View Hotel’s parking lot like the other 42.9 million people have, but I didn’t really see anyone walking down to the valley floor like you have for this image. The view you created here is one of the best I’ve seen of the Mittens (next to the shadowed east Mitten in one of your books!).


  3. Thank you for the reply, I just came across it. I should have checked back after asking you, but life gets in the way of life and we forget these things (turning 50 didn’t help either).

    I appreciate the insight on the MV location, but even moreso, what you wrote after that. Asking me what my vision is was the bell going off, I realize I can’t completely answer that, which, ironically, is the answer I’ve been searching for. That’s my goal, I need to have that answer. I have quite a lot of the technicals in place, ample gear, advanced printing skills and the American Southwest all around me. I now need to define the vision, and not rush into it. I do have your three books but have not made a solid plan of study. I now have a direction which will start off with that, because as I’ve skimmed chapters, it’s clear you adhere to that theme throughout (as do your NPN articles). Thank you so much for asking that question, it was the V8 whack in the head I needed.

    (Down in Scottsdale)

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