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1 - Unsolicited testimonials from Mastery Workshop on DVD owners:

Hi Alain,

Just wanted to tell you that I am so glad I got your layers DVD.  I watched all the raw conversion and technical movies and the movie about the shadow highlight image adjustments.  I can't believe how this process has improved the images I tested it on.  Truly amazing.  I have been taking photoshop lessons for months and read all kinds of books and different photographers methods and yours is the clearest and most effective and drastically improves color in a subtle way that truly makes photographs more artistic.  I am so glad I found you!!!  I loved your books, your workshop, and now I love your dvd's.  Really looking forward to another trip out there.  Just had to thank you. Once again you are changing my life for the better.  When the Really Right Stuff ball head arrives soon, I am going to be ecstatic.  Really already there just from the DVD.  You truly are a genius and a great artist.



Hi Alain

Just to let you know, the printing CD was great and helped me out so much. I printed my photograph using Alain's techniques. Some friends came over and they saw it. They sorta begged me to sell it to them. I just have not priced my photographs yet,  

Again, thank you.



All I can say is WOW! I have just implemented a few of your instructions and I cannot believe how much better and realistic my colors are looking in my photos. This Layers Mastery DVD is a must have for anyone serious about creating beautiful landscape fine art photos! I can't wait to learn more of your secrets... as I continue through this DVD. Thank you Alain!

Howard Knudsen


Wow - I feel like a whole new world has opened up and I have still yet to scratch the surface of photoshop. I am so beyond excited! I have been afraid to use photoshop for the past year and a half because I just didn't know what would happen...now I am so gad I am finally brave enough to see what I can do to my photos!

A million thanks!


Thanks for the updates on the Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD.
You really stand behind your work!
You did a nice job of covering the highlights of CS5 and LR3

Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD owner


The layers Mastery Workshop on DVD is really excellent. 
I am continually learning from it as I work through different photos.

Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD owner

I'm working my way through the DVD--just finished half of it--and had to tell you how delighted I am with it. I relate to your practical and aesthetic approach so completely!

It's helped me with my understanding already, and your delightful accent is an added bonus. The illustration are great and a huge help. Thanks for this!

Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD owner


I am enjoying the new layers DVD very much . I think this is a fabulous product and the information is very valuable. For me, perhaps the most valuable part is the discussions of the master files.

Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD owner

I just received my copy of your Marketing CD and am very impressed.

I was not sure the material would be worth the price, but can now say it was a wise investment.

Thank you for making this CD available.
I plan to follow nearly all your advice, as I have just started going to shows to sell my artwork
. .

Rob Bennett

I would like to give you some of my initial impressions about your Marketing DVD which I received about 1 month ago.

I had never before spent so much money on acquiring information and my purchase of your Marketing package was a leap of faith in you and your product.  Let me tell you that within a few minutes of listening to your audio recordings, I was blown away by the contents.  The quality and quantity of information you provide is extremely valuable and massive.  I have already learned so much and my mindset towards selling art has changed dramatically to say the least, and I'm only one quarter into the material.

However, the proof is in the pudding, as they say, and I'm trilled to have sold my first photograph at an exhibition.  I was able to go from the buyer saying to me in an apologetic manner "...we just bought a painting from another artist..." to closing the sale and handing the photograph to the happy new owners (without lowering the price).  There is absolutely no way I could have sold that piece without the knowledge I gained from your Marketing DVD.  I have so much more confidence now in my selling abilities. I can't wait to go through the remaining three quarters of the material.

Thank you very much Alain.

Araz Jakalian
over email

I'm working my way through the DVD--just finished half of it--and had to tell you how delighted I am with it. I relate to your practical and aesthetic approach so completely!

It's helped me with my understanding already, and your delightful accent is an added bonus. The illustration are great and a huge help. Thanks for this!

Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD owner

I am enjoying the new layers DVD very much . I think this is a fabulous product and the information is very valuable. For me, perhaps the most valuable part is the discussions of the master files.

Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD owner

I have completed the first 5 of the 32 steps in the Composition Mastery Workshop on DVD and I am extremely pleased and impressed with the material.

Having purchased and looked through hundreds of books, and after taking a few online courses I can say with certainty that I have not found this information anywhere else,especially in this detail.

This workshop on DVD is everything I had hoped for, and I've barely scratched the surface. I particularly like the multi media approach that covers the same material in written form as well as audio and visual. The three approaches together insure retention of the material.

Thank you for producing such a high quality product! I will update you in a few weeks as I delve deeper.

Glenn Gilchrist
Southern Pines, NC

Thank you very much for putting so much of your knowledge into a form
that we can all learn from.

Your Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD has not only taught me a lot about marketing,
it has also inspired me to try even harder to sell my work.

I am excited about holding my own exhibits in the near future!

Peter Ahrens, Australia

Testimonial from Doug Winn in Oregon
Hi Alain:

Well, I just finished a two-and-a-half day session focused on your new “Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD” and I have to say that it is the very best compilation of useful concepts, work flow and techniques that I have yet seen on this subject—bar none.  As you know, I participated in your “Expressive Fine Art Print” workshop last February—that was tremendous and I have my notes from that workshop right next to my work station all of the time, referring to them regularly during my Photoshop works.  But this “Workshop on DVD” is just wonderful, and far better than my notes!  It will reside in one of my DVD drives on my computer until it all becomes second nature to me, and as you say in your conclusion, “mastery come from repetition and regular use” so I’m encouraged that “mastery” is attainable, thanks to you and Natalie.

The “highlights” for me are many:

Starting with the clarity in concept and application of your 28-step approach.  It is clear, is based upon your years of experience and good fine art work, is clearly presented and each step is then validated with real live examples.  Since the presentations are on a DVD I was able to repeat the steps as I went through your video presentations.  [I actually had Photoshop CS2 on in the background, and I applied your steps to one of my images right along with you as you showed how to do it in the video.  That was very educational for me, and it really drove home the concepts and techniques that you were presenting].

Next was your demonstrations of current systems on the market today relating to digital image conversion—showing how Camera Raw Pro, Bridge, DXO and Lightroom work was dynamite.  You made it so clear, without “trumpeting” any of the hype from the digital street…you focused just on how they each worked, where each of them “shined”, and what the future might have in store.  That was so helpful.

Next, your video “how to’s” and “Quick Steps”.  They are loaded with information, and I’ll use them often.  I’m in the process of making a number of my own templates, based upon my workflow, but revolutionized by the extensive use of layers.  Thank you so much for clearly explaining how to use them.

Next, your presentations on printing and printers and RIPs.  Again, comprehensive, practical, usable and results oriented.

And finally, Natalie’s presentations on the nuts-and-bolts of mat cutting, mounting, and framing was very helpful.  And her personality made it all very genuine.

PS:  I've opened the DVD four times already today...adjusting my colorspace, resetting my Photoshop memory, and referencing two adjustment curves on two different images.  I really am using it!

Thanks, Alain and Natalie, for your good work,

Doug Winn, Oregon

Your Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD is absolutely amazing. It has so far well exceeded my expectations - by far one of the best investments I have made. This is an absolute MUST for any one interested in furthering their skills in image processing and presentation. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge accumulated over the years.
You have moved me up my learning curve by leaps and bounds!

You present an absolute wealth of information in an easy to absorb format and the overall content is well produced. Personally, the spontatinety of your presentation style keeps the material interesting and retains a sense of humor. I have worked through your 28 steps - listening/viewing to content and experimenting with the techniques you have showcased. Results so far on my image(s) have been nothing short of spectacular! The Quick steps and curves sets have come in quite handy as well - I appreciate the thoughtfulness of providing them.

You and Natalie have produced a winner! Congratulations ...

Ambika Balasubramaniyan


Testimonial from David White in California
I've found that the DVD is very well organized with a wealth of materials. Every lesson is presented as a Quicktime movie with additional supporting materials which can be viewed separately. I've found that working on one of my images in Photoshop while viewing a movie presentation has been very helpful. I can pause the movie and try what he is presenting on my own photographs and instantly see what works and what doesn't work on a particular image and why.

The DVD has more material and presentations that you would probably get in a 2-3 day workshop on printing and is costs a lot less than you would pay to go to such a workshop when you look at the workshop cost, transportation, lodging and meals.

The material is superb and covers just about everything you need to know about how to produce a fine art photograph from capture to mounting and matting and I've found it to be a worthwhile investment for me. I've already had several concepts and techniques that I have struggled with cleared up and made easily understandable.

Certainly, $975 is a lot of money, but when taken in perspective it isn't that much. This is certainly no corporate fluff training DVD.

I am impressed with the quality of the teaching.

David White, California

Testimonial from Bob Fields in Texas
Your Printing Mastery Workshop DVD is simply masterful. I'm just up to Global Image Adjustments, and it's apparent if I had this DVD when I started working in Photoshop and pursuing fine art printing it would have saved me a great deal of time and money.

It is well worth the price.

Bob Fields, Texas

Testimonial from Peter Cox in Ireland
I have gotten through a large part of the DVD now and have found it very useful. The curating section in particular has given me plenty of ideas re my own print framing and fulfilment.


Peter Cox, Ireland

Testimonial from Edward Delaney in Ireland
I am amazed at the amount of information contained on the Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD and the Expressive Print Seminar 2006 CD.

I am looking forward to the challenge of studying the 28 Steps. I can really appreciate the amount of work that went into putting this together. I consider it great value for money.

The more I delve into this DVD the more I am impressed with its contents.It definitely wont be your fault if I don't produce excellent fine art prints when I finish the course.

Many thanks

Edward W. Delaney, Ireland

Testimonial from Rob Eckert in Pennsylvania
Hi Alain,

I am very impressed with the DVD. I have been pouring over the contents since I received it. I have most of the software tools that you cite on the DVD, but I did not understand how to tie them together in a cohesive workflow as you have done for me. Who knew that I could compare my Joseph Holmes DCam profiles with my camera profiles in ColorSync. ColorSync just sat on my hard drive with all that potential that you unlocked for me. The tools that were on my computer were, metaphorically, like a disorganized orchestra. All they needed was a talented conductor to bring them together. I must say I was taken aback by the price of Printing Mastery when I got your email announcing the availability of the DVD, but it was well worth every hard earned penny.

Thanks again,

Rob Eckert, Pennsylvania

Testimonial from Ambika Balasubramaniyan in Arizona
Your Printing Master Workshop on DVD is absolutely amazing. It has so far well exceeded my expectations - by far one of the best investments I have made. This is an absolute MUST for any one interested in furthering their skills in image processing and presentation. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge accumulated over the years.

You have moved me up my learning curve by leaps n bounds!

You present an absolute wealth of information in an easy to absorb format and the overall content is well produced. Personally, the spontaneity of your presentation style keeps the material interesting and retains a sense of humor. I have worked through your 28 steps - listening/viewing to content and experimenting with the techniques you have showcased. Results so far on my image(s) have been nothing short of spectacular! The Quick steps and curves sets have come in quite handy as well - I appreciate the thoughtfulness of providing them.

You and Natalie have produced a winner! Congratulations ...

Ambika Balasubramaniyan, Arizona

Testimonial from . in Massachusetts
I had to send a quick note to tell you what an impressive and vast collection of information this DVD contains. This is guaranteed to help improve the print quality of just about any photographer, at any level - myself included. For those interested in achieving the best possible quality from their printing, this DVD is a must-have. Congratulations and thanks to yourself and Natalie for producing and providing such an important learning tool.

I think the format and flow of the DVD really works well, the audio is very good quality, and what you say is informative and spoken well. When looking at the PDF's while listening to the audio it's as if you are in the room teaching a course. You can tell you are not reading from a script - and it is very effective.

., Marston Mills, Massachusetts

Testimonial from Charles Morrin
I have had the Printing Mastery DVD workshop on DVD and CDfor about 3 weeks now and I have listened to most of it at least once.  They are far better than any of the books I have read.  I have already learned much. 

I practiced by improving and reprinting a set of photos using your approach.  I just made a print from a photo that I took two years ago, solving the problems that I previously experienced.  But I am not surprised -- most of my progress in learning Landscape Photography results from reading your essays on the Luminous Landscape in 2004, and then practicing when I had time the last 2 years.  Yes, I also bought the book. I look forward to further study of the DVDs and doing more exercises.

Charles Morrin

Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD Testimonial
by Peter Farrer

I must thank you both so very much for the DVD, there are no photoshop books which can help to improve the image quality to near perfection. I am so very pleased with my results which are only with thanks to your DVD workshop. I feel that a cheetah photo is the best quality animal photo I have ever seen, you want to stroke it. I intend to offer a limited amount of postcard size animals to the kids for free.

I am using your mat board technics Natalie, it ensures the longitivity of the artwork which is important to me. I feel the DVD is underpriced but I did get it at the special offer first 50 price. Some of the advice is priceless. I use Canon ipf5000 and only hahnemuhle paper which is also extremely high quality.

Please feel free to visit my new website, where you will see some unique shots of Kilimanjaro: www.petersartwork.com

Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD Testimonial
by P.W.

I have just finished working through the workshop at my own pace, and wanted to write something for the two of you.

The Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD is a gift.
It is a set of tools--with a message.
It is an exhortation-- to focus better, to extract the art from the data, to slow down in the beginning and take a few notes, to slow down in the middle and possibly go in a new direction, to go where the image is going and to expand one's personal art by orders of magnitude.

Part of my personal credo is 'getting out of the way and letting my soul expand' and you've given me lots of new tools to get out of my own way. For me it is about the connotations of an image, about the emotions evoked in the resonance of another soul. Thanks for showing me how to expand my soul and touch others.

--PW from Jersey."

Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD Testimonial

The DVD is a remarkable body of work, from the quality of the audio to the clarity of the explanations.  The amount of caring that it took to assemble the body of work is just staggering, and the quality of the production is exquisite.  Congratulations!

I have a much better chance of touching others and myself with the help of the DVD.  I get to start kind of 'standing on your shoulders.'

Thanks for the boost, and a very sincere thank you from my heart--

2 - Unsolicited testimonials from Fine Art Photography Print Collectors:

Your June 2009 Print of the Month Is just stunning.

Dan Holik, Maryland
in email following Dan's order for the June Print of the Month

Your Print of the Month Mesa Sunset arrived safe and sound yesterday and
it is spectacular. I think you should offer it in a 20" by 24" size.

Jack Dykinga has a new book out on the Grand Canyon so in the next few days
I will sit down with his book and do some comparisons with this print. I assume Jack is still using his 4 x 5 view camera--from reading the technical notes
(at the back of the book) to the images that seemed to be the case.

The resolution and detail shown in "Mesa Sunset" are astounding--and it is unfair to Jack to directly compare his images from the book since they are not photographic prints.

Dan, Holik

I looked at your new Phase One P45 portfolio and it is truly amazing.  I can see how you have been changing your selections over the years. 

I am so glad that I met you and Natalie.  I've learned so much. 
I can't wait until the next time we meet. 


Dear Alain:
We bought a couple of photographs from you a few years ago right at the edge of the Grand Canyon, they are still a source of great pleasure and bring fond memories of our trip out west. Thank you for sending me news about your work; it is always beautiful and very enjoyable to look at.
With kindest regards,
Manuel L. Zapata, P.E.

Your two photos arrived in good shape--they are beautiful. Thank you.
Joe Sharp
Dear Alain,
I just thought I'd write to say Happy New Year to you and your wife and to also say thanks. I want to let you know that after having enjoyed the photograph "Clearing Spring Storm" for a year now, I am still amazed at the beautiful image.  There is something about this particular image and place that captivates me and makes my soul feel good, sorta spiritual. (I hope that doesn't sound too wierd)   Anyway, as you can tell, I am very proud of this piece.

I had lunch with our friend Ken Krahn today and as often discussed, the topic of photography was prime.  I am looking forward to viewing your new "Navajoland Portfolio",  when Ken receives his'.  I am sure it will be excellant.  Ken gave me the CD you sent and again, thanks.
Gary Stewart
Dear Alain & Natalie -  We enjoy looking at your beautiful photography of SUNSET AT YAVAPAI POINT in our family room - every day.

The photograph I ordered arrived yesterday and I was thrilled.   I simply love it!   You are an excellent photographer! Thank you so much.
Jetta K. Lewis
Attorney General's Office
N.C..Department of Justice

Dear Alain:
We bought a couple of photographs from you a few years ago right at the edge of the Grand Canyon, they are still a source of great pleasure and bring fond memories of our trip out west. Thank you for sending me news about your work; it is always beautiful and very enjoyable to look at. With kindest regards,
Manuel L. Zapata, P.E.
Thank you so much for your help with our gift.  It got here right on time and our friend Jane loves it! As I told you she and her husband just finished the Rim to Rim to Rim, so the photo was extra special.   Your little happy birthday card was a great touch! I have attached a shot of Jane and her new picture of Bright Angel! Thanks so much!
Julie Armstrong

Your Navajoland Portfolio took me to a far away place/time. Terry’s flute music is a perfect match.Once again very nice, your work just keeps getting better. Best of Holiday wishes,
Russell Laeufer

Your new book is unlike any landscape book I have ever read. Unlike any photography book I have ever read. It is a testament to your approach, and your apparent refusal to "talk down" to us as photographers by making everything simple, neat, and prepackaged. This book is a treatise in every sense of the word.

Mastering Landscape Photography can guide the reader to a true photographic discovery within themselves. Once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights.

Robert Eckert

The Master Prints are very impressive.

Charles Morrin

I love the prints.

Luc Schoonjans

It is good to hear from you ... you will be surprised to hear this, I opened up your portfolio and was so excited, I closed it and am having a group of friends over so we can look over it together and listen to themusic for the spring equinox. I wanted to experience it that way as I am very excited to have it. But in a few weeks I will give you my thoughts. The box itself is exquisite and the cover photo perfect.
Randy Mosteller

Dear Alain,
I picked up your photo of Navajo horses in Canyon de Chelly from the Post Office today. Thank you!!! It is just a stunning photograph. The on-line version -- or, more likely, my computer screen -- doesn't do it justice. The colors are much warmer and lighter than I expected.

The most amazing thing about this photo is that this is an image I have had in my head for about a year. I had been trying to explain what it looked like to friends, but couldn't capture it in words. My boyfriend kept pointing out drawings and photos and saying, "Is that it?" -- and it never was. I don't know what my imagination was doing galloping through your world, but I am really glad that you had a camera there!

The frame is also beautiful and unique. I'm delighted that you still had one left. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that the photograph arrived in one piece, it is beautiful, and I will give it a good home.

Hello Mr. Briot
Jackie Stoken e-mailed me a link to your site after viewing my photo's on worldisround.com. Just wanted to compliment you on a difficult job well done. To actually take a landscape like much of Arizona that has been photographed to no end and be able to prove that the viewpoints (or points of view) are endless is quite an accomplishment! You're images are far beyond cliché and you should be proud! Ever been published in Arizona Highways?
Steffon Hamulak
Nashville, TN

Dear Alain,
As an avid photographer of this beautiful landscape I find your web site a major source of information and inspiration. You have truly captured what I consider to be one of he most sacred regions on the planet.I hope to be able to attend one of your workshops in not to distant future. I’ll certainly be returning to your site for guidance and inspiration regularly. It is a true gift that you share with us all. Thank you so much.
Sherman Bryce
Croton-on-Hudson, NY

I received the portfolio 2 days ago.
The pictures are fabulous. Need more time to get into them! The paper makes the pictures also so different to what I'm used. I'm about to order the Epson 4000 printer and also I must try out this pare for my own pictures. Of course nowhere near what seen here in this set. Many greetings to Alain.
Kirmo Wilén, Finland
I want to personally extend my thanks to you for processing my order for the Bright Angel Trail in such a timely manner. I know that you fit this in to a busy schedule and it arrived earlier than you had told me. When I opened the packaging, I was awestruck by the beauty you were able to capture in that photo!

It made the perfect retirement gift to our Vice President who has a special fondness for this trail! Many people commented on it and asked where I got it from. Of course, I passed on your website to them.

Hope your enjoy the holidays and may the new year present spectacular images for you to capture and share with the world!
Gloria Tileston-Tharp
Tucson, AZ

I’m running out of adjectives to describe the beauty of the Navajoland portfolio…
Ken Krahn

et aussi l'opportunite de vous dire combien j'apprecie la beaute et la qualite de votre travail. Voici mes voeux pour la fin de cette annee 2004 et celle a venir

My I compliment you on your body of work displayed on-line, it is beautiful!
Mark Henrich, Student, University of California-Riverside
Hi Alain,
My husband and I met you and purchased a large matted and framed photograph of the Grand Canyon (Yavapai) a couple of years ago when we were there on vacation. We have enjoyed it very much and friends often comment on it when they come into our home. I have carried a camera around with me - even when I was a child - but never really studied anything about photography. I've been like everyone else - getting a lucky shot now and then, but having mostly junk pictures around.

I am now using a digital camera and recently took a 2-day course on Photoshop 7.0 because I had bought the software and couldn't learn enough on my own to use it. I am a mother and grandmother and just wanted the software to be able to create fun things to share with family and friends. During that class, I began to think that I might actually be able to start doing some photography "on the side" (I am a full-time government employee until I am eligible to retire in 6 more years). I have started studying a little to try to learn more about photography and am enjoying it very much. We currently live in Texas, but are both natives of Florida. When we retire, we'll go back to Florida. My plan is to learn between now and then, so that I can have a small studio to "work" in as a second career. I expect that one will be a lot more fun than the one I have now.

