Where can you read my books and essays ?

Where my work is published   Luminous-Landscape.com Michael Reichmann has published my essays on his site since 1999.   My Monthly column on Luminous-Landscape.com is titled Briot’s View. You can read all my Briot’s View essays — over 40 of them — at this link: http://luminous-landscape.com/columns/briots_view.shtml   NPN – NaturePhotographers.net I also have a monthly…Continue reading Where can you read my books and essays ?

Grand Canyon posters by Alain Briot

I have 2 different Grand Canyon posters available: 1- The Bright Angel Trail Grand Canyon Poster 2 – The Yavapai Point at Sunset Grand Canyon Poster. Both posters are available at this link: http://beautiful-landscape.com/Poster-list.html A special offer is available as well.   Alain Briot http://www.beautiful-landscape.com