The 12 Advantages and Benefits of The Mastery Workshops on DVD Series

The 12 Advantages and Benefits of
The Mastery Workshops on DVD Series

Here are the 12 advantages of studying with the Mastery Workshop on DVD Series classes as opposed to learning some other way:

1 – You can study each lesson anywhere you want at your own pace.

2 – You can study each lesson as often as you want. You do not need to remember everything in 2 days as in a seminar.

3 – You do not need to travel and you therefore save on travel expenses such as airline tickets, hotel, car rental, food, etc.

4 – Other online, download or DVD tutorials are designed as primers.  They expect you to attend a workshop or seminar afterwards. Not so with my Mastery Workshop on DVD. These are designed to be all you need.  You are not expected to attend a seminar afterwards.  Each Mastery DVD teaches you all you need to know about each specific aspect of photography (Printing, layers, composition, art, marketing).

5 – Each tutorial in the Mastery DVD series focuses on one of the 5 specific aspect of photography:
– Composition
– Art and Personal Style (coming summer 2012)
– Printing
– Image conversion and layer based optimization
– Marketing

6 – I stand behind and personally support each Mastery Workshop on DVD 100%.  If you have questions about any aspect or content of your Workshop on DVD simply email me and I will answer your question right away.

7 – I provide free updates via a password protected page reserved for Mastery Workshop on DVD owners.  The link  and the password to the updates page is emailed to you when you place your order.  These updates are available for years to come.  For example, I have been providing free updates for the Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD for over 5 years now.

8 – Each Mastery DVD comes with a recording of the actual seminar in addition to the mastery workshop on DVD itself.

9 – There is on average a total of 80 hours of audio and video recordings on each Mastery Workshop on DVD.

10 – In addition to audio and video, and based on the subject of the DVD, each Mastery Workshop on DVD features a huge number of PDF files, text files, Photoshop and Lightroom settings, Master Files, Photographs and more.

11 – We have a Limited Time Special Offer during which the Mastery Workshop on DVD series is available at the lowest price they will ever be offered.

12 – You save $200 on one Mastery DVD and over $1000 on the complete set IF you purchase your Mastery Workshops on DVD during our Limited Time Special Offer (ends 4/15/2012)

13 – Here is the link to the Special Offer.  You can download a free sampler and read a detailed description of each Mastery DVD at this link:

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