In the past, I have enjoyed your correspondence and web site - just to view the work you have done. I now look forward to learning from you as well. I just wanted to drop this note to let you know that you have inspired me to get more serious about learning how to do more than just getting that occasional, accidental, good shot. Thanks,

Don't know if you have seen the cover of April Outdoor Photographer, has picture of Havasua Falls. In my opinion it doesn't begin to compare to your Falls 2 image! Just wanted to let you know. Regards,
Ken Krahn

Hello Mr. Briot,
My name is Alaina D. Adakai and I am currently stationed in south korea and have been here for a little over a year. I am full blooded Navajo and was a student of your wife's at chinle junior high in 1997. I remember seeing you a couple times with your beautiful photographs especially during the christmas seasons. I was on the internet searching for pictures of home to help keep me from a loneliness especially during the holidays when I came across your web page. I just want to say thank you mr. briot for the beautiful pictures that have touched my heart and given me renewed strength and love for my homeland. My soul now dances knowing that images of home are just a click away. Thank you once again and may god bless you and the beautiful work you do.
Thank you,
Alaina D. Adakai
Dear Alain,
It arrived!!! It's beautiful!!!
I purchased this work from you about a month ago and have been meaning to tell you how much I'm enjoying it. My original intention was to check out the print quality of the R-800 printer but I'm also very happy to have such a subtle piece of architectural photography. I'm am considering purchasing this printer and coupling it with the recently released Nikon D70 with the kit zoom lens and a 50mm prime. The camera, as well as your choice of the Canon, seems like a good match resolution wise given the size of the printer output. Of course, everyone likes large prints, but the work of some of my favorite artists such as Paul Klee have a very small format but are very powerful. I think the photographic equivalent of this painter as being someone like Ernst Haas. I recently purchased a copy of his now out of date book entitled Ernst Haas Color Photography and was amazed at the beauty of his images. Sorry for digressing, I really wanted to ask you if you had any information on the archival quality of the inks used with this printer? The Wilhelm site is a bit messy and I'm al\ways a little skeptical of Epson's claims regarding ink longevity.Thank you for your time and keep up the good prints.
Michael Sheppler
Dear Alain,
I picked up your photo of Navajo horses in Canyon de Chelly from the Post Office today. Thank you!!! It is just a stunning photograph. The on-line version -- or, more likely, my computer screen -- doesn't do it justice. The colors are much warmer and lighter than I expected.

The most amazing thing about this photo is that this is an image I have had in my head for about a year. I had been trying to explain what it looked like to friends, but couldn't capture it in words. My boyfriend kept pointing out drawings and photos and saying, "Is that it?" -- and it never was. I don't know what my imagination was doing galloping through your world, but I am really glad that you had a camera there!

The frame is also beautiful and unique. I'm delighted that you still had one left. There is a longitudinal crack along the black laminate edge on the outside, probably due to something in shipping (although, boy, did you pack that well -- it took me half an hour to unpack). Our local postal service is just brutal. However, my boyfriend is a finish carpenter, and he loves anything that is beautifully crafted. When I described it to him along with all the inlays and wood, he said he could probably fix it. It doesn't show in any case, because it is not on the front of the frame.

Thank you for the workshop information. It looks to be a great gathering, hands-on, informative, interesting, and very reasonable in price too. Right now, however, I am saving for a better digital camera. I have lens-envy and am tired of working around the automatic-everything of my little point-and-shoot. I have my heart set on a Canon EOS Rebel, so it will be a while before I can indulge in the very thing that would make the workshop worthwhile. Maybe next year . . . .

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that the photograph arrived in one piece, it is beautiful, and I will give it a good home.
Andrea Kaus

Your work is awe inspiring and absolutely beautiful... You are blessed
Paula Curry

Your work made my heart sing.... Thank you
Paula Curry

I was reading your Epson 9600 Diary from bottom up (oldest post first). I ordered immediatly when I saw your first print of the month in your 9600 diary, a few moment later I read that the offer expired around 2/10/2003! I just want to thanks you for taking my order anyway.
Best regards,
Stig Rothberg

Hi Alain and Natalie,
Just a quick note. Received the Spider Rock picture today. It arrived in perfect condition. And like you said - it is so much more beautiful than the web site can show. It is FABULOUS. What a great moment you captured. When I look at it I feel like I am on that overlook myself! And I am shivering with the cold!!Thanks so much for getting it here safely and timely.

Just an update - I am working with a retired photographer here. I have loaded B/W film into my 4X5 holders for my Linhoff Technika. We will go out to shoot on the 31st. Slowly but surely I am making my way up the ladder to better cameras and someday great pictures.
Can't wait for the Navajoland trip. See you then.
Jackie Stoken

I found your work on the Luminous Landscape web site. I emailed you once before that your series Aesthetics and Photography is absolutely the best. I have read your articles over and over.However, I am writing to ask a question about your Single Clay Pot photograph. First of all, it is stunning. It took my breath away when I first saw it. It is the only photograph ever to do so. It is the first photograph that I want to study every inch of. The colors are incredible and combined with the detail of the background rock makes for a truly inspired piece. You are truly a master.I have a perfect place in my house for it. But I am a little confused as to the actual sizes you are offering for this piece. In one place you say you are offering it in Studio and Gallery sizes. In another place you list Decor and Studio sizes. Can you please elaborate the available sizes? Also do your framed prints include glass?
Thank you,
Bill Lamon

The photographs arrived Sat. in perfect condition. They look awesome and will look even better once I frame them and hang them in their respective places. Thank you very much.
Bill Lamon

Our photograph arrived safely. It is just beautiful! Thank you so much. It's the perfect keepsake for a once-in-a-lifetime family vacation to the Grand Canyon.
Jill Sox
Tampa, Florida

Your website is beautiful!! I love your images of the Southwest. Last spring I took my son on a hiking trip to Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce Canyon National Parks and your photos really brought back the feelings that I had when I was there."
Steven Rosenblum
Ann Arbor, MI

Greetings from Australia. Just a quick note to say congratulations on a stunning and inspiring site. Whenever I see the clarity, detail and punch of large format cameras I feel like throwing my 35mm away...keep up the wonderful work.
Craig Fenemore
via email

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your work. Thank you so much for sharing it with the world. Imagine if Ansel Adams could experience this instant publishing phenomenon I think people begin to take for granted this amazing technology, then a photographer like you comes along, with a subject as breathtaking as Canyon de Chelly, and all of a sudden I have a new appreciation of this magic box that sits on my desk.
Jerry Sherman

I will enjoy your photograph every day as it hangs on my wall.
Thelma Feist
Minot, ND

I love both good composition, and excellent printmaking, and this photograph has both.
Steve Fox
Herndon, VA
In a personal letter referring to "El Tovar Sunset". March 2000

Received photographs today. Everything OK. Who did the packaging? Great Job!
Jim P.,
via email,

...my breath, quite literally, was taken away by your images. They are absolutely stunning. I was so stunned by the photos that I had to send you a note to express my appreciation."
Margaret Cronan
Epson America
Long Beach, CA

Your work is created by someone who is part of the landscape, as opposed to an outsider who comes in for a short visit and then returns home. This, I believe, increases its value & marketability.
Steve Sears,
via email

The picture arrived in great condition-good packing. The framing and matting are perfect.
Mary Erickson
Sun City West, AZ

We look forward to receiving the photographs and to doing more business with you in the future.
Pat Brewer
Concord, MA

I enjoyed meeting you at the El Tovar and looking at all of your beautiful photography. The piece I brought home looks more magnificent every time i look at it. I am so happy to have one of your landscapes."
Pam Tubbes
Concord, MA

I would love to learn from a photographer like yourself, if you ever go on an expedition down into the Grand Canyon with other photographers or just on your own I would love to join you.
Tracy L. Amero
Somerville, MA

Thank you for shipping the photographs so quickly. They're beautiful and exactly what I saw when my friend and I were at the Grand Canyon.
Peggy Scheier
Tempe, AZ

I enjoyed having the opportunity to view your "fantastic" photography at the N.A.U. First annual Art Soiree! You have inspired me to achieve better results in my wedding photographs. Thank you for the valuable information you gave me.
Cynthia D. Zapien
Phoenix, AZ

How I wish that I could be
An artist with the gift to see
The world in all its radiant might--
Spectrum shades of dark and bright.
C. David Hay
Rosedale, IN
-inspired by Alain Briot's photography
Your wonderful photo arrived promptly and is now being framed as a "surprise" Father's Day gift for Jim.
Robin Karnik
Encinitas, CA

I shall treasure the picture as a momento of my experience of traveling West and visiting a Grand place.
Lynda Dillon
Middletown, DE

Your work is breathtaking, and the pieces we purchased will grace my office walls.
Steve Comet
Cleveland, OH

Your artwork will be a stunning addition to our home, and a constant reminder of our best family vacation ever!
Nancy Dulavy
St. Paul, MN

What a wonderful way to spend an evening-with many friends enjoying your breath-taking photographs. I will look forward to receiving more in a couple of weeks!
Mary Bilby
Phoenix, AZ

The picture immediately went on the wall in my office and made me more determined to try my hand at photographing the slot canyons."
Leonard M. Miller, Ph.D.

The photo is now hanging on one of the living room walls. It's a pleasure to look at and reminds us of a time when our hearts were much lighter. God bless America!
(Sept. 15, 2003)
Virginia M Kuebler
East Aurora, NY

Thank you so much for your help with this special wedding gift. It will bring back fond memories of their hiking in the Grand Canyon each time they look at it.... thanks to your special talent.
Marshall Tyndall
Clinton, WA

I enjoyed meeting you and talking photography & cameras with you at the South Rim this past August. Tough choice picking a picture online.
Ethan Derbois, via email

I wanted to let you know the photo arrived yesterday safe and sound. Thank you once again for a beautiful work of art and getting it here so quickly. I look forward to perhaps ordering the next photo for myself.
Leslie Woods
Glendale, CA
via email

3 - Unsolicited Testimonials from workshop participants & 1 on 1 consulting students:
On average, we have from 60% to 85% return participants in our workshops. Most participants attend at least two workshops, and many attend many more than that. This, in itself, is a huge testinonial to the sucess of our workshops program. Below are some of the many testimonials that Natalie and I have received.

I have won first place in a juried photography show in Creede, Colorado. 

Much of the credit I owe to you and Natalie for your guidance, inspiration and positive criticism. 
My deepest thanks to both of you.

I am very proud of this.  It means a lot to me.

Here is the link to the winning photograph:


Best regards and many thanks,

Bob Fields,
San Antonio, Texas

I have just finished watching your review and re-working of my image and I really have to thank you for your comments and insights. This is one of my most popular photographs, but you have shown that popularity is not necessarily a measure of perfection. You have opened my eyes just that much more, and for that I am truly grateful.

Peter Puna
You can see my review of Peter's work by clicking here

June 6, 2009

An unsolicited recommendation

It was my pleasure to attend the Antelope Canyon workshop in Page, Arizona in May 2009. This recommendation is a result of my reflections of the workshop while returning to Texas.

Instruction: The materials and information brought to the workshop were of the highest quality and provided information at many levels. Alain's portfolios of Navajoland and his shots of Canyons around Page provided a benchmark that was most valuable in assessing our work and provided ideas for personal improvement. Natalie spoke to the issues of light, color and composition which provided both salient information and a jumping off point for discussions. No question was too vague or difficult for discussion. Questions were answered on many levels providing opportunities for further questions and discussions. The length of portfolio review and instruction seemed just the correct amount of time. The organization of time for the entire workshop was well balanced and productive.

Students at the Workshop: I was most impressed with the quality of students attending the workshop. All were pleasant, capable photographers who demonstrated a willingness to help others. This help was demonstrated by helping this old man over some of the harder walks to photo sites, discussing shooting angles, processing tips in P.S., and their personal shooting experiences which could be useful. One would assume that much of this helpfulness had to come from the personalities of Natalie and Alain Briot.

Photographic Opportunities: The workshop provided seven sites for shooting landscapes each based on light, number of others in the area and length of travel and walking to site. I had never been to northern Arizona so this, to me, was a most interesting and productive part of the workshop. Alain and Natalie were most helpful in providing ideas, information while allowing students to shoot as their artistic instincts directed. At one point in a shoot I was having difficulty framing a shot and Alain suggested how he would view that shot. This experience was very helpful without being pedantic or stiff. Over the course of five days I took about 500 images which will provide me with a solid base for work on a portfolio.

Bang for the Buck: This workshop was my third (first with Alain and Natalie Briot) and without questions the best of the three. I am so impressed with the quality and instruction I have decided to attend the
Fine Art Printing Summit in November, 2009.

Quality at this level is hard to find, and all aspects of the workshop were well beyond expectations.

Steve Ehrich
Fort Worth, Texas

I recently attended a photography workshop in Page Arizona with Alain and Natalie Briot. We visited various slot canyons, Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell and the surrounding countryside to study and photograph the magical rock formations and unique lighting.

If you are interested in improving your photography and learning more about art in general, I highly recommend you check out Alain's website and his workshop schedule.

This is my 4th workshop with Alain and Natalie. I highly recommend their professional, valuable and fun approach to informative and creative photography.

Bob Fields, San Antonio, Texas

Of all the photography workshops and classes I've attended, the Route 66 experience opened the door to unexpected forms of creativity.  

I am very happy with the images I produced on that trip.  In fact, I ended up with more interesting images from that workshop than from any other.  

Thanks again!

Joel Geffen

I am still on a high from my wonderful time with both of you. 
It was very, very special to be with you in the Navajo country.

Ginny, Colorado

Summit 2010 and Vision Field Workshop participant

I attended Alain's "slot canyon" workshop last year and found the instruction and results extremely beneficial. Natalie and Alain have a personal connection with all their students and provided insightful instruction. I will definitely attend more workshops with them in the future!

Leah Spears,

I wanted to thank you and Natalie for a great Navajoland workshop. The pace of the workshop was perfectly engaging as well as challenging. I came away KNOWING I will be a better photographer and I look forward to honing my skills using the newly released
Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD.
Thanks again,

Gary Hamilton

The May 2007 Antelope Canyon Workshop had to be the best workshop I've attended so far.
Alain took us to beautiful and breathtaking locations such as Horsehoe Bend
but Antelope Canyon was the BEST! The experience of shooting in the canyons
(and in a sand storm no less) was totally unique.

Alain with his many years of knowledge was really helpful with instructing us
on the best camera settings to use and kept reminding us that capturing
extraordinary light along with excellent composition was the ultimate goal.

Thanks Alain and Natalie for the best photo workshop ever!

Don Wood


Dear Alain and Natalie,

Thank you so much for helping me enjoy my hobby at a much deeper level. Your artistic vision is contagious. I can't believe how much I have grown photographically since our first workshop together at Death Valley last March--from actually printing some pretty nice images to color-managed work flow to better composition to truly understanding the magic hours of sunset and sunrise and to a deeper understanding of aesthetics in general.  And I have made lasting friendships at each workshop.
I have enjoyed the adventure of each workshop on so many different levels.

I shall look forward to continuing our relationship as time goes forward.  Please find attached some images I made at the Upper Antelope Valley slot canyon for posting in the student gallery.
My family and friends are amazed.  More shall come.

Rick Midthun

Alain and Natalie:

Throughout my life I have not encountered individuals in private business who share the knowledge and tools of their trade so unselfishly as you do. Your energy and excitement exhibited during the photography sessions is contagious. Your experience in the field and during printing sessions is demonstrated by your breath-taking images,  

Your ideas, philosophy, and perspective of reality is so practical and convincing. I ask, how can a person gain and retain so much practical understanding at such a young age!

Natalie, You are always in the present. You are aware of everyone's needs and well being during the workshops.You saved us and our equipments numerous mishaps and picked up our belongings when left behind.

Thank you for your company and help during the workshops, which I missed greatly on the trip we just took to Utah. I know Rodney missed conversing with Alain and asking him questions.  Participating in the workshops provides us an opportunity to meet other individuals who share similar interests and be less competitive and supervising of one another.

Mae and Rodney Wertz, Lubbock, Texas


I want to thank you for the instruction I received during your Marketing Seminar. After the class I made a lot of changes to my marketing approach, both on line and in person and the results have been nothing short of extraordinary. While I was selling only occasionally before, I am now selling my work regularly. Not only that but my relationship with customers is totally different and very much in line with what you taught during the seminar.

There is no doubt that the selling process you described during the course is the way to go. My salesmanship skills have also improved thanks to your live coaching during the seminar. The selling exercises we did in class are stuck in my mind forever!

Each time I get stumped by a potential client I think ‘what would Alain do?’ and the answer comes rolling off my tongue! I keep thinking of what you said during the class ’sell me this !’

I can’t thank you enough for all your help!


I want to thank you for the wonderful Eastern Sierras workshop. I loved every minute of it, especially the early morning bath at South Lake! My friends and family have enjoyed a good laugh over that one!

I learned so much at this workshop. I can see the difference in my compositions immediately. Your instruction, Alain, was so thoughtful and "unimposing" that I felt carried along by your artistic sensibilities all through the five days. My only regret is that my own lack of experience and expertise probably prevented me from learning even more from you. But everyone has to start somewhere, and the "somewhere" you gave me is well beyond where I was when we first met on Friday afternoon. Thank you so much!

And, Natalie, thank you for doing such a great job of keeping us on track, handling the "nuts and bolts" and doing such a professional job of "running the show." Your professional efficiency was the perfect complement to Alain's relaxed instruction. And the way you took care of our group - making sure Roger was fully taken into account, waiting for us stragglers so we didn't get lost, and shepherding all of us along each busy day - made the workshop "work" for all of us.

Gene Dougherty

Antelope Canyon Workshop Testimonial
by Woody Spedden

Alain and Natalie

I want to congratulate you guys for putting on a wonderful workshop that taught me as much in three days as all the books, articles etc had done in several years. Nothing like being in the presence of greatness and getting the thoughts and hints in real time. Seriously, Alain has taught me so much, and I hope to show you very soon how much I have improved.

I spent all day today culling 8 of the best images and starting the real work of preparing for print. I have one particular shot in the Antelope Canyon that I will be including in my December exhibition at the Gallery here in Fort Collins. I will send it to you for "print review" so you can make sure I have put my best into the final print.

I also want to tell you that, in addition to the wonderful teachings, how much I enjoyed meeting you and learning about you and sharing some of common philosophies about life. You are very special people and I am privileged to have had the opportunity to spend this time together.

Please let us stay in touch. No doubt I will be attending the Photoshop workshop with you in the near future, and God (and finances) willing to take the trip down the Colorado with you as well.

You have make a very real and positive difference in my life.

God bless

Your friend,


Dear Natalie and Alain,

We wanted to thank you for such an enjoyable and productive workshop.
Steve and I both grew artistically and technically from the experience.
The quality of the workshop was due to your teamwork.
It is refreshing to see a couple work so well together and it is inspiring!
Such beautiful art could only come from such a beautiful pair! 
We certainly hope to participate in future workshops and events.

I was lovely meeting you both and your efforts on our behalf were certainly appreciated.
All the best until we meet again...

Alison Acott and Steve Van Devanter

San Juan River Running Workshop Testimonial
by Bernard Languiller

The San Juan Workshop was both interesting and fun. The location was of course amazing, but you and Natalie's teaching, as well as the presence of the other participants, did contribute strongly to making this a unique experience from which I hope to retain a lot. I feel that it is a good fondation that will hopefully help me further improving my photography.

The focus on near/far work was definitely interesting for me, as it is a type of composition that I have probably not used enough until now. I feel that I am now more comfortable with these, which opens new doors. I was also very interested by the emphasis put on open shade, which is a type of lighting condition that I don't encounter very often here in Japan, or that I was at least not enough aware off until now.

It was also very valuable for me to hear from a working landscape pro like you that the techniques and methods I have been using in various areas (4*5 shooting,...) are basically not too far off the mark. This is of course not the most important part of photography, but these underlying skills are nonetheless an important part of shooting.

Overall, the small size of the group was a real asset as we ended up getting a lot more of your time than we normally could have with a larger group I guess. The on location teaching with real life examples that you performed is definitely a lot more efficient than theoretical lecturing as long as the participants have enough understanding of the basic stakes, which was the case this time. I intend to keep using the framing tool that you provided us with as I found it to be helpful and an efficient learning and shooting tool.

I haven't had a lot of time to look at the images yet, but it would appear that a few could be nice. I haven't received the large format slides yet though. The 6x12 roll films will be available tonight, and the 4x5 sheets next week only.

I have set up an appointement with Ebony tonight to give a look at the fallen camera, they seemed pretty optimistic over the phone... :-) I have already spent a few hours removing as much sand as I could from the various gear, and it seems that nothing god damaged too badly.... :-)

Thank you again.


Antelope Canyon Workshop Testimonial
by Jim Huber

The first question most friends asked me for the next week or so after I returned from the Antelope Canyon Workshop was some variation of "Did you learn anything?". I could simply say "a lot". To be more complete I could compose a very long-winded answer. But I think showing the "before & after" images below will be much more convincing and much quicker too.

The "before" image was taken just before the workshop, late Friday morning. I like the composition of the "after" image a lot better because the crevice in the rocks in the bottom right corner follows the line of the river and leads out the corner, while the "before" image chopped the river off too harshly.

