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Latest News:

December 18th
Free updates were posted to the Mastery Workshops on DVD Owners Updates Site today.

Be sure that you are registered as an owner and that all your Mastery Workshops on DVD are listed on your account. If you are not sure, or if you have not registered yet, here is the link to the Mastery Workshops on DVD site:

December 9th
Our Holiday 2014 Special Offers are announced today. There are three different offers with no limits on quantity. The only limit we placed is that they will end unexpectedly.

December 8th

Our Holiday 2014 Special Offers will be announced tomorrow. Stay tuned for some exciting news on this page.

December 6th
Today we are proud to announce a new Limited Edition print collection: The Alain Briot Print of the Season Collection.

The 2014 Holiday Print of the Season is titled Comb Ridge Sunset.

This print is only offered during the 2014 Holiday Season. Availability ends on December 31st or when all 14 prints are sold, whichever comes first.

The edition is limited to 14 prints to celebrate 2014. There will be 15 prints in 2015, 16 in 2016 and so on.

December 2nd
Today this page features a photograph taken a one of the locations we visited during the Vision Field Workshops following the 2014 Arches and Canyonlands Fine Art Photography Summit that took place in Moab, Utah.

We will be announcing the 2015 Summit soon. If you want to be on the pre-announcement list just email us at The 2015 Summit is already partially full from 2014 participants who decided to join us again next year. You can still have a seat but we recommend you act now.

December 1st
The December Print of the Month is available at this link.

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November 16th
We just returned from Moab after teaching the Fine Art Summit with Vincent Versace and teaching the Vision Field workshops afterwards. This yearly event, now in its 14th year, was a huge success and we say 'thank you' to all who attended and who helped make it a fantastic Summit.

Next year Summit will be in Death Valley and our guest presenter will be Jeff Schewe. Currently registration is opened only to previous Summit participants. If you attended a Summit in the past and want to join us next year, or if you have not yet attended but want to know more about this unique yearly event, email me at and I will send you information right away or add you to the pre-announcement list.

Vincent Versace presenting during the Fine Art Summit

November 5th
The November Print of the Month is available at this link.

November 4th
A new online gallery focused on Bristlecone Pines with a very focused visionary approach is now available at this link.

I will be discussing the vision behind this series of images at the Fine Art Photography Summit in Moab which starts on Friday. Fine Art Prints of some of these images will be on display.

October 20th
New portfolios were created and new images were added to existing online portfolios today:
- Blackstone Cooking Classes
- Blackstone Painting Class
- Blackstone
- Cars 2014
- Las Vegas
- Workshops and Consulting 2014
- Polaroid Museum

These are being added throughout the day so depending on when you see this post you may or may not see all the galleries yet. If not, just come back later on today.

October 12th
We received a cancellation today for both the Summit and the 3 day field workshop following the Summit. The Summit dates are November 7-10, 2014 and the Photographic Vision Field workshop is November 11-13, 2014. Grab it now if it has your name on it! This opening will sell out fast!

October 10th
We just returned from teaching the Eastern Sierra Workshop last night after a couple of days in Las Vegas for R&R. I will have photographs from the workshop on this page and on the Workshop Participants page soon.

In the meantime a new online gallery is available: the Polaroid Fotobar and Museum gallery.

October 2nd

The October Print of the Month is available.

September 25th
The Spring 2015 Southern Arizona Workshop is sold out. We still have a few open seats in the Navajoland and Antelope Canyon Workshops but we expect these to be sold out very soon as well.

September 24th
We just returned from teaching the Fall 2014 Little Known Navajoland Workshop. The photograph above was taken while we followed the weather pattern in search of photographic opportunities. This workshop was announced privately. If you want to be on the announcement list be sure to read my description of out Little Known Workshops here.

September 12th

Introducing the Little Known Workshops Series. Click here for details.

September 8th
It rained all night and until 9am and this motivated me to create a series of rain Fish Eye images. The first one is featured on this page. The others will be featured here as well as on the Fish Eye Portfolio page.

September 2nd

I was interviewed by Tim Anderson For the first issue of Shadow and LIght, Tim's new magazine.
You can download my interview in pdf format by clicking here.

You can get your free copy of Shadow and Light at this link.

September 1st
The September Print of the Month is available for order with $200 off.

August 29th
A new photograph is featured on this page. This image is from one of the locations we will photograph during the 2015 Antelope Canyon Workshop.

Also, we only have one seat for the 2015 Southern Arizona Workshop. Our other workshops are also filling out quickly. If one of them has your name on it don't wait to register to avoid disappointment.

Just released: the Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB card

August 19th
Uwe Steinmueller, with whom I worked with for many years, passed away of a heart attack on August 8th. My tribute to him was published today on at

A forum thread is also available on Luminous-landscape if you with to leave a testimony to his memory.

Uwe was a close friend as well as a respected photographer, instructor, writer, reviewer and publisher. He will be missed.

August 15th

The Essays Page was updated and each essay was updated as well. If you have not taken a look at this page in some time take a look now. There are 157 free essays available on a wide variety of subjects related to fine art porphyry. Simply click here to visit this page now.

