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Johnny Eades

Daniel Rice

Allen Lenth

John Adler


Robert Cook

Jason Keefe

Chris Sandberg

Bob Fields

Susan Silberberg

Max Hertelendy

Peter Puna

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2 - Having your work reviewed

If you want your work reviewed, just email me the photograph you want me to review as a jpeg 1000 pixels wide or tall maximum size.
This is all I need to see the composition, colors, contrast, etc.

I just listened to your review of the photograph by Jason Keefe and you did a wonderful job explaining the important things to consider, aspects that create a stronger composition, a stronger image and what to think of when photographing in the field. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, making them easily accessible and free.

I think you have hit on an approach to coaching photographers that is interesting and valuable. Your open reviews are going to be very popular for photographers that want to improve their results.

Tom Hill


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