But of course what first leaps out at me is the difference in color and contrast between the two images. Before I would have worked on the "before" image in Photoshop to try to make it better. Now it's an immediate garbage can frame, if I would even shoot it at all.

The more I think about what I heard and saw during the workshop the more I realize I learned. It was a very intense couple of days, and so it is still sinking in. Definitely well worth the cost and the travel!

Thank you!

Jim Huber

Marketing Seminar Testimonial
by Karen Marion

Hi Natalie and Alain,

Thanks to your marketing seminar, I am now applying to art shows around the country. I finally got the last of the equipment and set up my display to photograph it. I was amazed that I could do it all myself, even setting up the tentI really like the pro panels, and the end result looks great! I'll be doing a bunch of summer shows in the Great Lakes region, and then will probably come back to Arizona during the winter sometime.

Karen's Artwork Display

I find myself telling other artists many of the things I learned at that workshop. It's amazing how much you managed to pack into one weekend!!! Great job!!!


Karen Marion

2006 Fine Art Summit Testimonial
by Ralph Nordstrom

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the 2006 Summit. In a word, WOW! It was so good to see you and Natalie again and get to spend some time with you. I really appreciate our conversation on soft proofing.

Joseph Holmes and Uwe Steinmueller were terrific. Although, I think Joe is already causing me a lot of grief. His emphasis on making sure the edges of the image are cropped perfectly you know. Boy, that makes it a whole lot harder! I feel I can manage two, maybe three edges pretty well. But getting all four edges, not easy.

I must tell you about my drive home on Tuesday. I didn’t get away from the hotel until about 4:40, destination Bryce Canyon NP. I hoped to make it there by sunrise but it took too long for me to get going (or I should have gotten up a half hour earlier). But it didn’t matter – it was completely clouded over when I got to Sunset Point.

There were a few other photographers there. I set up and took a few flat pictures. The photographers started giving up and leaving one by one until there was just one other guy and me. We talked. I told him about the summit and shooting Antelope Canyon. While we were talking the sun came out for about 20 minutes. So I got some good morning light.

As I was leaving it started snowing. I got to drive away in blowing snow. It was fantastic. I made another stop in Zion NP, took a few snaps but nothing that will amount to anything. But it was good just being back there.

So I added 150 miles to my 550 mile trek home. It was a long but exciting day and definitely worth it.

Thanks again for a great summit. The two big things that will help my photography are color management and composition.

Kind regards,

Ralph Nordstrom
Nordstrom Landscapes

One on One Consulting Testimonial
by Marc Semanoff

I first met Alain Briot last summer at his Navajoland photography workshop in Page Arizona. After the weekend workshop, Alain suggested we do some one on one consulting together. He said I would learn a lot and continue my journey to become a better photographer.

I was skeptical. I really did not know what I would learn, after all we just spent three days together in a workshop. But I decided to follow up on Alain's suggestion. I sent Alain a group of my digital photographs, so we could discuss what can be done to improve my work, rather than someone else's.

Well we had our first consulting for an hour. Alain was in Arizona. I was at my computer in St. Louis. We selected one photograph from the bunch and we worked on it, working from two different computers. It took us the full one hour to really get the photo ready for printing.

Hunt's Mesa by Marc Semanoff

Alain taught me the proper workflow step by step. It seemed like the one hour session was over in a flash. I learned so much. I told Alain that I did not know how much I do not know about making outstanding photographs. We had a second session several weeks later. During the second session we started where we left off during the first session. Alain introduced me to more suggestions about how to improve my photographs. Then we had a third, a fourth, and finally a sixth one hour session.

I do not like to spend money. But I wanted to accelerate my learning so that I become a much better photographer. After working with Alain over the phone, from a remote distance, using my photographs, I learned so much.

It is now two months since Alain and I last worked together to critique my photographs. I have found my photography work is greatly improved as a result of the information that Alain shared with me during our one on one consulting sessions.

I am beginning to gain some recognition. Last month in a national North American Indian photography contest, one of my photographs took a third place. I am beginning to sell my work.

The results from our one on one consulting, done remotely over a six month period was really very rewarding to me. And it was fun.

Marc Semanoff

I want to thank you both for a rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable experience. You both have helped me so much in "focusing" my photography in the proper direction. Your seminar taught me to see the effects of the six different types of light and how to use them. What a revelation! And much more. I now have a better understanding of color and the relationship of the color wheel to photography. I have learned to "slow down," to look, to see, to feel. So important in landscape photography. I know it takes a lot of hard work now to move beyond being simply a "pretty postcard picture-taker," to being an "artist" and thinking artistically. I am now re-reading your articles, especially, Being and Artist, with new insight. Thanks again for all your help. It was a very successful seminar.

My wife and I have long been admirers and friends and collectors of the artist/painter Stephen Quiller and appreciate the emotion in his work and his interpretation of color in nature. It is the same with your photography. The sense of emotion and place that you create in your work is simply breathtaking. Thank you, again for sharing your knowledge, your inspiration, your sense of dedication to the beauty and richness of nature you create for us through your work. Quite simply, I am inspired, enthused and focused. I never thought I would actually look forward to getting up at 4:00AM and working till 9PM or later! Amazing what you can do when inspired, enthused and focused!
Bob Fields, TX

Navajoland Workshop participant

Hi Alain,
Thanks so much for the great feedback today.  I will take your advice seriously.  After all, so far it has worked!!  I appreciate all you have shared to make my efforts successful. I have attached a picture of my display.  My dad was there helping me - thank God.  It always helps to have someone who can handle handyman things. Will keep in touch and let you know how it goes.  I hope to see you this fall on another photo session.

Jackie Stoken
One on One consulting Student

Dear Alain et Natalie

Merci infiniment for a wonderful learning experience and amazing two days in the Arizona desert.

You are both wonderful instructors and I really appreciated my time with one of the most famous landscape photographers of our time. It was an honor.

I am enjoying your fabulous book and hope to return some day!

Marcia Gold
Los Angeles

I wanted to write some comments regarding our one-on-one consulting and you are certainly free to use them.

First off, this was the absolute best $1500 I ever spent!  Your knowledge and experience AND your true interest in the customer provided me with insights I'm not sure I would have gotten anywhere else.  Each of the sessions brought to light areas I hadn't considered and your generous advice was very welcome.  I'm doing my first show in about 2 weeks and I can honestly say I feel very prepared, something I don't think I would have said without these sessions.  From vendors you recommended to ideas on booth setup to pricing to web site contents, you brought your experience to bear in all the areas that determine how well a photographer succeeds. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Angelo Micheletti, Scenes From The West
One on One consulting Student
Had a great time at the workshop, and yesterday was nothing short of spectacular. Lots of great photographs (I Think) - attached is the one I selected to bring in to work this morning. Interested to hear your opinion. Will say hi to Todd this morning - he's going off to get that printer soon. I will put together an "after sunset" portfolio and send you the best ones to look at. Thanks again for all your help.
Robert Von Mayr
Sedona Workshop participant

Hi Alain and Natalie,
Thanks for the email. I never got a chance to thank you Alain for a great experience. I had to leave early to go to a trade show in Las Vegas for my business. You were still "inside" and I could not wait. I had a great time and got some pictures that I think are great. Just got back last night so have not had time to play in Photoshop. I live here in Phoenix so would love an opportunity to take you guys out for dinner one night. Told my wife all about you and she wants to meet you. Take care and thanks again!
Robbie Barkman
Antelope CanyonWorkshop participant

Thanks for forwarding that message from Phil Duperouzel in western Australia to me. He is indeed a relative who had moved to Australia and we had lost touch with each other. It ws great to hear from him and renew the contact. Thank you both. The internet is a wonderful thing!
Candy had a great time with you guys in Tucson and learned a lot. We are a framing a couple of her barrio door pictures for our walls.
Rick and Candy Durkee
Tucson Barrio Workshop participants

Thanks for a wonderful day of shooting and learning. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Looks like we missed a terrific opportunity to witness/photograph a full moon rising over the mission - got some shots of it rising over the Santa Rita mountains to the east after stopping on the way home. I captured Several good quality images better than I have been able to accomplish before - the one we took with the gourds in the foreground turned out nicely. Several co-workers have inquired regarding purchasing a print - that's a good sign! Anyway, wanted to thank you and Natalie for a terrific day - looking forward to getting together again at the print review!
Best Regards,
Robert Robert W Von Mayr
Tucson Workshop participant
Hello Alain,
I hope this email finds you and your wife well. I really enjoyed your workshop and both of you put in an over-the-top effort to make me think about my photography in new ways. Thank you. As requested, I've attached a few of my photos of the workshop itself. Feel free to use them to promote your workshops. If you need larger files for other targets than the web, let me know.
Ryan Brooks
Hi Alain & Natalie:
First, let me say a belated many thanks for an excellent workshop last September - thoroughly enjoyed it, learned lots & lots from you, and really had a great time. Went on to spend a few days with Michael Reichman in Northern Ontario as well - came back home with my head filled with ideas and inspiration for photography.
Alan Hoffman
Antelope Canyon & Navajoland workshop participant

Thank you to both of you for a fantastic workshop. I have worked very hard on both my technical aspects and aesthetic aspects of my photography this last year ... this really helped me make the best use of my time and your time at the workshop. I wanted to spend the majority of my workshop time understanding exposure and dynamic range and took plenty of photos to help me better learn these principles and I have certainly taken away lots from the workshop that I will now include into my daily routine.
Randy D. Mosteller

Northern Utah & Navajoland workshop participant

Alain and Natalie:
I just got back from Sedona, and wanted to thank you for a great workshop. This was my first workshop with you, and I am pleased to say that it exceeded my expectations. It was well organized, the communication was clear, efficient and of substance, and the places we visited were gorgeous. I believe what we perceived as a “weather malfunction”, was actually a blessing in disguise, for several reasons: the cloudy sky illuminated the dark stones of the petroglyphs with a uniform and pleasant light, reducing contrast and allowing fitting the scene within the dynamic range of the camera the lunchtime discussion of art, creativity and style was interesting, stimulating and challenging the print review worked out well in the sheltered space of Denny’s; I enjoyed Robert’s images. Your subtle and understated comments during the review were really helpful. As far as the missed opportunity at Red Rock: Robert, Todd and I made up for it the next morning; the Rock was covered with snow, the ducks returned, and the mood and feeling of the place was fairy tale like. Hope you guys arrived home well; looking forward to see you again in Sedona in March.
Best regards,
Paul Bock
Sedona Workshop participant. Paul also participated in our Antelope Canyon and Navajoland workshops
Now that I have rested and my mind is once again starting to function, I have thought a lot about my pre and post workshop photographic mentality. I had, for a long time, admired your photographs and those of others like Michael Reichmann and had tried to find similar photographic opportunities. I searched far and wide to find the kind of light and color that were depicted in you work, and with very dismal results. I found that I had become infected with "photographic purity syndrome". In studying others work, I had come to believe that photographers, for the most part, were depicting exactly what they were seeing, with very minor post shot production. Where was this light and color that I kept seeing, and that was so elusive? Steve Johnson, photographer for the National Park Service, adheres to a very strict standard of true depiction of what was there, even to the leaving of a Pepsi or Coke can in a photograph on the cover of one of the National Park (albums). Not that I say this is wrong, I don't, but he is making a historical record of exactly what was there at a certain point in time. His work is beautiful, but his technique and equipment are out of the reach of most photographers. I shot what was there and when I processed it, that's what I got, "just what was there", flat light, washed out color, little interest. I thought "you get what you see" in the viewfinder. All of these things worked together to keep me in a constant state of mediocrity. After, well actually during, your workshop I learned from you and Natalie that photography is also art. One can express their emotions in their work and truly make a work of art. I had finally broken through the "photographic purity syndrome" and began to do work that was satisfying and rewarding. To be artistic with a scene does not mean to change it from a photograph to a "what did you do, that's not real" picture. What I learned is we don't really add anything to what we have photographed, except the enhancement of what was already there. We didn't add the color that we show in the photograph, it was there all the time. We just give it new life. We didn't create the scene, we just recognized it for what it was. We didn't add the flowers or the rocks, we just took advantage of them. We didn't even make the camera or write the software that was used to produce the photograph. We
just added a little bit of ourselves to the mix and in the end get some credit for showing what was really put there by God.

I recommend your workshop for anyone who wants to take their photography to the next level, and that will come with an open mind—ready to learn. I hesitated in the beginning because I thought that I would be surrounded by professional photographers and I would be uncomfortable with my limited and misguided knowledge and success in photography . There were indeed some professional photographers, but no one ever made me feel unwelcome or uncomfortable. Everyone shared their experiences and successes and failures and in the end you realize that no matter where you are in your photographic experience, everyone
was at the same place at one time and understands and tries to help. I made new friends and more importantly found others with the same desire that I have—to create beautiful photographs. I'm sure that these relationships will last for years and I look forward to sharing new ideas and photos with them.

Thanks Again for a very rewarding experience.

Howard Warren
Purcell, OK

Natalie and Alain,
I received your email and am looking forward to seeing you both again at the workshop.
I have learned so much every time we have met. Thank-you very much. You both offer great insight into the art of photography and I really appreciate your sharing it.

Dear Natalie and Alain,

Thank you for your email. I am looking forward to taking the trip to Navajoland this year. Of course, I am interested in Alain's writings. Perhaps you can send me a CD (or email the articles). I suggest that I'll hand you $20,- when we meet or may I invite you to a meal or some pints of Bier in the desert?!
Kind regards
Christian Rating

It was wonderful meeting you and Alain for the Antelope Canyon Workshop. Not having ever taken a photo workshop, I wasn't certain what to expect, but Alain's discussions and comments provided me with much needed guidance and insight. I also appreciate your cautions with some of my compositions on avoiding overexposure and other stupid mistakes.

The collaboration with the class was particularly helpful. Their willingness to freely share their knowledge and experience was refreshing and quite informative, from both a technical and artistic perspective. This has certainly given me several new things to consider in my ongoing photography.

If the funds are available, I hope to attend another one of your classes next year. The Navajoland workshop looks particularly interesting to me.

I received Alain's print this past weekend and it arrived in great shape. It now resides in my office and has received numerous compliments from my co-workers. While I don't expect to ever be able to match Alain's photographic skills, it does provide a beautiful example of what is achievable.

Regrettably, I won't be able to take advantage of the print review with Alain, but I have attached three of my images from the workshop, scaled down as requested. Although I haven't processed all my pictures, I think these are representative of what I was envisioning when I took the shot.

Thanks again for a memorable experience and I look forward to participating in another workshop.

Ron Baker

Hello Natalie and Alain,
I wanted to thank you both for the wonderful workshop. It was a great succes. The variety of subjects / locations together with your support was simply awesome. You did a fantastic job. This was my first "in the field" worshop and I loved every single minute of it. I am flying out this afternoon :-( and I am already looking forward the next workshop.
A bientôt,
Luc Schoonjans

Hi Natalie & Alain,
Thank you very much for sending the prize from the drawing. And, I appreciate Alain for completing a survey for me. Have a happy holiday season and best wishes for a Happy New Year.
Best regards,
Eric Kuang

Alain and Natalie:

Thank you so much for an extraordinary experience with both of you this past weekend. The workshop was one of the most enjoyable things I have done in my life. I learned a lot about photography and about life, and for that, I am indebted to you both.

When I get my images back, I will contact you about the discussed one-on-one review. I am very much looking forward to that additional educational opportunity! Natalie--I think Becky may have mentioned this to you already, but many of us have web sites and we'd like the opportunity to share our workshop images amongst each other in this way. We were hoping you could collate the web addresses of everyone after we submit them to you, and then you could e-mail all of us a compiled list. Do you think this is possible?

Finally, when I returned home and shared with my family how excited and pleased I was with my time in Arizona, and that you were planning a possible workshop in Paris, both my wife and daughter immediately said "let's go!" My daughter even expressed and interest in attending such a workshop with me. So please, since you will be limiting attendance if you go, keep in mind we REALLY want to go and would like the chance to register!
Take care, and thanks again for everything--
Kip Peterson

Alain and Natalie,
Thank you both again for a wonderful wonderful workshop.
I almost didn't take my camera inside the Botanical Gardens since I understand that the blooms are about a month off, then I looked closely and found all sorts of little interesting things, for which the the 300 f4.0 with the skinny extension tube was perfect. It was a fun shoot. I attached one. Right out of the camera no less. That is a first for me to give someone something without the safety of putting it through Photoshop first. Hope to see you all again,
Neal Stout

THANKS! I had a very relaxing and peaceful time
I was all wound up when I got there last week. I found the days up in Northern Arizona inspiring. And relaxing (well, except for the whole standing on the edges of cliffs) and getting up really early, not enough sleep and ...:-) Thanks to both of you.
Brian Pawlowski

Thanks so much Natalie,
You have been very helpful. I have been reading the 300D journal. Tell Alain that I have heard that our local newspaper has gone totally digital and bought all their photojournalists the Canon 300D. However, they are only lasting @90 days. Doesn't look like it is very heavy duty but for the recreational photographer. I do enjoy mine. Someday - I will get a better one.
See you Saturday morning. Happy Easter. Have a great week.
Jackie Stoken

Hi Alain and Natalie.
Dropping you a line to say what a great class I had with you last week. The locations, advice and camaraderie among participants made it a wonderful and enjoyable learning experience for me. I had hoped to spend more time with each of you, however the timing and all of the Gorgeous shooting opportunities got the better of me. I've had some time to think about and absorb Alain's and others feedback on my work and it has been most helpful (the first thing I did was do a 12x18 of the winter print that got favorable comments, what a difference). Alain, can you send me the names of the 2 photographers you recommended I look at? Also, I am getting ready to start selling prints and any further advice that you could provide on my work would be appreciated. Thank you again for all of your knowledge and insight. We hope to take another class with you both soon.
Great Class!
Stephen pace
After review of the results of the Botanical Garden workshop, there is no way I am going to miss this next workshop. It is obvious to me that I have learned a great deal from you and Alain over the last eight months. This time, if have had some difficulty reducing the number of prints to show to a manageable number. My initial review of the days work left me with some thirty images to sort through and I've ended up with at least eight. Not all of them are quite the same quality, but since I used to get one or less from a days work, it is a huge change.

I wonder what kind of yield Digital photographers are getting. I know that film yield was quite low and seemed to be a function of negative size, with the rule-of-thumb being that one would get the same yield from a given square-footage of film, that is, if you were shooting 8"x10" and every one was a keeper, then you might expect one of four 4"x!0" or one from a roll of 120 or 35mm film. All of these being about 80 square inches.

In any event, see you Saturday, at 7:00 AM at the usual place.
Alan Duke

Alain & Natalie,
I want you both to know how much I enjoyed the Navajoland Workshop earlier this month. The scenery was breathtaking; some of the most amazing that I’ve ever seen. The other attendees obviously came with varied photographic backgrounds and interests, but all were uniformly interesting and enjoyable to meet. Most importantly, I’m confident that the instruction that I received from both of you will help me to continue to improve my photography skills. So much so, in fact, that I’m eager to attend my next Briot workshop!
It was a pleasure meeting you both, and I hope to have the opportunity to see you again in one of your 2005 sessions.
Kind regards,
Kirk McCain

I am curious if there is room left for your Sedona workshop (December 4th)? I have taken you workshops in the past (Phoenix Botanical Gardens) and I was very happy with the experience and would like to continue my learning. Please let me know if I may attend and I will send out my email registration ASAP. Thank you so much!!! :)
Todd A. Isaac

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed our trip to Sedona. Robert said that you wanted to see a sample of our pictures from Sunday morning after it had snowed. I'm attaching a few that I've had time to process. It's the first time I've been to Sedona and seen snow, it was GREAT! Well, take care and I hope to see you again one day. Thanks for all your great advise.
Todd Isaac

Hi Natalie,
Just replying to your email to say how excited I am to be part of the conference and workshop. I would appreciate a pdf of part 8: "How to create a portfolio of your work."
See you both next week.
Troy Rowe-Tinsley

Dear Alain and Natalie,
I know it’s been three months already, but I wanted to thank you both for a wonderful workshop back in November in Page after the conference. Your kindness in helping me get around was greatly appreciated. I just wish we would have had more time at a particular spot to really feel earth and capture its beauty.

I did want to inquire about something mentioned at the end of the conference. Since I have attended and presented tons of workshops in the past, I understand the need for handouts so that participants can pay attention to want is being presented instead of having to take notes. It is especially challenging for me since I see to read what’s on the screen. It was mentioned at the end that each presenter would post their notes via pdf. Do you know whether that has happened or whether it will? It would certainly be helpful.

Thanks again and I look forward to meeting up with you both again.
Troy Rowe-Tinsley

Hello Natalie and Alain -
I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic workshop. I admit I was a little hesitant about joining a workshop with someone I have not met before, however, I was pleasantly surprised. The quality of the instruction, the handouts, and Alain's keen insights beyond the technical aspects of photography made this workshop second-to-none and a valuable investment to me. Your scheduling and organization of the workshop was flawless. In addition, phenomenal locations and a fun and diverse group of participants made this workshop a clear winner. It was definitely worth the money and more. Keep up the great work!

I have attached are a couple of images I took during the workshop, my email address, and website for sharing with the other folks:

I look forward to meeting again soon.

