Just published: the Artistic Composition Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB

July 26th

The Artistic Composition Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB is available for order. You car read the detailed information, download the free 27 pages table of contents and take advantage of the limited time special offer on theĀ Artistic Composition Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB page.

This new tutorial features features all the composition I have pertaining to Artistic composition is seeing. All the material is new. None of this information is available in my other tutorials or books. The contents are extensive with:

– over 2000 pages in ebook format
– over 150 separate ebooks
– 40 + hours of audio and video tutorials, Master Files, Composition Templates
– a unique gift that will allow you to compose your photographs like no one else
– a signed fine art print
– and much more !

Artistic composition table of contents

Alain Briot

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