2012 Photography Curriculum:

2012 Alain Briot Photography Workshops Curriculum

Developing a personal style is a process that starts with taking ownership of your artistic license. It continues with making specific aesthetic choices, very much like the technical choices you made when you purchased your camera equipment, software and other gear.

The process of developing a personal style culminates in claiming a personal position of power as artist and creating the art you want for the audience of your choice.  Being in control of your work, enjoying photography, and creating images you are proud of is the goal of this process.

In 2012 we are teaching this curriculum in our workshops in addition to teaching the  foundations of photography, including light, composition and technical mastery.

This curriculum is taught through presentations, factual print evaluations conducted individually, group discussions, classroom lectures and field photography work.

The goal of the workshop program is to help students discover their personal strengths and weaknesses. Once this is achieved, an individual plan of study is created to allow students to remediate weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths.

Our workshop program is listed on this page:

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