Hi Alain,

I noticed that you posted another workshop for Antelope Canyon in early May. I was quite pleased with the workshop you and Natalie provided last year, and I would like to participate again this year. I will forward my registration info to you shortly.

I am also trying to participate in the Navajoland workshop, as well. However, due to time and financial considerations, I will not be able to make a full commitment on this until early February.

Best Regards,

Natalie & Alain,
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop, even if I did leave early on Sunday. It was a great group of people who participated, your location choices were excellent (even if the weather and light didn't always cooperate), and I greatly appreciated your concise but very pertinent guidance and comments. I learned a great deal, most importantly that I have a lot more to learn, and I also received enough encouragement to know that I'm not totally on the wrong track.

Nothing was forced, there was no intimidation (except self-imposed), and everyone shared unreservedly of their knowledge, work examples, and suggestions for better photography. It was a wonderful mini-

Thanks again for your teaching and organizational skills that allowed such a weekend to occur. It was a great deal of work for both of you, yet you both always maintained that calm demeanor that inspires confidence and trust. I hope to see you soon at Biltmore and again, someday, at one of your workshops.

When I finally find some time to scrutinize my RAW files, I'll send you some JPEG's of what comes out.
John Sorce

Thanks to you both for hosting the workshop. I had a wonderful time. I think you made the correct choice in cancelling the lower Antelope Canyon trip - with a group our size it would have been difficult to work around each other in the limited dry space available, but I did have a wonderful time there Sunday afternoon after leaving the group. I went on from Page to Zion and Bryce. Thanks for your helpful pointers, Alain. They helped a good deal in deciding where to spend my time. I finally returned Friday evening. A wonderful trip altogether and some pictures with which I'm very pleased. Once I have a chance to work with my pics a little, I'll send you a few. Thanks again,
Brian Bakke

Hello Alain and Natalie,
I was an Antelope Canyon workshop participant last February and I have been waiting for another workshop opportunity. Looking forward to your announcement so please keep me posted.Incidentally, I had a 2 month display of photography taken during the last workshop at our resident’s wall at the public library and the applause was tremendous. Thank-you again for that workshop experience.
Michael Sisti

Dear Alain Briot,
When I first saw your photograph ?Antelope Light Dance? a few days ago, it brought tears to my eyes. Other photographs in the series, seen subsequently, have had the same effect. I had just read the first article in your aesthetics series ?How to See Photographically? and the picture had all that you described in ?seeing? a picture, but compressed into two dimensions - ?compressed? is the wrong word: "expanded"  into two dimensions would express what I felt in a better way.

I read about your workshops- particularly about Antelope Canyon - and was immediately excited. I have always had a yen to spend some time in Arizona, with its timeless landscape; having already had much experience of California and Oregon. I decided to make a determined effort to become involved in the workshop. I am sorry to take up your timeI wanted you to know that your photographs, of a truly wonderful and spiritual place, have inspired me, and reawakened my love of photography, which had become dormant through stress - they are truly life enhancing, and I thank you.
Many, many thanks Alain, and I look forward to meeting you in Page on the eightth of next month.
Yours very sincerely,
Martin McLeish
United Kingdom

Hi Alain . . .
Thanks for the articles. Looking forward to the CD even though I have a lot of the articles from The Luminous Landscape. But great to have them all as pdf's and on a single CD. It's a great idea to put them all together. I print them out on my color Xerox and bind them together. Makes a great resource for me.

Got the e-mail about the Wildflower Workshop and wish I could do it, but was busy with Easter. I love the one day workshops although I know they probably are a headache for you and Natalie. I wish I could do the longer ones but I'm still working, so maybe when I "retire."

Thanks for staying in touch . . . I get lots of compliments on my shots from the Antelope Canyon workshop last Nov. Need to go back to "Upper" since it was late in the day, so maybe I can do that sometime later this year.

Dave Carpenter

Dear Alain and Natalie,
I wanted to send this card to express my thanks for your patience and help during last weekend's workshop. The more I reflect, the more I realize that I learned, and the more I realize that I still need to learn. I'm looking forward my next workshop at the end of March.
Barbara Ward

Dear Alain and Natalie,
Here are three of my favorite photos from the recent Antelope Canyon Workshop. I really enjoyed the workshop and learned a lot! It was a great experience. Looking forward to seeing a selection of everyone's photos on your website. Thanks,
Barbara Ohm

Natalie and Alain,
I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you in Antelope Canyon last month. My progress has been great as a result and, for that, I am very grateful. I have two questions: One is when you might have the email addresses of the class participants for us and two is when you think the Sedona workshop might fill up. I know there will be two of us coming and I am encouraging a third. If you could give me a realistic deadline for enrolling I can use it to move some people to decisions. Thanks for you help,
David E Hall

Hi Alain and Natalie,
Many thanks for a great workshop which I enjoyed thoroughly. I went on to Monument Valley and Sedona afterwards and am now busy working my way through a large assortment of photos. I look forward to seeing you at the Summit.
Best wishes,
Ian Reid
I learned a lot from you and Natalie, and Summit.  Thanks again for your field workshops.  They were exactly what I was looking for.  I learned a great deal.  In fact, I still use your matte board viewfinder technique on occasion.  I find it helpful when I can't seem to get a scene to "work" photographically.  In particular, I find it helpful when my 3D view has "spoiled" my photographic perception of the scene.  For some reason, it helps me to find an effective 2D framing/composition.
I hope all is well. 
Jace Mouse
Hello Alain and Natalie,
I was an Antelope Canyon workshop participant last February and I have been waiting for another workshop opportunity. Looking forward to your announcement so please keep me posted.

Incidentally, I had a 2 month display of photography taken during the last workshop at our resident’s wall at the public library and the applause was tremendous. Thank-you again for that workshop experience.
Michael Sisti

Good afternoon, Alain and Natalie.
I hope all is well with you and beautiful landscapes continue to be found in your view finders.I did not stop to say good by and express my thanks and enjoyments for the Navajo Workshop in March 13 - 16. I left Sedona, Arizona a bit under the weather and was not feeling at all well the last morning of the workshop. I have meant to send my regards several times, but have failed to do so. My apologies. I found the workshop to be very beneficial and enjoying. I was able to accomplish most of my goals that I set forth before the trip. For that I thank both of you for all you shared with all of us. Best of luck for continued success.
Paul Atkinson
Alain & Natalie,
I enjoyed the weekend workshop very much. I am excited about using the excercises to improve my sense of composition & to have a much greater awareness of the different types of light.
Candyce Durkee

Thanks for a wonderful day of shooting and learning. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Looks like we missed a terrific opportunity to witness/photograph a full moon rising over the mission - got some shots of it rising over the Santa Rita mountains to the east after stopping on the way home.

I captured Several good quality images better than I have been able to accomplish before - the one we took with the gourds in the foreground turned out nicely. Several co-workers have inquired regarding purchasing a print - that's a good sign!

Anyway, wanted to thank you and Natalie for a terrific day - looking forward to getting together again at the print review!
Best Regards,
Robert W Von Mayr

Natalie and Alain
Thank you both for a wonderful and expanding experience! I enrolled for two classes close to each other with the idea that it would reinforce the learning experience, and it did. I have enclosed some images from the recent outing, so please select what will enhance your webiste. I have some very nice Xpan exposures, and will forward womething when I have some time to scan them. It has been a pleasure to work with you both, personally and professionally.

Perhaps we can get together sometime here in the Valley of the Sun and visit- I'd enjoy that very much!.
Best wishes,
Richard Fee

Hello Natalie and Alain
I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic workshop. I admit I was a little hesitant about joining a workshop with someone I have not met before, however, I was pleasantly surprised. The quality of the instruction, the handouts, and Alain's keen insights beyond the technical aspects of photography made this workshop second-to-none and a valuable investment to me. Your scheduling and organization of the workshop was flawless. In addition, phenomenal locations and a fun and diverse group of participants made this workshop a clear winner. It was definitely worth the money and more. Keep up the great work!

I have attached are a couple of images I took during the workshop, my email address, and website for sharing with the other folks.
I look forward to meeting again soon.
Rene Pirolt

Alain and Natalie,
I very much enjoyed spending the weekend with you and the other workshop participants. As someone who has never been to a photography workshop before, I didn't know what to expect, but after attending, I'd highly recommend it to other novices. A wealth of things to learn and observe, that can be taken at one's own pace. Much to be learned by looking at other's approaches to photography. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who found that the scenery encouraged them to neglect some of the exercises. I've attached three photos for the workshop web pages. Each photo is 400 pixels wide and each file is smaller than 100K. If you have any problem with them, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks again for the great workshop,
Joel Bartlett

Hi Alain and Natalie,
I just wanted to thank you for the recent workshop I participated in with you both. I enjoyed it very much. It was great to travel with everyone to the different sites we photographed. I have a few questions for you: the website of the photosupplier in New York , I orgot to write down the name of it. Can you give it to me? Also, I am interested in getting a 5 x 4 camera, but I would want to scan the film. What was the scanner you recommended? Can you get a lab to scan the film for you? Is this feasable? Another question: you mentioned a workshop in Paris next year. I will be going to Germany in the spring next year, and would like to consider attendiing the workshop. Can you send me an itenary when it becomes available? Thank you.
Fred Braakman, Canada
I just had my first "museum" sale to a couple that collect Tom Mangelsen's wildlife photography. I am much honored that they bought my Mittens Panorama in a 60x20" size with AR glass. It looks wonderful.
I couldn't have done it without your advice through your writings and one on one consulting program.
Jeff Ball, WV
Workshop participant and one on one consulting student
Thanks for the help. as always - you are probably the most accessible and helpful photographer i know. your web site is terrific, your articles are so helpful (i just started to re-review your "Aesthetics" series), you offer information and services that are extraordinary. so BRAVO to Alain Briot - for help, for insight - for being there. and i am still hoping to join you in December for the Tucson Workhop
Mark W Jordan

4 - Unsolicited Testimonials about our Tutorial CD series:

Marketing CD Testimonial
from Scott Buttrick

I want to thank you for making your marketing CD available.  I have learned so much from you already that I can't wait until I have the funds to buy Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD.

I applied the principals taught in the marketing CD to getting accepted into a local artist co-op and gallery.  Today my wife Cathy and I hung my work in the gallery and it sure looked good. 

Thanks again,

Scott Buttrick

I received your marketing CD today and was very pleased. It is well worth the price and loaded with great information that I look forward to using next year

Steve Sears

Watching the videos on the composition CD made me feel as if I was working with you in person, one on one, but without having to leave my studio and at a cost I can afford!

This is certainly the best way I know to study composition.

John Stewart

As someone who has bought Alain's Marketing CD and read the contents in its entirety, I feel compelled to say that it is an excellent compendium of information....information that is not only of interest but immediately useful and directly applicable to anyone trying to market their artwork. 
Definitely well worth the price!

In this day when often you get such little return for the price of things, in my opinion the value of this CD seems much greater than the cost."

Howard Grill

Your Personal Style article was wonderful. I think it really hit the mark.
It has made me reflect many hours on "who I am."
Jackie Stoken, Briot's View CD subscriber

Without Alain's Portfolio CD and Toolkit it would have taken me years of research to figure out how to create a portfolio, which supplies to use, where to have the case made, etc.

Even if I had succeeded in finding all this information on my own,
I would have spent more money and wasted valuable time.
With the Portfolio CD and Toolkit I was able to start assembling my portfolio right away.

I don't see how one can pass on Alain's offer.

Cody Lorenz

I am doing everything you write about on the marketing CD. I have
found it to be a great help. I have another show at the Mall next weekend
and the Alain Briot marketing will be on full display.
Thanks again. Best regards,
Jeff Ball

Marketing CD Testimonial
from Scott Buttrick

I want to thank you for making your marketing CD available.  I have learned so much from you already that I can't wait until I have the funds to buy Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD.

I applied the principals taught in the marketing CD to getting accepted into a local artist co-op and gallery.  Today my wife Cathy and I hung my work in the gallery and it sure looked good. 

Thanks again,

Scott Buttrick

Dear Alain
I am a recent subscriber and have found your articles invaluable. Keep up the great work. Please!

Thanks for the email on your Antelope Canyon Workshop and the coming article on "digital matting." I am really happy with my subscription to your CD PDF articles. They have been extremely helpful and I have already learned a great deal from them. I'll will be anxious to receive new articles as you do them. Thank you very much.
Bill Dunlap, Mammoth Lakes, CA

Dear Alain,
Thank you for alerting me to your website and articles. Its my pleasure to order a copy of your graet work. Please ship to my Thailand address. Warm Regards
Dave McCracken

I just received two PDF files, aesthetics 9 personal style and Quick Mattes Review. Thank you for the rapid delivery of these articles, I'm looking forward to the CD. Warm Regards,
Dave McCracken MSM CD
Briot's View Subscriber

Dear Mr. Briot,
I am already looking forward to your workshop in May. Being very interested in your work, I want to order the Briot's View Articles CD plus 1 year subscription to upcoming articles in PDF format.
Guenter Zweiner, Austria
Briot's View Subscriber and Navajoland Workshop participant

I started reading last night and this morning some thoughts of you about success - and I am very touched 'cause you really hit the pointand start me thinking. So I am very happy that I bought your Marketing & Briot’s View CDs.
Have a great day!
Martin Blume
The Marketing CD contains information that is not only of interest but immediately useful and directly applicable to anyone trying to market their artwork. Definitely well worth the price! In this day when often you get such little return for the price of things, in my opinion the value of the Marketing CD seems much greater than the cost. I found the material to be extremely useful.
Howard Grill
Briot's View CD Subscriber

I am look very much forward to receiving your Marketing CD. I am glad that you offer it. I admire your work and your knowledge very much. I wish I started out in photography like you. I have been working in computers for twenty years and getting burned out. I am so passionate about photography. I only realized this a few years ago. I have been on some awesome trips and took some great photographs. I have an eye in basketball and that same eye applies to photography. I so very much want to sell my work. If you don't mind I would like to ask you something: Does the marketing CD contain any information about presentations? The reason I ask is because I am going to be making my first presentation to the Midget football league in my local town. I would very much want to do a good job. I created some great collages of my nieces and nephews for their Christmas presents. I showed some of them of this morning to some of the board members of the football league and they were very impressed. I would appreciate any input you may have. What makes photography so great is capturing the moment of either a beautiful mountain range or animals in Africa or some boy scoring a goal. I just absolutely love it. Thanks Alain. I appreciate the help.

Scot Gerardi, Marketing CD owner

5 - Unsolicited Testimonials from readers:


I wanted you to know that your book "Marketing Fine Art Photography" is perhaps the best I have read on the subject. Thanks for passing on your excellent knowledge.

I have decided to do more Fine Art and found your book to have it all. I am a portrait and medical photographer.

Thanks again,

Chuck Nemeth
Gainesville, Florida


Your essays on criticism presents via the Luminous Landscape are among the most meaningful and helpful words I have ever read on the topic. I find your analysis trenchant and your advice spot on. You have helped me gain insight to my issues as a photographer and inspiration to persevere in pursuing my art / avocation.

With gratitude,

Don Hirst


Just a quick note on the impact your book "Marketing Fine Art Photography" has had on me. I did my first art show in May and actually sold some of my photos! I was amazed and thrilled. I have now been accepted to two shows in the fall and am waiting to hear on five others. Thank you for all the great help in that very good book!

A Great set of books - a must read for serious photographers!

Steve Ehrich

I just listened to your review of the Jason Keefe photograph and you did a wonderful job explaining the important things to consider, aspects that create a stronger composition, a stronger image and what to think of when photographing in the field. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, making them easily accessible and free.

I think you have hit on an approach to coaching photographers that is interesting and valuable. Your open reviews are going to be very popular for photographers that want to improve their results.

Tom Hill
Click here to visit the Print Review Page

There is nothing else out there that offers people guidance on the *art* of photography quite like your essays, and I am grateful for them (fyi, when people ask me for advice on a good book about learning photography, I send them to Amazon and thell them to buy your book). 

In fact, I enjoy your essays so much that I always read them over a cup of coffee at the Great Hall Cafe at the Met.   Kind of like a double dose of inspiration. :-)   As a matter of fact, you are the reason why I even have memberships at the Met, the MoMA and the Guggenheim.....all places that I go to to immerse myself in art as part of my photography 

New York, NY

I just finished reading your outstanding article, "How to Establish a Personal Photographic Style."  As I reached the end of the page, I saw there were 206 other photographers currently on your site.  Like them, I continually return to your website for information, insight and inspiration.

I have learned so much from your generous sharing of your experience, and I just wanted to thank you.  In your article on establishing a personal photographic style, you recommend finding a mentor--well,
I consider your website a kind of mentor!

Thanks again for sharing such a great wealth of knowledge with us,
not to mention so many very beautiful photographs. 

Colleen Farrell
Windsor, California

I want to tell you how much I enjoy reading your articles They are without doubt the most informative and inspiring missives on the artistic and emotional mindset of a passionate photographer I have found.
And yes, everything you say about business is spot on.

One of the aspects I find most amazing about your work is your ability to harmonize your writing and your photography. Finding a photographer who can write as well as he or she captures images is truly rare, yet you accomplish this for all of us to enjoy. Bravo, Alain.

I have begun to explore photography as a means to share my view of the world around me, and as a method of earning enough to live modestly. I recognize that I have very much to learn, particularly about determining and developing my 'style.' I am most interested in attending your workshops in 2008.

Steve Pope
Hancock, NH

I love this book and  recommend it to anyone who is a serious photographer and wants to take it to the next level. People like Alain Briot are a real gift to the rest of us.

Manuel Pedroso

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your podcast interview with Jeff Ball. I listened to it while driving from San Antonio to El Paso. I must say that your way of expressing your feelings and thoughts about art, photography and the "process" (i.e., technology) is most illuminating and inspiring.

I especially enjoyed your comments about how for so many years black and white was
considered the "art" medium of photography and color was, just color. I had never thought of it that way, but it is so true. The artists gravitated toward the medium over which they had the most control...to be creative, to experiment, to push the limits.

Digital has truly opened up the realm of creativity for all photographers, amateur as well as professional, to push their creativity, vision and inspiration, and so few teachers of photography understand it and can communicate it as well as you do.

Bob Fields


I am about half way through your new book and very impressed. 
You have done a great job with it and I am finding the concepts very helpful.
Thank you for writing such a great book.  I am really enjoying it. 
Your photo of the stars rotating around Polaris is wonderful.


Thank you for writing the book "Mastering Photographic Composition,  
Creativity and Personal Style". For me it is a must read, no other book goes into such detail about how to go from idea to finished print.

What struck me most in the book is that you explain your workflow in a very detailed way. From the start, the idea (creating art) to the finished product (the print).

It has caused me to look at the scene in a complete different way as I was used to. You're an equal excellent photographer, master printer and a writer.
Emmanuel, over email

I got my copy of your second book last week. I really like the chapter about how to develop your own style and inner self as a photographer. I have both of your books. They are fantastic and full of great ideas.
Iris, on Facebook

Dam!!!!! you have done it again.  Just as I feel comfortable in work along comes another set of ideas of goals or thoughts which inspire me to reexamine what I am trying to create.  Have just started book but enjoy the (dry) humor such as "I buy the best cards, lenses and equipment I can find".  Hope to work my way through in the next week or two.
Steve, Texas

Your book and the excellent print arrived yesterday. I was amazed by the
rich contents of the book and I am sure that it will be my invaluable
guide for many years to come. Just want to say a big thank you for sharing your expert experience with us.
TK, Hong Kong

Your book has arrived today and it's in perfect condition.  I feel bad for paying so little for the book - you should charge at least 10x more! I took a quick glimpse and I'm amazed with all the information that you put up together and all the things that you reveal that I'm sure most photographers wouldn't dare to!
Luis, Brazil

I really enjoy your new book, Photographic Composition,Creativity and Personal Style. I have probably read approximately 30 or so books on the subject of Landscape Photography (I enjoy reading).  Your Mastering Landscape Photography is the most insightful for me. The discussion of your journey as an artist captured my imagination and helped point me in a direction that was both liberating as well as daunting€¦development of a personal style.

That is why your second book resonated with me.  The subject of a personal style may be the most important topic that isn't covered, and if covered only indirectly, in photography books that I have read so far (and I have read a bunch). You really handle it well. The challenge of defining abstract concepts in a practical and rational manner must have been as introspective as it was probably incredibly time consuming. I am most appreciative.
Lloyd, Texas

Being An Artist Essay Testimonial
from Maximo Hertelendy

Alain, my name is Maximo Hertelendy, I just finished reading your Essay on "Being an Artist", on the Luminous Landscape site. As with the rest of the series, it was a delightful thing to read. I've been shooting landscapes for a long time now in Argentina, where I live, and a country with an enormous choice of incredibly beautiful places to stir one's creativity. But I must admit that for several years I had a very hard time accepting and respecting the fact that I'm a photographer, sometimes hating the idea of being an artist, or despising it, others obsessing and feeling the results were worthless.

Now I‚ve come to think life is a work of art, in that every little thing we do can be permeated with our love of it, in our way of doing it, and it's free, because it's its own reward. Or we can go the other way and void daily life from that emotional charge, and restrict it to the "fun times", holidays, etc, program the moment when we may smile or when we may feel happy or passionate in any way. That always brings to my mind the label "human resources", which is so en vogue these days, and sounds so dehumanizing to me. Anyway, I must say I'm always in some sort of related struggle, knowing, understanding  and living an idea are not parallel achievements most of the time.

