2016 Advanced Marketing Seminar Announcement

2016 Advanced Marketing Seminar Announcement

I will be teaching an Advanced Fine Art Photography Marketing Seminar in Spring 2016. This will be a 2 day event and it will take place in Phoenix, Arizona.

I will be teaching marketing techniques not featured in my Marketing Books. These are techniques I started using after I wrote the book (the book was written in 2009 a long time ago by current marketing standards).

This event is by invitation and places will be limited. I did not teach a marketing seminar for several years so I expect this one to fill out immediately.

If you are interested send me an email at: alain@beautiful-landscape.com with Marketing Seminar in the subject line. A discounted special offer will be available for the first registration.

I will email you detailed information about this Seminar upon receipt of your email.  This information will have a list of all the subjects I will cover during the Seminar.

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