10 Reasons to attend the Fine Art Photography Summit

10 Reasons to attend the Fine Art Photography Summit

1 – Death Valley!  One of the most amazing photography locations on planet earth. You will have the opportunity to photograph Zabriskie Point, The RaceTrack, the Playa, Golden Canyon, Artist Point and many more locations.

2 – Jeff Schewe. Study Lightroom and Photoshop with not just an expert but one of Adobe’s engineers.

3 – Alain Briot.  Learn Alain’s artistic approach to Lightroom and Photoshop.

4 – Printing.  Print your work during the Summit on a dedicated printer using a variety of papers.

5 – Projected print review. Have your work reviewed and improved live by Jeff and Alain.

6 – Raffle.  Win one of many prizes including the Epson Printer we use during the Summit, plus ink, paper, books, music CDs and more.

7 – The Vision Field Workshop. Following the Summit we explore and photograph the Eastern Sierra Nevada including the Alabama Hills, the Bishop area, Mono Lake and more.

8 – One on One sessions.  Get personalized help from Alain and Jeff processing and printing your photographs.

9 – Live Seminar Presentations. Jeff and Alain will each present  classroom sessions each day about the latest Lightroom and Photoshop techniques and how they use these to create their fine art photographs.

10 – Camaraderie. Now in its 17th year the Summit is a yearly gathering of new and previous participants who enjoy sharing and learning from each other.

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We will photograph this location during the 2019 Summit
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Alain Briot

The 2019 Fine art Summit: Lightroom To Print

The 2019 Fine art Summit: Lightroom To Print

Learn how to post-process your nature and landscape images for fine art printing in the beautiful setting of Death Valley, California.

The Summit is a three-day class taught by Alain Briot, Jeff Schewe and Natalie Briot in the private and comfortable Oasis Conference Room inside The Inn at Death Valley.

The Summit covers:

• Lightroom Develop Module from start to finish, including the use of Graduated filters, Radial Filters and local Adjustment Brushes and finally sizing and sharpening for print.

• Photoshop for layering, selective color, warping, reformatting and all the other things you cannot do in Lightroom.

Printing: the Summit is a comprehensive course in preparing your photographs for printing. Everyone will be making 13×19 prints during the Summit using a dedicated Epson Printer, ink and paper. Ink and paper are provided free as part of your summit registration.

• Free raffle: at the end of the Summit we raffle the Printer we use during the Summit so one lucky participant will take it back with them for free!  We will also raffle a number of other gifts including paper, ink, books and many surprise gifts so that everyone has a chance to win during the raffle.

Field photography: sunrise and sunset shoots are planned everyday. Plus we have a day of photography planned during the Summit so that you can explore remote areas of Death Valley.

The Summit is a fantastic opportunity to learn fine art printing with two experts in the field and take your photography to the next level !

• Lodging: we have blocks of rooms reserved at the hotel close to the conference room and close to the locations during the field workshop.

The Vision Field Workshop

The 3 day Vision Field Workshop starts right after the Summit.  We take you to the Eastern Sierra where you will explore and photograph the Alabama Hills, Manzanar, the mountains and Aspens near Bishop and Mono Lake.

These are world class locations made famous by Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell and many other fine art photographers. Become part of the photographic history of Death Valley and the Eastern Sierra by joining us and creating your own fine art photographs of this incredible area!

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We will photograph this location during the Summit.
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