There are so many things that I feel coherent about this specific essay you wrote, so many incredibly interesting lateral issues, but I don't want to start repeating you, and I'm sure you must have gone a thousand times through this ideas that come to my mind while reading what you wrote. I just want to say that as you said, artists are always at risk of loosing their own respect, their center of gravity, much more than any other profession. And for that, I believe for any person on the inner artistic struggle, having resonance with and understanding the experience of one who has succeeded solidly in the task of being an artist to himself and others, is extremely important and encouraging. Since that's exactly what your essay gives others the chance to experience, I just wanted to thank you for writing it, and in a way naked of any biases, making it possible for others to relate directly. That, in my opinion, is genius, saying things in a simple and understandable way without diminishing the deepness of the ideas conveyed. And for writing this as a work of art, not as a manual or a textbook. I'll be obviously expecting the next part, but this one is pretty much a corner stone of the series, in my opinion, and you made it worth of such a place.

Thanks again

Maximo Hertelendy

Your writing style is no less than your shooting style.
I would just like to express my gratitude for your essays I read at Luminous Landscape.
They are invaluable and what you're doing is a great service
to thousands of men/women from all around the world; me, included.

My heartfelt thanks,

Bülent Celasun
Ankara, Turkey

Being An Artist Essay Testimonial
from Walter Barron

I have just finished reading your article "Being an Artist" , and I have to say that it is one of the best pieces I have ever read on the subject.Separating being an artist, and being an artist in business, into two separate things is one of the best thoughts  I have encountered on the subject. This article has pushed my thoughts on being an artist in new directions. Many of the of the things you say about inspiration, luck, etc. I have come to realize through years of experience . To see them written with such eloquence reinforces my own thoughts and gives me confidence to pursue them further. You and Brooks Jensen of "Lens Work" magazine are two of the best and most inspirational writers on photography today. I am looking forward to the next installment, " Being an Artist in Business". Thanks for all your hard work, and for the beautiful photographs.

Thanks, Walter Baron

I am enjoying your essays tremendously. It is a pleasure to read your articles and I appreciate
that you are willing to share your knowledge with us.
James Knox

Thank you for the information in Essay 3 of your approach to artistic expression (Developing your Vision).
I am really impressed with the amount of learning and experience packed in these essays.
That is why I purchased CD 3 and a subscribed to Briot's View.
Dirk Danneels

Hello Alain,

Just a quick note to thank you for sharing the link to your latest essay. I am a recently retired electrical engineer, have always though of myself as very artistically inclined but never found (took) the time to pursue those interests. Now retired, I'm using my new found "extra" time to pursue my interests in various art medium (sculpting, photography, painting...). I found your essay very enlightening and very inspirational.Thanks again,
Sal Spinella (Phoenix)
PS Living in Phoenix (actually Mesa), I'm not too far from Peoria. Maybe someday we can meet.

Thank you for your enthusiastic comments on my essay.  I wasn't sureif posting the link to the group was ok so your post answers my question :- )

Hi Alain,

I'm a student of landscape photography from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I just finished reading Photographic composition, creativity and personal style for the second time.
Love the book it is great I also enjoyed the first one a lot.

The chapter "Just say yes" helped me a lot. I've been confronted and even bullied around by some fellow photographers that claim that altering a landscape is not photography, they called my pictures "digital collages", "experiments" and even suggested that I can't enter competitions but on a special category. I realize now that arguing doesn't make any sense, I will just present my work and if asked about changing some things I will just say "Yes".

I'm the admin of a spanish spoken forum for latin american photographers, I wonder if you can concede us an email interview about the subject of creativity, landscape and the dreaded manipulations question in landscape photography. A debate would be awesome but I don't know if you have time for that because it would need to go back and forth with questions and reply.

Cheers from Buenos Aires,
A fellow student and reader

Being an Artist essay
From: Sal Spinella

By all means, I found it quite appropriate. Not just for this list but for all artists. My wife is very artistic, works with various mediums and produces many creative pieces. She often laments on how she must be a failure as an artist since she has not been able to make much money with it. I sat her down next to me while a read her your essay. I think your eloquence in making the distinction between being an artist and being a business person that markets art made a real impact with her. Afterwards her eyes lit up as she said, " i guess I really can call myself an artist..." My daughter graduated from RISD last summer, moved to New York, and is now in the process of moving into a studio where she can work on her art after hours from a "real" job. I forwarded her the original link and told her it was highly recommended, in fact, "required reading". I also think that your insights will be valuable to her at this stage of her career.

Again, thanks for sharing your valuable experience and insights not just with this list, but with the art community in general.
Sal (Phoenix)

Subject: Love your book!

Hi Alan. My name is Guy; an 18-years-old boy from Thailand. About 3 years ago I bought a book you have written "Mastering Landscape Photography", and I love it! I have read it so many times. The book teaches and inspires me a lot.

Thanks for writing such a great book!
Guy, over email

Alain, I just finished reading your essay "Being an Artist" on the luminous landscape site. I found it insightful, thoughtful, and great advice for beginners in not only photography but any art. And your images are most evocative. Nice to have you on the dfa list. Best,

After all the nonsense on the list I read your essays and was delighted with your work .
Thanks for sharing .
Ansgard Thomson

Your photo, "Clearing Spring Storm, Tsegi Overlook, Canyon de Chelly" is the reason why I bought the full Hasselblad Xpan system.  I just see things in 70-90% scans. Be assured, I will be reading and re-reading your article on Personal Style. Many thanks. Richard J. Kemmer
RJK Knowledge Group Inc.

Hi Alain
I always enjoy your work and comments on Luminous Landscape and have recently also found Beautiful-Landscape and so I hope you don't mind me dropping you this short email.

I'm a 'serious amateur' photographer, located in Albany on the southern coast of Western Australia, with a range of gear from a Canon D30 up to a Fuji 690 GSWIII. Most importantly I've recently realised that I actually get a bigger kick out of trying to scan and/or print high quality images than I do from actually being out there taking them! So I've recently purchased an Epson 4870 photo scanner and an Epson R800 printer and started to dabble in trying to scan and/or produce some 'fine art' prints.

Longer term, if I can start to produce consistent high quality results (!!), I am even contemplating buying an Epson 2100, 4000 or 7600 (are these worth buying now or could it be worth waiting a little while and getting the next version of the 2100 whenever Epson decide to replace it?) and trying to do some custom printing of my own images as well as those of a budding medium and large format landscape photography loving friend!

However with this sort of investment for what is basically a bit of a hobby and with some 'wins' but also a lot of at times frustrating results in my printing efforts so far I was wondering if it might please be possible to get some tutoring and mentoring from you via email, the web and/or the email and phone?

I'd be especially keen to learn as much as possible about scanning and fine art printing (including image preparation, colour management, different media options etc etc etc)  from the very basics upwards as well as being able to regularly send you images and prints for healthy critique. I've done a fair bit of reading about this but really need someone to give me some structured training to help me towards some consistent prints.

I would dearly love to do some formal study along these lines but unfortunately I'm tied to a base here in Albany and so some distance training is really the only option that I've got and so far I've been unable to find anyone interested in Australia so I thought I might as well try to get one of the best teachers I can!

Of course I'd be happy to pay you for your time and advice and so if you're interested in any options along these lines that could help me I'd be very keen to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for your time and consideration and hoping to hear back from you soon.
Kind regards
Rob Woodgate

Just read your artical on personal style .. Brilliant.   I particularly appreciate that 'renaissance' implication of cross-art influence of painting, literature and science.
Randy Mosteller

Thanks for the tip on how to reset the maintenance tank on the 9600. Only question now is, how many times can we do this? Have you changed yours yet? And if so, how many times did you reset it before making the change?
Again, thanks so much for all the valuable info.
Richard Calvo
Mr. Briot,
I received your CD a couple days ago and have read all your articles. They are full of practical and thoughtful advise and encouragement. I am greatly appreciative of your time and energy it took to write them. Thank you for sharing such insightful information.
Paul Searls

Alan, thank you very much for all articles you wrote on Aethetics and Photography. I came accross them just one week ago. They are a very good starting point for me to think and practice composition, choosing the right lens and creating a portfolio. To practice it and work on it and do it in acoming 2 years. Yes, I will love to read an article "Being an Artist".
Best wishes,
Pavel Pospisil
Czech Republic

Being an Artist - For me, this would be the most interesting article of all.
Please do it.
Peter McLennan
Creston, British Columbia

Being an Artist'
Hi Alain,
Yes please. I have found your articles to be extremely useful. Thank you.
Peter Peachey

Dear Alain,
Your very fine review of the R800 was an major reason for my recently buying one (to complement my 7600) and I must say that I love the new little printer.  IMHO it's all you indicated and more.  Thank you for your review.

Thanks so much....I hope that this commentary is useful.  Have a look at my site.....we seem to share a certain visual sensibility.  I have long admired your work....and your sharing ethic.
Peter Ralston

Dear Mr. Briot,
I hope that I will have the privilege of having the opportunity in the future of reading an article by you presenting your views on being an artist. My own definition of art, which is, " If I would buy it and hang it in my living room", then its art, is admittedly too narrow, but then isn't art by definition decided only in the eye of the beholder?

Using the above then, an artist is defined by the acceptance of his work by others as art. Very nice, but too narrow. I produce work, only a fraction of which I personally think is something special; artistic, maybe art. Am I an artist, I don't think so. There must be something more than this simple definition above. I'd be interested to see your views

I read that you are in the stages of suffering a Ph.D. I went through this a little over 40 years ago in an Engineering discipline and have long ago forgotten the long days and longer nights of work, but I haven't forgotten the exhilaration of succeeding and the benefits coming from it. Congratulations and best of luck.

I have spent some time with Steve Kossak and so if by chance you cross paths, please give regards from Joe Rezek, his friend from Israel.

Happy Christmas and looking forward to your article.

You have a wonderful website. I just found it and have been exploring it. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with the world. A question for you about the Epson 9600 that you use. At this point, it is clearly out of my price range to purchase. However, I was wondering if you, for a fee, would print out a digital photo on this printer or know of a reputable studio that would. After reading about your techniques and your positive impressions of this printer, I'd be curious to see the results of the output as I'm very interested in digital photography. I recently purchased a Canon 300D and have been very impressed with the results, even on my low-end printer. So I'm especially interested to see the output on a "high-end" printer.
Thanks again.
Richard Ackley

Hello Alain,
I really have been enjoying your Photography and Aesthetics Series. Thanks for taking the time to write these articles. Perhaps you should consider taking this series and your next Photography and Art series (to which I am also looking forward) and expanding them into a book. I also really like your photographs.

I just finished reading your new article on creating a portfolio and you have certainly inspired me to put together my own portfolio. I am just an enthusiastic amateur, but I think I would enjoy, the exercise and  I am sure my family would like it as well.

If I can make a request, I would appreciate a few comments on where you get your portfolio supplies (boxes, binders, or whatever else you use) and what the relative merits are of the different approaches to storing and presenting the prints. Perhaps a short article for your Single Article group.

I would also appreciate the addition of Part 10 to your series (Being an Artist).
Richard Marcellus

Alain -
Hope you and Natalie have been well.  Your website indicates you have been very busy indeed.
Just wanted to thank you for the excellent article on Michael's web site, "How to Establish Photographic Style".  It is well thought out and very generous of you to share your trained insights into one of the most difficult areas of development for a photographer - at least that has been my experience. Have a great weekend.
Ann McMahon

About your Luminous Landscape Paris Article
Hi. Great article! Enlightening and enjoyable. I guess I have to get the D70 when it arrives. (I like Nikon)
Cheers...Rob Muirhead

Dear Mr. Briot,

Thank you for your considered views on the Gitzo 2227.  You have really tempted me to purchase one of these tripods. However, your comments about the difficulty of setting up the legs gives me some pause.  The other issue that makes me hold back from purchasing is the report by some users of this tripod that the leg locks are very noisy when activated.  Have you found this to be a problem? The alternative for me would be the 1227.I use only 35mm equipment, with 180mm as the longest focal length.  I may at some point obtain a 300mm f/4 lens, but that is not a consideration at the moment.  I do a fair amount of macro shooting.  But, I would also like something useful for portraiture and architectural interiors.

I'm sorry to take up your time.  Any suggestions which you may offer would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
Robert Lai

Your writings are interesting, informative, and written in a most pleasant manner. Your photographs are deeply enjoyed, admired, and Asethetically most pleasing. Thank you. Hope to meet you no later than next year. If my relaunch in photography goes well, and I get the "itch", it could possibly be sooner.  And perhaps with a Canon.
Bob Koch

I read with much interest your article 'How to Establish a Personal Photographic Style' on the Luminous Landscape website.  I am one without a unique style, or so I think.  I am feeling my way through photography trying to find my place.  I have been told by a fellow photographer that my photos of my children and of musicians are among the best work I do and I should concentrate on that, "take photos of what you love". I would like to read about images/photos you have taken and how.
Robert Hoehne

Loved your latest article, "How to Establish a Personal Photographic Style", posted on Luminous Landscape.  Thank you for the inspiration and for making me think about a very deep and oft mysterious subject.
Andrzej Jan Taramina

As always I really enjoyed the article.  Very insightful.  I was also pleased that we think alike;  I also use film with the same ISO because at my advanced age, having a "senior moment" while photographing is a real possibility and this way I have one less thing to worry about.  I use 100 TMax and 100 Velvia and Provia.

I still have a Wratten #90 filter that is at least 30 years old that gives me a better idea of the B&W possibilities of a scene when I shoot film.  As you say, when doing digital I don't worry about it until I'm in the digital darkroom.  But for film I think it's important.  Personally, I rarely convert a color transparency to B&W.  With TMax I not only can vary the exposure but equally important I can adjust the development to keep the high's and hence the range where I visualized it.  While that's still possible to do digitally with color, I just find the "process" more satisfying to me to do it the "old fashioned" way.

Looking forward to the remaining articles.
Angelo Micheletti

I really enjoyed your article on Creating a Portfolio. I'd like to be included on the reading of your tenth article of this series, "Being an Artist".   This is something I aspire too and look forward to suggestions on how to succeed in this endeavor. If you don't mind, I've included a few images I've taken in the past year.Thank you for your time,
Richard Adams

Je viens juste de lire votre article sur Luminous Landscape, « Keepers ». Comme toujours un fort stimulant pour le photographe qui est en moi. Je vous envoie ce mail simplement pour vous alerter sur un léger lapsus : c’est Auguste Comte (et non pas Arthur Comte) le père du positivisme. C’est simple à modifier.

A bientôt par Web interposé, ou sur le terrain (je suis un workshop avec Steve Kossacks, « the landmarks of the Southwest » en novembre prochain !)


Alain Trinckvel

Dear Alain,
Your 4/25/2004 tip on "How to change from matte black to photo black without wasting money and ink" saved me during a very stressed situation.  I work as the photographer at the Royal Opera House in Stockholm Sweden (www.operan.se) and use the 9600 to make our window displays.  Today, a Saturday, I have been trying to come in with some last minute posters for a premier and I attempted for the first time to change the black ink from matt to photo. I just let the matt run out without realizing that I needed some left over to change over to photo black. As none of our suppliers are open today it looked like the Public was coming to the House with no posters  of the upcoming performance.  As I write the printer is buzzing happily along and it looks as though we're going to make it.  Pass my regards to Rudiger Schäfer for the effort  to share his knowledge...
Alexander Kenney

Bonjour M. Briot,
Thanks for your very interesting review of the Epson R800, after reading it I placed an order for the R800 and I have set it up to-day.  So far the prints I made look very very good.

I have one question:  There seems to be a "straight-thru" paper feed accessible from the back of the printer, have you tried it?  Epson makes no mention of this.  If this is really useable then it might be useful for printing on extra heavy paper.

Oops! Another question: have you reviewed the Epson 4870 Scanner, I have seen some reviews that describe it has an exceptional scanner for both film and paper but I have also seen a review which said the scanner was a piece of junk...(?)  Do you have an opinion on the subject?

Andre Dumas

hello how are you doing...i just read your article in luminious landscape #9...the whole series are incredible...your pictures are beautiful to look at...arizona is a very beautiful state i have been down a couple times but this was before i got into photography...your points that you make in your series are very thought provoking...i am fairly new to this, been doing photography for about 3 years now...i find it annoying how people as you mention always talk equipment to you,instead of the locations or the beauty...i can't begin to imagine how you feel about that...i live up right beside the rockies in calgary,canada...and i love going out and just being there...the scenery around here is very pretty especially the lakes in the summertime underneath the glaciers..the colour of them is beyond words...well thank you for your time..i just wanted to mention how much i enjoy both your stories and  your pictures...

Alain, I just wanted to tell you I greatly enjoyed reading the articles on Aesthetics and Photography. I hope you write #10 "Being an Artist"! Thank you,
Jim Peacock
Panama City, Fl

First off, I want to thank you for having the most comprehensive site on the net for real, end-user of the 9600.  You are the reason I bought this printer over some if it's competitors. It is a stunning printer to say the least, but I'm preaching to the converted! My question is ink waste. When I got the printer I checked the firmware version and did the recommended update. 

I have sense ran out my first ink cartage (110 light magenta) and I cut it open to see how much was left in the bag. It appears to be the same amount you were getting prior to your firmware update.  I mean to say, a lot of ink.
I ran it until the printer told me it was empty and would not print any more until I changed it.How can I optimize my ink usage in each cartridge and prevent this amount of waste in the future?
Jim Bianchi
Las Vegas

Subject: A Rebel in Paris
Thank You !!!!

Your article inspired me in multiple ways, your composition & lighting was a revelation, with excellant explanations. I think I learnt more from your article than any other single article I have read, alot of that was in studying your photos.

But also I have a Digital Rebel & whilst I have a long way to go, it is no small comfort to know that I have equipment capable of producing professional quality prints.

I suspect that photography now is not unlike Computer Animation ( my background ) was a few years back, where the price barrier to entry is lowered to the point where alot of people can participate. Hopefully this will produce a new generation of great photographers, though in the end like Computer Animation there will always be some such as yourself who will shine at the top.

Thanks again for the inspiration.

Encore bravo pour cette série, c'est vraiment passionnant. J'ai dévoré le chapitre 6. J'ai lu sur ton site qu'il existait des traductions de tes articles. Bien qu'ils soient facile à lire pour moi , je connais des amis photographes français qui ne parlent pas l'anglais. Peux-tu me dire si des versions françaises existent ? Je regrette d'avoir à traverser l'atlantique pour suivre un de tes workschops et j'ai peur d'être un peu largué. As-tu déjà fait des workschops avec des français?

J'ai passé 3 semaines dans les grands parcs de l'ouest en 2002 et il me tarde de repartir. J'espère organiser un jour un autre voyage et le grouper avec un workshop. Quel est ton avis.


I have been following your series on LL and enjoy very much the enthusiasm you so obviously have for your art, the making and the presentation. I urge you to carry on to ten and write about being an artist, it will make a great summary. The article on portfolios is interesting, Howard Bond wrote of this recently in camera arts which inspired my to make a "mini" portfolio of note cards as an inexpensive way to share my work. It is working, I have yet to perfect the whole process however. thanks for the writing.
Rusty Joerin

I found your 9600 diary. It is of enormous benefit to me, I  really appreciate you taking the time to publish it. You mentioned on page 4 of the diary you had a pdf article describing the process of stretching canvas. Is it still possible for you to email me this? Also, I'm interested to know your experience with the canvas image cracking over the corners of the frame. Have you experienced this? Do you use/recommend any Spray to apply to the canvas before stretching?
Many Thanks for your help,
Simon Winnall

Dear Alain,
Wonderful article for luminous-landscape-- very informative and I love the conclusions you draw between 4'x5" format and the 300D!  I am a 300D owner myself and am very impressed with the quality.  Hopefully I'll be in Paris shortly...  I'm currently in Cambridge, England where I am pursuing my PhD and have a small gallery for Cambridge here:  http://www.pbase.com/compuminus/cambridge/

Hi Alain
I have been keeping up with your 300D journey on the Digital Outback Photo site and really enjoying it. I am big fan of your landscape photography and your web site. I was wondering what lenses you used in Paris with the 300D ? What is your favourite general walking around lense for the 300D ? Thanks and keep up the great postings!
Steve Thorpe

Subject: Photography as Art
Please keep writing. (On what ever topics you want to.) I have all your articles filed away so I can go back to them from time to time. Your writing and photography is first class. Cheers
Steve Pick

Hi Alain
Thanks for starting a diary of the Epson 4000!
Tony Trasmundi.

Alain:  Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your series of articles printed at the luminious landscape site.  You write very well and your exercises are very helpful.  I would encourage you to pursue your "Photography as Art" series.  My wife is a watercolor artist and we have both enjoyed your art/photography comparisons.  I would enjoy taking a workshop from you at some time but since I still have a full time practice as a psychologist, I cannot take the time.  We live in Utah and have thought about coming down to Arizona for a weekend workshop and may be able to do that in the future.  In the meantime, keep up the good work.
Tom Fairbank, Ph.D.  (Learning medium format 645 after years of 35mm)

I took your advice once before and bought my Epson 9600.. Now it is time for me to get a better note card printer.  I want to be able to stack watercolor paper into a small printer with great quality.  I have looked at the R200-R300’s and I cannot find if they will accept this thicker media without jams. Can you advise me on this topic?  Are you printing these small images? (I have been using the Hanemuhel Torchon 285 gsm paper in my 9600 with great results…  I could cut these for a smaller printer that has a paper tray…)
Tim Dardis

Alain Briot
I have just read your latest artical "Aesthetics and Photography". i enjoyed it very much. I found a good deal of common ground in what you are saying, though i have not studied the photographers you mention in this artical or even seen their work. I found my own most recent work has some of their traits ? I have deliberately avoided studying many photographers in order to find a style of my own, true to myself. I have however copied images i see in order to develope a particular skill i liked eg backlighting. I hope you don`t mind me sending two of my latest images to illustrate your point of good fortune. Both shot on my 5x4 and using a polarisering fliter for the first time. As i was packing up due to approaching cloud i saw the wisps of cloud coming into view and waited for just the right moment to complete the image.  Totally unplanned but the best of the day !I will look forward to your next artical "photography as art "
Stuart Baines
United Kingdom

I want to say that I have been all over your website.  Your work is extraordinary; unlike many photographers, you also write remarkably well. In particular, your George Lamont Mancuso Remembrance on Luminous Landscape had me crying by the end.  I guess that makes you an artist.
W. Tait Stevens, MD
Fellow, Transfusion Medicine Clinical Center
National Institutes of Health

Merci Alain,
Je viens de faire un tour sur votre site, félicitations. Vous avez su rester et vivre de la photographie, mais au regard de la qualité de votre travail, ce n'est que justice et évidence. Merci encore et 1000 bravos pour votre remarquable travail.

The PDF file on How to Mount Canvas Prints is great! Well thought out and well illustrated. I actually feel like I could mount a canvas print after reading it! Thanks again for the obvious effort that went into putting the PDF together.
Kenan Woods

I found the personal style article a refreshing break from nuts and bolts. I found myself thinking about art again instead of just technology.
Ken Rush

Hi Alain!  First of all, thank you for writing a review for the Epson R800.

I am a fellow consumer who is looking for a professional-grade printer for fine arts.  I have nailed it down to basically 2 choices: Epson R800 or Canon Pixma iP8500.  Looking at the specs... the Canon seems like a better choice - Epson resolution being 5760x14408294400 and Canon's 4800x240011520000.  Moreover, in terms of the number of colours, Epson has 8 cartridges but 2 or them are black and 1 gloss optimizer, while Canon has 8 different colours.  Epson DOES have finer print head 1.5picoliter compared to Canon's 2... but I do not know in operation which is better.  I have been using Epson a long time... from Stylus Color and now Stylus Photo 890... at the time when compared to their competitors, they're the best.  However, the output in my view is still nowhere close to originals (I use Epson scanners too - Perfection series 2450).
Maybe you have give me some insights.  Thanks.
Best Regards,

Nice review of the Epson R-800 Alain. Your general enthusiasm for photography in general is contagious, and welcome.
Ken Schuster

I have read several of your articles written for 'The Luminous Landscape.'  I very much appreciate all of the advice and information that you have provided me through them.

I really do appreciate the information. I'll check out the site you mentioned.  I'm also interested in a workshop on matting.  That's definitely something I'd like to do in the future. Again, thanks SO MUCH for the information.  I can't imagine how little time pro landscape photographers have, so when pro's like you invest time to help people learn the craft, it is greatly appreciated.
Take care!

Hellou Alain,
first... sorry i`m not so good at english. I read all your stories, good work and very nice that someone has time to write all that. Im using a 7600 model but also wanna bye a model 9600. I have gretac eyeone and I can do my paper profiles here in my lab. And also Imacon Flextight Presicion III with these two machines I think I can do best pictures in the world :)) joke! But there was something i didnt understand correctly... U said: "Firmware update results in minimal ink waste in 220ml cartridges" -is it a soft or something? because my epson leaves a lot of ink left to the cartridges? My ink will be empty in few days then I can open it and see, but in 110 ml there was a lot on ink inside.
Thank U and best regards from Estonia.
Tarmo Rämmi

Dear Alain,
Thank you for your gift of time this morning when I called with questions about computer equipment. Your comment about buying good stuff and not using it to full advantage strikes me as real wisdom. I see that you have weekend workshops as well as longer term ones and will put them on my short list. (I did not know that you had a workshop in Tucson, for example, where my two brothers live, which would help with living expenses.) I'm sure any of your offerings would be most valuable and enjoyable and I do hope that it will be possible to attend in the future.
Thank you again for your consideration,
Thomas Turnbull

First let me say how much I enjoy the articles you have done on Luminous Landscape.  Although I've been an advanced amateur photographer for years (about 55) you have taught me many things and I appreciate it very much.  I only wish that I could afford one of your workshops but SS retirement does not permit that. I have a DRebel with kit lens.  I'm very impressed with your Paris photographs with the DRebel and I wonder if all were taken with the DRebel Kit lens?  How about the desert shots?
Tom Garrett

Hi Alain,
I've had this problem when printing a large file from OS 9. I got an error message that the print file was larger than 2 gigs and could not be printed. I res'd it down to a point where it would print as you did. The file in photoshop was about 1.2 gigs and probably created a print file much larger than that. I think the 9600 has a max capacity for print files at 2 gigs. Could you email me that pdf about the mounting process? Thanks. I'd also like to thank you for all the posted information about the 9600. I havn't read every post yet, but we've saved ourselves from disaster on a couple of occasions thanks to your in-depth reports. thanks again for allyour hard work and openness.
Ted Peffer

I have been very interested in the articles you wrote so far and would enjoy very much reading a tenth article about “Being An Artist”.  This is something I have been struggling with recently and would much appreciate your ideas.  I am relatively new to the art of Photography and am finding it difficult to keep an “Artist” frame of mind, especially in the time between shooting sessions.
Thanks for taking the write this series,
Greg Taylor

Alain -
I just read your article "Selling Your Photographs at Art Shows", on the Luminous Landscape website. I enjoyed it very much, and found it informative. And since you welcome questions at the end of your article, I have a few to ask: I have shown my watercolor artwork at some shows a few years ago, back in Pennsylvania, where I lived for the past 56 years, before moving to Moab, UT. For that medium, I had to use a special 'archive' tape, to attach my paintings to mats. I can't tell from the photo of your 'roll of tape' in the article, but please tell me if you must use a similar tape (mine was a special paper tape), or if you simply use what looks like 'scotch tape'? Also, you mention and show a staple gun, used for framing your photos. Do you simply staple the matted photos to the inside lip of the frame, or what? Lastly, your set-up and display looks wonderful. I can't count the amount of hangings you typically have, but with only 5-6 framed pieces in each plastic tote, it would seem to me, that you need a large van or truck, just to load/unload all of this into each day. Quite a job. I just came home from a 'road trip'/photo-op to the North Rim last weekend, and from the long drive just to get to and from the visitor center, from outside the park, I am amazed that you can do this, day after day - or do you happen to live in the park next door to your set-up?   Thank you, for allowing the rest of us to have a glimpse of your "behind the scenes" art show and efforts involved in your business enterprise.   Respectfully yours - Thane H. Myers

Thank you for taking the time out to reply, you continue to be as helpful as your online articles. I will do as you suggest by switching to matte black and I think I will print on epsons new smooth paper.
Once again, thanks!
Mark Henrich

It was pleasant surprise to see Part Seven of the Aesthetics and Photography series on your site today. I must have checked <http://www.luminous-landscape.com/>www.luminous-landscape.com about 20 times over the past month or so waiting for the next installment. I have found the series most helpful. Thank you! I am sure it has occurred to you that the series could become a book. I think it would make a very nice book.
Best regards,
Will Baccich

I don't know why you started keeping a diary about your 9600 but it has been a God-send for my small business. I have solved many problems before (and some after) they have become problems! I appreciate all the work you put into documenting everything.

I had a quick question that I could not find information on. When printing sheets that are not standard sheet sizes available in the software (for example, 22 1/16" x 30"), how do you print the entire sheet. Right now, the sheet feeds down about 10" then starts printing. I have never been able to print an entire sheet using the sheet function. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again-
Wesley Willis

Dear Mr. Briot:
I have just completed article number 9 in your series on The Luminous Landscape web site and am writing to thank you for the series - I have learned much from them. I am also writing in response to your request for input regarding interest in your proposed next series on Photography as Art. I would be very interested in this series as well - it would seem a natural follow-on to your current series. Thanks again for your considerable efforts in writing the current series - I look forward to the last article in this series!
Wm. Cline
North Bethesda, MD
Nature Photographer

Thanks for the thought-provoking article on building a portfolio (posted Nov 8 on Luminous Lanscape). I have read it several times and discussed it with my spouse. We have agreed that given the number of photos I have taken over the past 40+ years, I probably need to need them organized so my “best” work is preserved; if not for posterity, at least for my grand-children J

As you have know, assembling the portfolio can be a daunting experience. However as I begin to start the process, there are two simple questions I need to ask – stimulated by your article:

1) Is there a “standard” size mounting board that is generally recognized as an ideal size? I currently have no prints larger than 13 x 19; most (to date) are 8 X 10. (This was driven primarily by economics and not because I think it’s a good size for photos.) I now feel comfortable enough with my processes that I could undertake re-printing on the 13 x 19 or similar size. Having said this, should I work towards a 16 x 20 display mount or is there another size that is more universally accepted?

2) How do you recommend mounting the print? At this point, my question is aimed at more how much, if any “border” do you include in making the print? Or do you always print at max and then slice off the border(s) at mounting time. It is not always obvious when looking at prints in galleries how it was prepared for mounting. Thanks again for the excellent work and I look forward to your future efforts.
Wayne Howard

I have truly enjoyed your articles thus far and look forward to your next series.  Thank you for the inspiration.
Michael Walters

I have just finished reading your article "A Rebel in Paris" and found it to be very well done and useful to me. I am a regular reader of Mr. Reichmann's site and a frequent visitor to your site as well. Your images of the SW USA are outstanding and have, in fact, prompted me to travel to that region myself over the past two years. I feel like I have just begun to explore that area. It is truly magical... Your thoughts re: digital capture are very interesting, especially coming from someone who uses 4x5 for most of his work. I too recently purchased a Digital Rebel and am just stunned at the image quality for the price...and the camera is so compact and light! I have not had it long enough to shoot a lot with it yet but will be very soon. My only other camera now is a 4x5 which I don't often get out much...I still find it enjoyable to use once in a while. I hope to get to Paris next spring...Digital Rebel in hand I am sure!
Thank you for all your online contributions to photography and learning...I find your posts thoughtful and useful.
Vince Jackson, Portland, Oregon

thank you for your fast reply! I loved your epson 9600 diary. Already excited to read all the other stories ... :)
Mathias Vietmeier Design

Mr. Briot,
I've enjoyed your series of articles published on Luminous Landscape - your last was, for me, the best. Not because I'm thinking of a portfolio, or even because I didn't know many of the things you discussed, but because your 'voice' really came through. It was thoughtful, helpful, and not the least bit condescending. While I normally avoid any discussions about 'being an Artist', (esp. with capital 'A's), I think I'd like to hear what you have to say. So.. you ask us to write if we were interested, and I am.
Thank you for the articles,
Ray Hudson

Beautiful article (Personal Style), perhaps the best of the series.  I am looking forward to the next and after. My mother once gave me a quote from an ex chancellor of Harvard U. that applies to what you have said, "Behold the turtle, who makes progress only when his neck is out".

I plan to be in the states in April and perhaps then we can have our much belated critique of what I sent you last year after the Canyon de Chelly shoot. On another subject, if you have a space left on the "river shoot" (San Juan River Rafting Workshop) I want to go. I hope all is well with you and Natalie.

John C. Bacon
Finca Las Moritas
Santa Catarina Pinula

Mr. Briot,
I just finished reading your article online titled, "How to Establish a Personal Style."  I thought your article was very well written, clear, and thought provoking.  It showed a great amount of thoughtfulness and personal reflection on your part.  I found it to be one of the most helpful things I have ever read about photography.   Your providing information of this kind is truly a great service for those of us who have passion for the natural world and photographing it.  Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge and expertise in this way.
Best wishes,
Dean Pennala

Please keep writing. (On what ever topics you want to.) I have all your articles filed away so I can go back to them from time to time. Your writing and photography is first class.
Steve Picks

Loved your latest article, "How to Establish a Personal Photographic Style", posted on Luminous Landscape.  Thank you for the inspiration and for making me think about a very deep and oft mysterious subject.
Andrzej Jan Taramina

About "How to Establish a Personal Photographic Style"
This is a very important piece of work that bears much consideration.I especially like your detailed analyses. Your photo, "Clearing Spring Storm, Tsegi Overlook, Canyon de Chelly" is the reason why I bought the full Hasselblad Xpan system.  I just see things in 70-90% scans. Be assured, I will be reading and re-reading your article on Personal Style.
Many thanks.
Richard Kemmer

Hello Alain,
Of course we want to know what you were thinking when you tripped the shutter.  I really enjoyed your aesthetics and photography series and look forward to your future work. Keep up the wonderful work, both in images and in print.
Best regards,
Jim Dion

hello how are you doing...i just read your article in luminious landscape #9...the whole series are incredible...your pictures are beautiful to look at...arizona is a very beautiful state i have been down a couple times but this was before i got into photography...your points that you make in your series are very thought provoking...i am fairly new to this, been doing photography for about 3 years now...i find it annoying how people as you mention always talk equipment to you,instead of the locations or the beauty...i can't begin to imagine how you feel about that...i live up right beside the rockies in calgary,canada...and i love going out and just being there...the scenery around here is very pretty especially the lakes in the summertime underneath the glaciers..the colour of them is beyond words...well thank you for your time..i just wanted to mention how much i enjoy both your stories and  your pictures...

Just read your artical on personal style .. Brilliant.   I particularly appreciate that 'renaissance' implication of cross-art influence of painting, literature and science.
Randy Mosteller

Many thanks Alain.
Please let me say how much I appreciate your essays, Luminous Landscape Video appearances (more please!) and, of course, the wonderful images that you make.
Best regards,
Dave Roberts
Leeds, United Kingdom

Great article on paris and the 300D.  thanks so much for your continued contribution to photography. another problem with film - i am still scanning from our  october workshop- and while there are a number of reasons i have not finished scanning - it is in all events a time consuming activity.  (i managed a few decent images - but nothing that blew me away.) again - thanks.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I found your recent "A Rebel in Paris" article onwww.luminous-landscape.com to be most enjoyable. I especially enjoyed the section of your article dealing with RAW conversion software. I, too, am a satisifed user of Capture One SE and cannot imagine returning to PS Camera Raw, at least in its current form. You mentioned the need to use dedicated noise removal software in extreme cases. I agree. You may want to check out NoiseNinja from PictureCode software (www.picturecode.com). I've used it for several months and am convinced that it does the best job of the utilities that I've tried.

Although I'm back in the States now (Tampa FL), I've spent most of the last 6 years living in various parts of Western Europe, primarily in London and Brussels. During that time, I was fortunate to visit Paris over 20 times. Seeing your shots of that lovely city makes me want to return many more times! Without question it's my favorite city in the world.

Thanks again for a wonderful article. All the best,
Kirk McCain

Dear Alain, Greetings from Norway!

I find your writings inspiring and well written, and a nice complement to your marvellous photos.  I read your articles regularly, and am escpecially looking forward to your article on: "How to decide which photographs are "Keepers"?"  Do you have any idea of when this will be posted on your website?
Best regards
Per-Christian Nilssen
Congratulations on a well written article.  As always I am looking forward to reading them. I have a few questions: Which file names do you assign to the files you save on DVD?  Are the names the same as assigned in the camera, or do you give them separate names?  If you give them names, what kind of naming structure do you use?

How do you separate the portfolio "keepers" from all the other files?  Separate DVDs, special notes in Extensis Portfolio?
Thanks in advance for your answer.
Best regards from Norway, Europe
Per-Christian Nilssen
Dear Mr. Briot,

First, I want to congratulate you on your work. Your photographs are breathtaking. I would also like to thank you for sharing some of your experience through articles and diaries made public on the internet. Seeing the wonderful pictures you created with the 300D (and the EFS 18-55) made me realize that talent, vision and technique are far more important than the equipment. I know now that I will buy a new lens only if I feel the limitations in my current kit (which is very modest).

And now, the question: How does one calculate DOF using a lens that has no distance scale(like the EFS 18-55 or the EF 50 1.8)? Is the A-DEP mode useful?I feel this is very important with near-far compositions and the DOF preview on the 300D doesn't seem to help.
Thank you.
Paul Zehan
Timisoara – Romania
"Being an Artist"
Yes, I would be highly interested in reading your thoughts on "Being a Artisit".  I would also like to express my gratitude for all of the other articles you have written - they are informative and inspirational!
Paul Schmalz

Hello Alain!

Maybe you remember me, by the great experience we had together: In December 98 you went to the Canyonlands NP to take pictures. In Devil’s Canyon you met three guys who where looking for a hidden ruin. We had to climb up – just about 10 feet. It was such a great experience since you could not have done it alone and neither could we. So we found that ruine together.

I gave you my e-mail address and since then I get your newsletters. I keep stunning at your wonderful pictures from the Canyons etc. Since about three months I do have my own webpage as well and I have made a link to your homepage under “Photography”. Because many of my friends live in the US, (almost) the whole page is translated in English.
Take care!
Thank you for Part Nine!
Alain, reading this was a breath of fresh air for me.  At 53, I have been mired in the overabundance of internet information on camera platforms, lens technology, and RAW converters as I set out on year two of my own journey to make photography a form of personal artistic expression.

Your thoughts and writing remind me, in a way, of a workshop I took last year with guitarist Pierre Bensusan.  He had about a dozen students in his half-day class, some interested in Celtic guitar, some jazz, some experienced, some not.  His approach was to show us fingerstyle techniques that were independent of any specific musical genre and to talk at length about guitar music as art.  Without expressing prejudice toward any style or specific techniques, he showed us how he worked on his own technique.  He also made it clear that at some point what drove him was the music he heard in his own mind or heart and the desire to learn how to achieve it with his chosen instrument.  In the end, his technical discipline and personal style progressed and developed in service of his artistic vision.

In a similar way, you have outlined the ingredients and circumstances of a personal photographic style.  Some accomplished photographers are tempted to impose their own aesthetic vision or preferences in methods and approaches on those looking for guidance.  I welcome technical instruction, but find it even more valuable when the teacher offers it as a means for you to find your own way, your own path.
Thank you for this series.  Now I have to read Parts 1 through 8!  I look forward to your next series as well.
Pat Reddy
Buffalo Creek, Colorado
I read your wonderful review on the Gitzo 2227 tripod. I had pretty much decided to get the Gitzo 2227 explorer tripod, but was told to strongly consider the 1228. I wanted to know what you thought about the choice between these two (considering that you use both). I will primarily use the tripod for travel, landscape and indoor, with occasional macro photography. I use either a 1D or 10D with Bg-ED with the largest lens being the 100-400IS L with 1.4x. I will also be using a Kirk BH-3 ballhead at the present time. I like the 1227 for being 1lb lighter and possibly easier to set up and the 2227 for being more versatile. Please let me know what your thoughts are. Does the 1 lb make a large difference during travel? Also I notice that the 1227 is rated for 17.6lbs while the 2227 at 13.2 lbs while having the same legs. Is this because of the off center column or is there another difference? Thanks.
Aman B. Patel, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery & Radiology
Director, Endovascular Neurosurgery/Interventional Neuroradiology
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Excellent Gitzo 2227 review
Thanks for providing an excellent review on this tripod. It was very helpful in coming up with a decision to narrow down my list of possibilities. I had a question regarding this tripod. The specs says that it can take up to 6KG load. I use Nikon D70 with Sigma 70-300APO lens. I found that when doing macro photography there is a lot of effect due to the mirror slap vibration (Drawback of D70). Do you think that this will not be the case if I use this tripod? I plan to get a Markins M10 ball head for this tripod with a Markins plate. I also had a look at Manfrotto 293 which seems ideal to hold steady today's compact zoom lenses but I found no reviews on this. Any information you might share would be useful.
Best wishes
Nikhilesh Haval

I came across this most recent article on "Being an Artist" on Michael Reichmann's site and found it fascinating and very educational.  I look forward to going back now and reading the previous articles. Regards,
Mike early
Just a Quick Note to thank you for getting the info on QM onto the web. Have received the programme and it is everything you said about it and more. Will make a huge difference to the presentation of my prints and production costs.  When you spoke in Phoenix in 2003, you mentioned using peel and stick for mounting your prints.  Is it the 3M repositionable product ?
Chris Carter

I have been reading your 9600 diary and find it very informing. I will be taking delivery Friday of a 9600 . I find your method of de-curling paper great, would have a picture of the setup you could send me. I am having a hard time visualizing how it works. Thanks very much
Marty Connelly
Shore Photography
Hi Alain,
Thanks, I look forward to reading all of your articles! I usually read them as soon as they are published on the web, bit I thought it would be nice to have them all on a CD. Your pictures of the American Southwest are excellent! I was there for the first time this summer on a 30 day vacation trying to capture the grand scenery - something we *don't* have here in Denmark. I have attached 3 of them.
Best regards,
Martin Bergmann

Just at the moment I am creating a portfolio to submit to several local galleries.  So, your article was very timely and most helpful.  I would also  enjoy an article on "Being and Artist,"  something I am striving to be.
Best, Martin Greene

we received the print of the month - beautiful.  and best of all - my wife liked it too.  we will be hanging it this weekend. let me know when you post my workshop photo(s) to the website. great article on paris and the 300D.  thanks so much for your continued contribution to photography. received the photo yesterday - gorgeous.  very pleased to have it. today i am emailing you my enrollment form for the summit.  let me know if there are any problems with getting it. see you in november.
Hallo from Germany;
This tenth and last article, if I decide to include it, will focus on “Being an Artist.” If this sounds like something you want to read ... Definitely!!!
Full of expectation and with kind regards
Martin Offermann

Hi Alain. 
Thank you for the wonderful review on the R800.  After reading your review, I purchased one for my studio and I’ve really enjoyed it.I was wondering if you had any advice on printing 5x7s and 8x10s and the DPI/PPI resolution that should be sent to the printer.   I know my photo lab tells me to send images at 300 DPI, but should I upsize my images to a higher DPI for the R800 (like 1000DPI?) Happy holidays and again thank you for you review!
Mark Polito
Andrea Polito Photography, Inc.

Hi Alain,
I visited your website tonight.  Facinating!  Such detail... very inspiring.  I have been thinking about a larger format camera (I use medium).  The grand canyon stuff is unreal!  Well done.  I hope to meet with someone tomorrow who can help me with my sorry ass website.  We'll see.  I wish you the best.
Mark Kanegis

To: <mreichmann@rogers.com>


Cliff Whittem
Thank you for posting your very useful diary - and contributing so much time in writing it - of all your experiences with the 9600 from day one!  I recently graduated from a couple of Epson 2200 models which I used for about a year and a half for production (landscape photography) to a 7600.  Unfortunately my first 7600 which came about two weeks ago had vertical banding.  After going through all the normal efforts at resolution, then some, I contacted Epson.  Two days of visits by an Epson technician, a number of parts replacements, many adjustments, lots of ink, and no success.  Epson decided to replace the printer.

That one arrived a couple of days ago, and no vertical banding using the same test sequence.  I had started with an image from pre-dawn that had quite a bit of orange sky (banding there).  Trying to simplify things and rule out variables I ended up with a simple Photoshop document filled with PureYellowOrange that showed the banding easily.

Hopefully I haven't bored you yet, but if you've time, I'd appreciate your feedback:  the replacement 7600 - manufactured in April 2004, compared to November 2004 for my first, defective one  - came with firmware BN0434 P.  That deciphers to 4 April 2003.  My defective 7600 came with firmware BN1647 P, which deciphers to 16 April 2004.  Now there's the BN 294B P, which deciphers to 2 September 2004, but was just released to the public in January of 2005.

After all the ya-de-doo I went through with the vertical banding problem, I'm concerned applying the latest, greatest firmware might have bad side-effects, and of course Epson does not have older firmware versions posted.  You seem to have applied each firmware update as it came out and reported on this in your 9600 diary, covering issues like ink wastage in depleted cartridges, and so forth. Did you notice any changes throughout this in the quality of output you were getting from your 9600 after you applied any of the firmware updates?I'd really appreciate hearing from you if you've the time, but once again thanks for your efforts in posting the 9600 diary.

I enjoy your writing and photographs, so I will look forward to a 10th article.  Thank you for sharing you knowledge.

Just a note ot let you know that I greatly enjoy reading your articles, and I for one would be very interested in your proposed"Photography as Art" series. Count me as a "Yes"!
Mark Aiken

I read your essay "How to Create a Portfolio" from Luminous Landscape. It is very inspiring essay and I will for sure read your other essays.

In the end of the essay you asked people to write to you if they want you to write an essay "Being an Artist". So, that's what I am doing. I haven't yet read your other essays but I think that "Being an Artist" would be a very good "end" for your series of essays in Luminous Landscape. It's also very interesting and difficult subject.
Mikko Moilanen

Dear Alain,
I greatly appreciate your thorough and detailed response to my question regarding framing mark-up fee.
Thanks for taking the time.
Mike flosn


I have just read your latest installment (part 9 of 10) in your current series of articles that Michael Reichmann publishes on Luminous Landscape.

I just wanted to thank you for writing this as well as your other writings. They are very thought-provoking and this has helped me in my development. I just recently attended a workshop (primarily Nature, although my interests definitely lie in Landscape and scenic photography) and when asked what I wanted to get out of the workshop, I replied that I feel my technical ability in photography was competent but I wanted more artistic ability. Unfortunately the workshop did not improve my artistic interpretation of subjects. However, articles such as yours have given me much to think about.

I have always enjoyed your work as shown on luminous landscape as well as your own site. Please continue to write and photograph as you are doing now as I still have much to learn from you

Michael J Eva

An excellent series, and wonderful photos at your website!  Thank you. Yes, "Being an Artist" is something I very much would like to read.
Maris V. Lidaka Sr.

Being an artist... Please include it!
There are many articles and books on how and what to photograph, but little in the way to guide the artistic mindset.  Though creativity and art should spring from within hearing from artists, I believe that hearing what they think and how they do will inevitably help me understand if I have the temperament and depth of artistic conviction to want to conciously create art... If I haven't convinced you I hope many others write in for this last article. Good work!
Mario Traversi
Hello Alain
thanks for the very informative Epson 9600 diary. Nice hints and good reading.
Mads Madsen

I have just completed reading the ninth article in your series on Aesthetics and Photography.  I have been reading them over the past several days, and I am also curretnly searching for a new digital camera.  Your articles are making me reconsider my choices of digital camera and also consider what I am doing in my very amateur hobby of photography.  I am still a beginner in film and digital media.  I would very much like to read the tenth article--your others have inspired me to restart my hobby again, despite a shoulder injury this year. I think I am going to go with a digital camera with image stabilization, to counter the effects of the injury, which has caused my normally steady right hand to shake with the resulting muscle weakness in my shoulder.  I need something to do and have really enjoyed the articles and seeing the amazing photos accompanying them.  Thank you for taking the time to put them together.

Laura Sakos

Hi Alain,
I confess getting into the Epson 9600 business late. But it is a great machine. And I wanted to thank you for your great diary on Uwe's site. It was a tremendous help in getting through the teething phase.

Laurence Matson
Herisau, Switzerland
Bonjour Alain

I've spent a great deal of time on your website enjoying the photographic art galleries.  Your work inspires me!  Thank you for that.

I'm curious when you were last in Sedona.  Your image in the 300D gallery of sunrise near Bell Rock could have been taken on nearly the same day as one I captured with my D100 and 60mm lens (I know, I need a 20mm).

My wife and I will be spending two weeks in Sedona next year, in the spring and autumn.  I'll try to schedule the springtime week to coincide with your weekend workshop.

Hasta luego,

Hi Alain,
I have Just completed my first reading of "keepers". The article will keep me busy for quite some time. Thanks more than words can say. Here is another opinion on the Antelope canyon shoot for what it is worth. My favorite far and away is "Antelope Light Shaft". Thank you for all the time you must put in to these awsome articles.

Leland Smith


Félicitations pour votre superbe site. Je n'ai pas trouvé de mention relative à la facon dont vous scannez vos images 4"x5". Drum scan personnel ou labo pro ?
Bonjour Mr Briot,
Je viens de lire votre article sur l'impression sur Canvas et vous mentionner le fait que vous avez une méthode pour tendre les toiles....Si cela vous est possible, j'aimerais la connaitre. Je suis entrain de tester les Canvas mats et je me rends compte qu'il va falloir les vernir, avez vous une méthode aussi pour le vernissage ?
Merci de répondre quand vous le pouvez bien sûr. Encore bravo pour votre talent et votre ouverture d'esprit à partager vos "secrets", cela m'aide considérablement dans mon cheminement d'artistes photographe.
Ladislas Kadyszewski

Found your article on Paris most interesting and enjoyed your photos..
Lorne Morphy

Greetings Alain,
You can add this email to the undoubtedly growing plethora of "Please write again!" emails you have been buried under in the last few days! Over the last few months I have been carefully reading your Aesthetics series on luminous landscape and have been very impressed with the information and ideas you present. I feel it has certainly helped improve my photography, even though much of the improvement is yet to come as I better understand elements of what you have taught. If you require any justification of your efforts in this series I hope I can provide some measure of it. I know I will refer again to the series after time, and I will gain further insight with each reading - the prospect of rounding it out with a tenth installment on "Being an Artist" has me waiting in anticipation. Should there not be another installment - by choice or circumstance - rest assured that what you have produced in the Aesthetics series is a wonderful work and well apreciated by many. My sincerest thanks.
Ashley J Gittins

Hello, Alain,
Thank you for the wonderful info and advice you provide on your website for selling photography
Barbara Graham
My compliments on a beautiful website!
Joe Miller
Dear Alain,
First let me start by complimenting you on extraordinary fine art photography and a wonderful, insightful diary for the Epson 9600.  The trick for the waste tank has help me save some money and tips here and there for new things you discover, or that reader’s tell you about have helped also.  I am curious to though, are you planning on producing a diary for the Epson 4000?  I suppose I’m one of the few lucky ones at the moment and will be getting one in a couple of days via freight out of California and I’m almost sure that everyone would love it if there were some sort of diary for that one too since it is such a vast improvement in a couple of features over the 7600/9600’s. 
John A. Hosmer
Hello Alain.....First of all thank-you for the very interesting and informative articles that you write.  I first found out about you and your web site from the Luminous_Landscape  web site of Michael Reichmann.  I haven't missed an article since the beginning of the series and hope to read #10 in the series on "Being an Artist"

I have recently retired and re-discovered photography.  Having sold all the old darkroom equipment and gone digital I must say it has been a most enjoyable experience, although my wife would say I still get too involved in it.

I have to say I never have made a portfolio of my work because I consider myself only an armature, but the experience does seem to be beneficial. So thanks once again. I really enjoy your writings and find your photography very inspiring.
John Carson    
Bobcaygeon, Ontario , Canada

Hi Alain,
I will first say thank you for the great web site and the insight you provide into Large Format Printing.  I found it invaluable in deciding to purchase a Epson 9600.  I have loved the printer but it is now leaving smudges as shown by the attachment.  This is on Arches Infinity but I have also seen it on Epson Premium Lustre.

In your spare time if you have any suggestions I would appreciate your advise, I hate wasting expensive paper.  I have adjusted the levels on this image to make the smudges easier to see. The printer is leaving linear ink smudges approximately every  5/8" along the left side of the print in a very cyclical fashion, the start at the edge of the print and go in about 1 1/2 ", these smudges are outside the image area but leave the border of the print unusable.

Thank you
Joe Mault
I have just read your article on "portfolios".   I found it inspiring.   I have been a photographer (amateur) for many years and have mostly just thrown a few photos in a case to show people ... you have brought home to me the importance of a portfolio to show my "work" ... a way to show my identity ... thankyou. I would like to read your article on "Being an Artist". Encore, Merci.
Chas James.
Ottawa.  Canada

Dear Alain,
Thanks for your reply. I just finished reading your article on portfolios which I again find very inspiring. I'm preparing myself to the job of reducing a pile of 3500 slides to a more handy amout of 500 to 1000. In that process I can do some practice in building several portfolios.Being a regular reader of your columns I very much like reading something about ''being an artist". I'm looking forward to that. I also think it will logically follow an article on personal style. So when it's up to me please continue writing as long as your are inspired.
Best regard,
Berend. Tirion

Hi Alan -
I've read everything of yours that's on luminous landscape, and especially enjoyed your comments on the digital Rebel and the R800 printer ... I admire your enjoyment of photography outside of your 4x5 mainstream.
Bill Britten

Hi Alain,
Your diary is the most valuable resource on the Epson 4000 I know of.  Thanks!
Bill Hook

Hi Alain,
yes, I would very much like to see you tenth article, "Being an Artist".I have gained much knowledge and confidence from reading your well written and inspiring articles, I am especially grateful for this last one on portfolio production, but I have gained a great deal from all of the previous articles and continue to re-read them.
Leslie Sutherlan
Thanks for an excellent article.  While I have a good understanding of exposure it is always helpful to hear how others think about it. I think I will be referring my family and friends here first when they want a lesson in exposure.

I do have one issue you should be aware of.  On my web browser (Mozilla Firefox) the images seem a bit washed out.  I have a calibrated display.  If I download them, they seem to still be in the AdobeRGB space, but Firefox is not color managed, so it displays them as sRGB effectively.  You may want to convert them to the sRGB color space before posting them. If I have this wrong, please accept my apologies for being presumptuous.
Again, my thanks for a well done article.
Larry Gebhardt


First I'd like to say how much I enjoy your articles on Luminous Landscape.  They are consistently thought provoking and informative. I just finished your article on picking the 'keepers' from many images.

An interesting personal story about having others help you choose the keepers, that reinforces the importance to me of something that you mentioned in your article.  My son, a former photo-journalist for the Army, was looking over my shoulder several weeks ago as I was reviewing a number of digital images from the Gettysburg battlefield.  Out of 100 plus images, there were about 10-12 that I liked and thought were worth doing more with.  Surprisingly my son liked more of them and in many cases preferred other images to the ones I chose.  So basically, I've come to the conclusion that I might be a reasonably good photographer but apparently not a very good critic of my own work.

One aspect of it, I think, is that the photographer is often 'too close' to the image. They remember what they were trying capture, the light, the mood, etc. and the picture in their mind just doesn't match what actually ended up from the camera, so they reject it.  However, the other viewer has no preconceived idea of what the picture should be or what the photographer was trying to do and they may be a better judge of the image.  It is very difficult for the photographer to be objective about his work - apparently that works for both good and bad.  Sorry to start rambling on.

Now several questions if you don't mind. These pertain to printing for sell and I think are probably pretty basic questions that I can't find an answer for.

When you print your fine art prints how much of a border do you use on the sheet? For example if you print 20X30 is there a 1 inch border all around the picture or does it vary by size - 1/4" on an 8X10 to 2" on a 20X30.  I'm concerned about the buyer's perceptions, etc.  Or does it even matter all that much as long as it is big enough to matte.

Is it acceptable to do a fine art print that is an 'odd' size image on a standard size paper, and that would use a standard frame, where the image would have different left/right vs. top/bottom borders? I'm thinking about a case where the paper is 20X24 for example but the image is 13X20 so that the borders are different?  This also would make the matted borders different.  To get the borders the same on all four sides would require cropping of the image or using a non-standard paper size.

When a print is matted is there a 'magic' number/formula for the width of the matte compared to the image or overall framed size?

Do you have any preferences or strong feelings about what kind of frames are best suited for most fine art prints?  I often see simple dark metal frames used that look good but there are times where a nice subdued wood frame with some color and texture might look better.

Again thanks for articles, I always look forward to them.

Keith Stape
Hi Alain,
Thanks for all the info you have provided on your Epson printer on the Outback site.  I have a question for you regarding the resetting and continued use of the tank after the printer says it is full.  How do you determine when it is really full.....that is do you wait until the ink leaks out of it, and if so, does much ink leak and will it harm the printer?   Thanks in advance for the info.
Best regards,
Bill Waterson
I appreciated your article on "Beautiful-landscape.com".  Thank you.  Also, beautiful work! Quick question that I did not see addressed in your article:   What back pack do you use/favor for your 4x5? Thank you for you time.
Bob Watson
Reno, NV
Enthusiastic amateur

Thank you for the write up on the R800 printer.
Bobb Barratt
Bonjour Alain,

Ce petit mail pour vous remercier de tout c˛ur de votre série d‚articles sur luminous-landscape. C‚est à la fois clair, précis et en même temps suffisamment suggestif pour donner à réfléchir. Being an artist ? Le titre est encourageant ! Ah, si je pouvais

Au plaisir de vous lire !
Laurent Bonherbe

Hi Alain,
I just finished enjoying your article on "Creating a Portforlio", prior to reading "How to Create a Personal Style. I am responding to your invite to let you know if I would be interested in the "Being an Artist" article--yes.

As a side note, I would love to hear your perspective on the signing of photographs.  I know some who strongly feel there should be no signature on the image, others who think it should be below the image, others on the matt, and still others say just on the back of the image. "Some" of my work has delicate textures of watercolor or oil and I don't know if these should be treated any differently.

I have started to put my "full name in Photoshop" in the image (small) as well as signing my first name on the image only, but would like to decide on a consistant method and stick with it. When you have a moment, I would greatly value your opinion.
Sincere thanks,
Breck Rothage

Hello Alain,
Just a quick note to let you know that I really enjoy your articles that appear in the Luminous Landscape. They nicely complement the other info I got from that site. It is nice to have some more insight in what goes on inside a photographer's head, consciously or subconsciously. For the same reason I also enjoyed Ansel Adam's book were he gave background information on 40 of his photographs. The amount of attention that he gave on both technical and artistical/compositional detail was really astounding, but also made it clear that it is impossible, for me at least, to emulate his style. I knew that before I read the book, but now I know why. The same probably goes for your work, that I appreciate a lot. I am thus looking forward to learning why I should not emulate your photographs as well.
Karl cottenie

Thanks so much for your articles that spur on photographers to push their abilities to the limits.  I would definitely be interested in reading an article on "being an artist".  If I may be so bold, while reading the last article on portfolios, I instantly noticed the two images of the cafe sign from your 300d in paris set.  I am wondering how you decided to keep both images that told a similar story while your portfolio was at 25 pix?  Thanks again for the time that you put into photographers like me who want to be developing; when I had just graduated from Montana State University in 1999, I started photographing weddings but knew almost nothing and the photo department had only taught us how to be artists, not businessmen.  I remember trying to ask questions from other wedding photographers who were so threatened  by me (and any new photographer) that I felt like a lamb among wolves.  (Bozeman has way to many photographers).  Thank you for what you give to us.  Secondly, I really appreciate how you include your wife in your endeavors, it is an encouragement to me to see couples who work as a team.  I seem to have lost faith in American values.
Josh Lockie

I love the Aesthetics & PHotography article series so far, and would be very interested in further analysis of the role that creativity should play for a photographer. Please carry on!
John Kenny

Hi Alain,
I will first say thank you for the great web site and the insight you provide into Large Format Printing.  I found it invaluable in deciding to purchase a Epson 9600.  I have loved the printer but it is now leaving smudges as shown by the attachment.  This is on Arches Infinity but I have also seen it on Epson Premium Lustre.

In your spare time if you have any suggestions I would appreciate your advise, I hate wasting expensive paper.  I have adjusted the levels on this image to make the smudges easier to see. The printer is leaving linear ink smudges approximately every  5/8" along the left side of the print in a very cyclical fashion, the start at the edge of the print and go in about 1 1/2 ", these smudges are outside the image area but leave the border of the print unusable.
Thank you
Joe Mault
I have really enjoyed your website over and over again.  Your photography is truly a joy to look at.  I have a question for you, you give great advice on how to store your photographs and ship them during transport to art shows.  For your unframed art, how do you protect them?  i am looking for the plastic baggie like pouches to store them in so the mattes will not get dirty.  Do yo uknow where I can order those from?
Best Regards
Jason Tench
Hello Alain and Natalie,
Thanks again for the wonderful workshop.  It exceeded my expectations. I will be in contact with you on one-on-one consulting.  I did have a question about your office furniture.  The stacked components would work well in my office, but I cannot find systems like yours online.  Could you provide for me the source for the furniture?  Thanks again and best wishes.
Best regards,
Jeff Ball

As an artist and a photographetr I am looking forward to your next article on Luminous Landscape.
Joe Bonafiglia

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on "Aesthetics and Photography" in the first five installments of your nine-part series on Luminous Landscape. I've also enjoyed reading about your experiences with the Canon 300D/Rebel in Paris since I'm a Rebel shooter myself.
Jim Donahue

Thank you very, very much for your lesson PDF!  It waswell done and well illustrated and I will certainly try your way soon as I start canvas printing. Wonderful that you wrote this...I could have used it before buying the machine! People like you keep the internet from becoming a wasteland of useless semi-information.
Thanks again,
Diane Gutierrez

Dear Alain Briot

As a frequent visitor of the Luminous Landscape website, I always enjoy your highly informative articles and that of Mr. Reichmann.

I am an amateur landscape photographer and I always use a 35mm. SLR with Provia 100F and scan it at 3200dpi.

I am considering buying a Canon Digital Rebel but examining test photographs available on the Internet from different Canon and Nikon DSLR of 6 and 8 megapixel resolution, I notice that all produce sharp and clean images of everything but vegetation foliage etc. in the background.

My 3200 dpi scans of 35mm Provia show a much more pleasant rendition of vegetation in the background in general. DSLR images show foliage in the background as a shapeless green mass in contrast to that of more geometrically simple shapes. I wanted to know your opinion in this regard because I have not read yet any article that pointed out this subject. Maybe it is just an erroneous subjective perception of mine. Thank you very much
Diego Miguel Oribe
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Thanks for putting up your articles.  I am picking up my first 4X5 view camera this month.  Your article was great.  The quote you put up about Ansel Adams saying if he took one good photo a month, put alot of things in perspective for me. Thanks for everything and really stunning work. I hope to be so good.

My name is Greg Maroney and I am an accomplished pianist with 4 (soon to be 5) CDs of contemporary solo piano music that is a good match for photographic slide shows, weddings or websites.  Would you have any interest in hearing the music to see if it would be compatible with any of your work, which is very beautiful by the way?

The music may be sampled at www.gregmaroney.com.  It is finding its way onto several photographic sites, including DWF, The Pro4um, and others, which is mutually beneficial to all.
Thank you for your time
Greg Maroney

I am looking forward to your 9th article.  In responding to you request for interest, I would also very much like to see a10th article on “Being an Artist”.  Thank you.
Jeff Haas

Hi Alain,
I'm writing in support of your next series of work on Photography as Art. I have very much enjoyed the current series and have read each article at least twice (except #9 - I've only just finished reading it the first time).

Your writings have articulated my own thoughts on photography. It is difficult to find any articles (besides yours) that deal with the thought processes behind photography, and I believe that's where many budding photographers are failing to progress beyond the "snap shot" mentality they find themselves in. They usually end up falling for the marketing hype of the advertisers instead of learning to use their minds to improve the work they currently do with the equipment they currently own.

Please keep up the good work - I await the next series eagerly (and if you ever expand these into a book, I'll be first in line!)
Graeme Hird

I have enjoyed reading your series and would also like to read "Being an Artist".  I am a teacher and a part time fine art photographer.  I will be in three galleries this year, and hope to actually start making
Brian Hanson
Dear Alain
thanks for your magnificent Landscape site.  Thanks for everything, you do to make, photography exciting for all photographers. I was really excited to read you'r review on the R 800 printer from Epsom.I immediately phoned my local distributor of Epsom products, to enquire as to when this printer would be available in Australia.
Ian Granger (Down Under)
Thank-you for sharing your knowledge and beautiful art with the community through your own web site and uwe's web site.  i have been following your postings and have learned so much from them in the last several years.  kind regards,
Hung vo
I read with interest your report on the gitzo 2227 tripod and head.  A very well written and informative report. I am currently looking at purchasing a new tripod.  I have culled the selection to the 2226, 228 or a manfrotto. I was wondering if you are still happy with your 2227 investment?  Have you become used to the side leg adjustments not have an auto click when you initially open them?  I like the separate leg with 2227 and the ability to place the camera in positions that are impossible with a normal type tripod. Any problems with your 2227?
Thanks for your time................Iain
Iain D. Williams
Hi Alain,

Thanks so much for your 9600 Diary work - you have shared terrific information that has helped me and many others I am sure. I really appreciate your efforts. I am ready to explore the Epson PremierArt Canvas and would like to get your pdf concerning stretching/framing. Also, have you confirmed the Rüdiger ink change method? I will be ready to attempt it when my canvas roll arrives.
Harris Welles

just to say I loved your Aesthetics Series Article. It help me a lot
Regards to you and your family
Tecnologia da Informação

Hi Alain,

Just read your article on the "Creation of a Personal Portfolio". Excellent, lots of great suggestions and insights. I think the topic "Being an Artist" would be well received. There appears to be a lot of focus these days on the hardware. Especially the endless discussions on digital and what lenses are optimum, etc, etc, etc ..., the best resolution down to the minute pixel detail. There are any number of exceptional photographs whose work will stand the test of time. All of them express to me on thing in common which makes them exceptional, a pure expression of their unique artistic temperament and visual sense.
Love your work ...
Dear Alain,
Please continue the series of articles to include “Being and Artist”. I have learned a great deal from your insights of  the profession, the contributions you make are simply brilliant.Warm Regards,
Dave McCracken MSM CD

I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the invaluable resource that your 9600 diary provided me.  I just bought a 9600, and could not have asked for a better jump-start than your diary.  I really appreciate it.  I also think that your portfolio is quite good.
David Glick

You have done some wonderful work.  Having looked through your portfolios, I am especially impressed with your work in Canyon de Chelly and Monument Valley.

BTW, I also just finished reading your Sixth Part on Exposure on the Luminous Landscape and found it very informative.  I am going to have to find the previous five parts to the series.  After reading part 6, I was then able to see how you were able to apply your lighting techniques to some of the extremely difficult subjects in your own photographs.  As a photographer of 40 years, I could see full well the wonderful results you were able to achieve.

Keep up the great work.
David Hankinson Photography
Salut Alain,
I've just finished reading your latest article on the Luminous Landscape and wanted firstly to say how much I enjoy reading your articles.

I'd also like to say that yes, I'd love to see an article about Being an Artist, and look forward to reading one on the Luminous Landscape in the future.

Please continue with the good work you do (in both senses of the expression).
Best regards,
David Peart
Earthlight Photography

I've just read your latest article on defining a peronsal style (I wrote to you last year in response to your request for encouragement for the article), and wanted to say thank you for writing such a pertinent and in-depth article on subjects which I have often found difficult to obtain literature on.  For a struggling photographer like me, this kind of thing is invaluable; some of the things you mentioned I am already doing while some are fresh ideas, but on the whole the effect is that of someone throwing on a light while you are groping around in a dark passage trying to find the way forward.
Best regards,
David Peart
Earthlight Photography
Mr. Briot,
I just finished reading your article online titled, "How to Establish a Personal Style."  I thought your article was very well written, clear, and thought provoking.  It showed a great amount of thoughtfulness and personal reflection on your part.  I found it to be one of the most helpful things I have ever read about photography.   Your providing information of this kind is truly a great service for those of us who have passion for the natural world and photographing it.  Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge and expertise in this way.
Best wishes,
Dean Pennala
Bonjour Alain.
D'abord un grand bravo pour votre travail photographique, simplement merveilleux. Je possède depuis peu une imprimante Epson R800. Je recherche les profils ICC pour les papiers Epson pour cette imprimante. Ils ne sont pas installés par le "driver" français pour Windows XP. J'ai essayé, en vain d'installer le drenier "driver" US, et le support d'Epson France ne me donne pas de solution !!!! Est-il possible pour vous de m'envoyer par email ses ICC ?
Jean-Luc Douvillez
Journaliste Reporteur d'Images à TF1
I just wanted to pass along my thanks for your piece on "How to Create Portfolio of Your Work". I am applying for my MFA in Photography next semester and I have been trying to find the right information on how to construct a good portfolio.  Your instructions and advice were priceless.  Thank you very much for taking the time to write the article.  I find your work fascinating and moving.  Thank you again.
Edward F. Ward III
Alain: I enjoyed your article on creating a portfolio and found it very helpful in my present endeavor of beginning to show my work. In answer to your que
Eric Levin
Montclair, NJ

Hi Alain,
Just a quick but big thank you for your instructions on the maintenance tank resetting (and all your invaluable resources and tips). A wet Sunday afternoon here in Ireland and I ran into the curious problem of 'maintenance tank almost full' which I didn't even know existed! Where was I going to get a new tank on a Sunday if it filled up and how was I going to finish a backlog of prints that day if my epson was going to refuse to work?! Within minutes of looking up what to do on the net, I came across your brilliant resources diary and you saved the day. Thank you so much! I will now endeavour to read everything that you've posted and make giant leaps in my understanding of the problems associated with printing with an epson.
Thanks again,
Gerry fegan
Hi Alain,
I've just read Part 8 of "Aesthetics and Photography" and I've found it very interesting. I'm a non-professional photographer and your article gave me some ideas on a portfolio I'm preparingas a resume of the last 2-3 years of work (which can be seen at http://www.usefilm.com/photographer/14107.html

Besides that I want to express sincere congratulations for your art-work : your landscape works are remarkable and fascinating and I often check your site to see new works and get some inspiration.

Anyway, count me in for the "Being an Artist" article ; it is definitely something I would like to read.
Best Regards,
Giovanni Allievi

Alain, this is just a short fan email to thank you for your always thoughtful writing on photography.  I always learn from whatever you write, as well as looking at your images.  It is very helpful to look into the thought processes of another photographer, especially when you have, as I have, been taking photos for over 60 years, and still learning each day. I hope to be able to share some of your ideas with some high school students I expect to be teaching this Fall.

I particularly enjoy your careful, logical writing, which is just as skilful and thoughtful as your images.  I hope someday to meet you and to take one of your courses or workshops.  Please keep it up, you are a real inspiration to us photographers with lesser skills than your finely honed ones.  Your images are marvelous and your writing is most helpful.  Thanks.

G. Gervaise (Gerry) Davis III, Esq.
I still think a lot about your comments on aesthetics. In my mind that is the central theme around which the rest of photography revolves.
Byron Jorjorian, 2004 Digital Fine Art Summit participant

A Google search on selling photographs led me to your articles...and now I am eagerly awaiting receipt of your Marketing CD, so that I can learn from your knowledge and experience!  
Dave Sacher in Colorado

I've just discovered your great article on Luminous Landscape
I live in Sydney, Australia and shoot 4x5 / 6x12. I am able to buy the PrintFile transparent filing pages here, but no-one in Sydney stocks a suitable archival binder for them. I've tried to find (Google) the Bestfile film binders shown in your article in the US so I can buy them directly, but no luck.
I would be grateful if you could point me to the supplier of your Bestfile binders.
Thanks for the wonderful articles, and of course the fabulous photography!
Leigh Perry

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I found your recent "A Rebel in Paris" article on <http://www.luminous-landscape.com>www.luminous-landscape.com to be most enjoyable. I especially enjoyed the section of your article dealing with RAW conversion software. I, too, am a satisifed user of Capture One SE and cannot imagine returning to PS Camera Raw, at least in its current form. You mentioned the need to use dedicated noise removal software in extreme cases. I agree. You may want to check out NoiseNinja from PictureCode software (<http://www.picturecode.com>www.picturecode.com). I've used it for several months and am convinced that it does the best job of the utilities that I've tried.

Although I'm back in the States now (Tampa FL), I've spent most of the last 6 years living in various parts of Western Europe, primarily in London and Brussels. During that time, I was fortunate to visit Paris over 20 times. Seeing your shots of that lovely city makes me want to return many more times! Without question it's my favorite city in the world.
Thanks again for a wonderful article.

All the best,
Kirk McCain

Hi Alain,

I 've admired your photos for some time now and often visit your website to see what's new. Here's a photo I snapped today during a light rain outside of Provincetown. The snow on the dunes almost looks like a watercolor. My camera is a Panasonic Lumix dmcfz20k, with a 12x, f2.8 Leica lens. Please tell me if the Epson R-800 is still  your favorite photo printer?
A bientot!
Dave Doolittle

Many thanks Alain.
Please let me say how much I appreciate your essays, Luminous Landscape Video appearances (more please!) and, of course, the wonderful images that you make.
Best regards,

I'm in love with France, and with digital photography.  My trips there are as follows; France 1999 with a Kodak DCS240 Zoom 1.3mp, France 2000 with a Nikon CP950, France 2001 with a Nikon CP990 and France 2003 with a Nikon CP5700.  Finally having had enough of digital noise and the lack of focus I've just purchased a Canon 300D and am already in the early planning stages of France 2004 (asuming the Euro doesn't kill me).  Your observations about the Digital Rebel in the field (my kind of field) are of keen interest to me.  Keep going!  I'll stay tuned.
Jack Joseph Jr.

Thanks for your great review. It was very helpful in helping me make my
decision. I had consistently dismissed the Epson C80 printer before reading your article.
... I can't thank you enough for the advice on optimal settings. You saved me a ton of time (and wasted prints).
Jace Mouse
via email

I enjoyed your review of the C80, as I saw a reference to it in the Digital
Photography Review. I was interested in creating archival prints of my book
covers, and thought that Giclee or the Epson 2000P was my only choice. Now I
have taken a serious step back to look at the C80. (. . .)

I've been a book cover artist for over 22 years (Stephen King, Dean Koontz,
Shirley MacLaine, etc) and had been a traditional painter for about the first
18 years. Now it has all gone digital, and I am quite frankly in creative
heaven. Photoshop, etc has allowed me to mimic my traditional style, while
taking everything up a few notches.
Like the ArtGod gave me a new brush that he had been holding out on all those

I've included a recent cover for Dean Koontz, along with my website address
Tom Hallman
via email

Thank you for your article on the C80 and ColorLife paper and for your insights.
Harry M. Kachline
via email

Based on your Luminous Landscape review, I purchased an Epson C80 this Christmas. The best prints have been with Archival Matte Paper, they appear three dimentional and`ave texture. I finally understand what you and Michael have been trying to tell us. Its just hard to believe it only costs $150. Thank you for a great review!
Paul Kerfoot
via email

I just wanted to thank you for thegreat review you did on the Epson C80 printer. As a
result of your article, my wife gave me a C80 forChristmas. I used your suggestions to optimize my prints, with excellent results. Thanks again fortaking the time to share your thoughts in the form of such a thorough review.
P.S. As an amateur photographer, I have really admired some of your landscape work!
Mike Meffert
via email

I have just read Alain Briot's article on White Sands. I
love the play by play so to speak. It is very interesting
seeing the progression of the photographs and the supporting

I was also shooting 4x5 in White Sands a day in late October
and found the light fascinating. Colors change rapidly on
the dunes. While I keep a voice log as I shoot I have not
yet compiled and written the notes and processed all the
scans. This has given me a bit of a kick in the pants to get
it done...

I have seen Alain's work in person while at the Grand Canyon
early last November and was quite impressed. He and his wife
are very nice people also.
Nice job Alain.
Daniel Sayre
via email

Your info on the web is great, thanks.
Robert Lyon
Bethany, CT
via email

I recently purchased an Epson C80 and followed your advice on printing a better picture from it. You were right about adjusting the color balance in Photoshop. After applying the new units of blue, the pictures came out stunning. Thank you!
Bill Blanchard
via email

Many thanks for the advice you passed my way!
Reuben Siuda
West Yorkshire
via email

I have a desire to sell my photographs. However, all articles I could find on the internet seemed to focus on stock photography which is well out of my reach and not what I really want to do. Then I discovered your excellent article on the Luminous Landscape site.
You are the best point of contact I have found for my enquiries.
Darren Travers
via email

I appreciate the insightful email you sent me about selling prints wholesale. It is nice to have help from someone who has already tried different options and knows what works.
I know you are busy and I think that it shows great integrity of character to take time to help someone you don't even know.
Thanks Again,
via email

Thank you for this fantastic information, it's going to be so helpful for me. You've really opened my eyes to alot of truth, particularly as it regards to the 'consignment' process. I had not even considered all of the problems that you pointed out to me... I'm going to study what you've written me and apply it. You've given me a ton of great info!
Steve Sears
over email

Only an artist such as yourself can create a photograph that looks like a painting...
John Bermeister
via email

Comments about the article"Remembrance of George Mancuso:"

On Michael Reichmann's site - one of the finest tributes to a friend I have ever read.
You did write it well and I understand what you mean.

Thanks for sharing it.

Craig Forrest
Sleepy Hollow Studio
Cullowhee, NC
over email

Words escape me. Your tribute George Lamont Mancusa was moving and inspiring. You are not
only a talented photographer, but a gifted wordsmith too.
Jim Bianchi
over email

Incredible story about George... excellent prose. I bet there is very few
fields that generate the passion that Landscape photographers have...
over email

6-Unsolicited Testimonials from editors and publishers:

Alain Briot is one of the most successful landscape photographers working in the American Southwest today. His work is widely exhibited and collected.
Michael Reichman
Ontario, Canada
Publisher of the Luminous Landscape Video Journal and of Luminous-Landscape.com

"Thank you for the opportunity to use your unique artwork on our Sunshine Artist August '96 cover. As you can see, the results are outstanding. We are extremely pleased - and hope you are, too."
Karen Wheeler
Production and Art Director
Sunshine Artist Magazine,
Winter Park, FL

"Thank you for helping us celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the lakeshore. We wanted the summer guest lecture series to reflect the diversity of isssues and events that have affected the founding and functioning of the lakeshore. Your presentation contributed to this goal.

A part of our mission is to convey to the public the beauty and history of the lakeshore. We cannot do this alone; we need the help of talented artists like yourself. Your presentation showcased the park's features as well as describing the complexity of your technique...I hope that we may call on you in the future."
Alford J. Banta
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Bayfield, WI

"You have made a lasting contribution to our program by expanding the ways we see things- and the ways we think about what we see. As a former NPS historian, I personally appreciate the expressiveness of your historical images - and their inseparability from the natural world...we hope that you will remain a vital member of the growing circle of creative spirits enriched by - and continuing to enrich - the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore."
Kathleen L. Miller
Chief, Resource Education
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Bayfield, WI

"I can happily report that we were unanimous in selecting your entry as this year's winner...we were impressed by several factors. First your selections were all made in ideal lighting conditions, not an easy task to accomplish in the Coso. Second, the photographs are technically excellent...Third, we were impressed with your techniques and essay and felt they embodied the best of advancing science and art....Again, the science aspect of the entries was as strong as the art quality....Finally, they are beautifulphotographs....Congratulations...We thought your essay was an invaluable component of your entry."
Bill Hyder
American Roch Art Research Assotiation (ARARA ) President

"This portfolio, which consists of 12 matted photographs, an essay, and a CD ROM, won the 1998 ARARA Olive Award for photography. It is my hope that this project will serve as model for others who would wish to complete a similar project. I also hope that it will help researchers in their study of the rock art in Little Petroglyph Canyon."
American Indian Rock Art, Volume 25
Steven M. Freers,
Editor of American Rock Art Volume
American Rock Art Research Association, 1999
pp. 203-212

"For photographer Alain Briot, serving two masters-art and science - comes naturally. While traveling the American West in search of memorable landscapes to shoot, he became enthralled with the striking images carved and painted on stone by the first inhabitants of this land. But often these rock art images are faint and difficult to capture on film. So Briot turned to digital technology to enhance these photographs, which allows him to express himself artistically while preserving the authenticity of the images for scientific analysis."
David Pope
Photo District News
PDN’s pix volume 4
December/January 1999
pp. 16-18

Kodak offerered the use of the DCS 560-a feild camera. "We asked Alain Briot, a professional landscape photographer, to put Kodak's new digital camera through its paces. This was the first time he shot a digital camera...Once he got used to the camera, it captured some amazing photos."
Tom McMillan
Electronic Publishing, February 1999,
p. 4

"Artists seek residencies for time and distance--time to be immersed in their art, distance from a world of distractions. They hope to go someplace that renews their spirit, their vision, their dedication to their art."
Robert Root
The Island Within Us: Artists on Isle Royale
June 2000

"Thanks you for your wonderful submissions to this book. It has become a showcase for some of the finest art in America. We are pleased you a part of it."
Mary Ann Beckwith, author
Step by Step Watercolor
Hancock, MI

"Thank you so much for coming to our art event. It was so good to see you."
Heidi Vogeney,
burlNAU Phoenix Alumni Chapter President
Mesa, AZ

There's an old old saying in photography that, "the apprentice photographs the subject while the master photographs the light". A wonderful new article by well-known landscape photographer and contributor Alain Briot, titled ‘Seeing The Light,’ illustrates how true this is. Alain's passion for light is clear both from his photographs as well as his prose.
Michael Reichman
Ontario, Canada
Publisher of the Luminous Landscape Video Journal and of Luminous-Landscape.com

6-Unsolicited Testimonials from website visitors:

Your website and photos are stunning.
Bob Garcia
Sacramento, CA
via email

Your " Bathed In Light " photograph is the best of Antelope Canyon I have seen.
Mike A Anich
via email

Thank you so much for your highly informative web pages and
outstanding photographs !
Ken Lee
via email

I really like your website and pictures.
Gene Mace
via email

I am very, very glad I found your website. I do want to buy at least one of your photos. I, too, find deep pleasure in landscapes, particularly those with water and sunshine. Thank you for sharing your talent and time with me. Please send me your newsletter.
Hortensia Gooding
via email

I spend a lot of time on the web, both designing sites and just surfing for pleasure and I wanted to tell you that I've never been so affected by the sheer beauty of any site and its content as I have been today by yours and its awe-inspiring photographs! My wife is calling me to dinner now, but I will surely return and tell my family and friends of your wonderful work!

"Merci mille fois" for brightening my day and my life!
Dave Doolittle
Cape Cod, MA
via email

What a beautiful site you have and what a treat to see the Grand Canyon from your camera's eye. It was breath-taking! I have always wanted to visit the canyon and this makes me more determined than ever to visit there before I leave this earth.
Thank you very much,
I’ve been visiting both Luminous Landscape and your own website for a little over a year now and I want to take a moment to tell you how impressive and inspiring I have found your work. I have been equally impressed with your willingness to show the rest of us some of the things “behind” the work you produce.
I am just “serious” amateur photographer, my day job as an active duty Army officer fills most of my time, but I take my “hobby” as seriously as some other do their day jobs because of the release it provides me and the opportunity to express a creative side most don’t get to see. I’ve taken and printed a number of my photos to give to friends and family as gifts which they have all enjoyed and shared with others. Most recently I’ve followed the series on creating a portfolio of your work and it inspired me to produce a small portfolio of my photos to give to family members as a Christmas gift this year.

Again, I just wanted to say thank you and I look forward to the day I have time to participate in one of you workshops and meet you personally. Until then, I’ll settle for following you on the web.
MAJ Scott Watson