August 5th
The Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD / USB card is available. If you are on the Pre-Announcement list a private announcement was emailed to you earlier today. Orders are shipped in the order they are received. We have a huge turnout so be sure to place your order asap.

A special offer is available at this link. This is a limited time special offer and given the volume of orders it may not be available long so don't delay! Thank you for your understanding.

August 1st
Print of the Month.
The August Print of the month is available for order. This is the 137th Fine Art Print in the Print of the Month Collection.

Mastery Workshops on DVD Summer 2014 Special Offer

Save 20% to 40% over regular prices

August 1st
Giving Back.
Today Michael Reichmann launches the Luminous Endowment for photographers for which I am one of the judges. Find out all the details here:

July 30th
We are putting the final touches to the Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD. We plan to officially announce it and start shipping either this week or next week. If you have not joined the pre-announcement list yet you can still do so by emailing me at We will have a special offer for 20% and more when it is released.

You can see a pre-release description of this new tutorial at this link.

And you can read excerpts from my story at this link. My entire story is featured in the Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD in the context of my body of work. The reasons why your story is important are explained on the DVD.

July 21st
We are getting ready to send invitations for a new workshop: The Little Known Grand Canyon Monsoons 2015. This workshop is by invitation only and open to half the number of participants in our regular workshops. If you are interested email us at

There are only 6 seats total and several are already pre-sold. This workshop will not be announced publicly on my website. The link will only be sent privately.

Also be sure to take a look at my new Grand Canyon Online Portfolio.

Update: Sold out in 4 hours after being announced. You can sign up for the waitlist by emailing me at

July 18th
A new photo in the 'We all start somewhere' series is being published today on this page. A detailed caption for this image is available on the My Story page at this link.

July 14th

Our workshop listing is available by clicking here.

Our student ratio is 1 to 6. Our focus is on helping you refine your skills with the goal of acquiring a personal style and a personal vision. To this end we focus on both the artistic and the technical aspects of photography. Each workshop has a specific focus which is outlined in the workshop description.

July 13th
New story entry

July 4th
Declare your independence from other people 's vision! Express yourself and create photographs that show what you feel. In July 1995 I declared my independence from Academia and from being the instrument of someone else's vision. I never looked back. Happy 4th of July!

I now have a page featuring the pieces of my story published so far. You can see it at this link.

July 1st
Yesterday I posted a photograph of our life in Chinle, Arizona. This is part of our story. As I said I will have more about our story here in the coming weeks.

What is your story? Knowing and telling your story is important because it contains your vision for what you want to achieve in your photography. This is one of the many things I teach in my new Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD. Focusing my work and my life on my vision has changed my life and my work. It can change yours too.

July Print of the Month

June 30th
New front page photograph: We all start somewhere. This is where Natalie and I lived and the truck we drove when we started our photography business on the Navajo Reservation in Chinle, Canyon de Chelly, in 1998. We call it 'la boheme' in French. I will have more posts about our story and how my vision developed over the years.

Personal Vision Mastery Workshop update:
the recordings for the Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD have now been completed. I am now at the editing stage. I expect this new tutorial to be available in mid-july. If you have not added your name to the pre-announcement list email me with at with the words Vision Mastery in the subject line. You will be immediately added to the pre-announcement list and you will receive special offers when this new tutorial is released.

A pre-announcement description is available at this link.

June 7th
The Summer 2014 Mastery Workshops on DVD Special Offer starts today. Save 20% and more by ordering one or several Mastery Workshops on DVD tutorials during this offer.

All the details are at this link.

June 6th
An update to Part 2 of the Personal Style Master Class workshop on DVD was posted to the Mastery DVD updates site today. This update (v2.1) replaces the previous update (v2.0) by adding new files not previously available. If you downloaded v2.0 previously you will need to download v2.1 to get the new files. You can do so at the Mastery Workshops on DVD update site at this link.

If you do not own this Mastery Workshop on DVD, or other Mastery Workshops on DVD, you can see the entire collection on the Summer 2014 Mastery DVDs Special Offer Page

Personal Vision Mastery DVD update
I am hard at work on a new Mastery Workshop on DVD: The Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD. This is the 7th Mastery Workshop on DVD. You can read a description and see the pre-release table of contents here. This tutorial is the logical continuation of the Personal Style Mastery Workshop on DVD.

A pre-registration list for the upcoming Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD is available. Getting on this list is simple and carries no obligation: simply email me with at with the words Vision Mastery in the subject line. You will be immediately added to the pre-announcement list and you will receive updates and special offers when this new tutorial is released.

New Book and eBook


New essays and reviews

Limited Time Special Offer:
2014 Fine Art Summit

June 2nd
The June Print of the Month is available. You can see which print I selected for June 2014 at this link and place your order.

Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD:

Click here to see the contents of the New Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD
and to download the FREE table of contents eBook

Download the FREE Fine Art Photography Top 16 Free monitor wallpaper
My Fine Art Photography Top 16 is now available as a wallpaper for your computer monitor or iPad. This free download comes in 7 different monitor resolutions (from 30" to 12"), plus iPad resolution (1024x768). It is available in English and in French. Below is a small jpeg of this wallpaper. You can download it now at this link.

Recent Testimonials:

I just wanted to let you know that I am very much enjoying the Mastery DVD training videos which are truly excellent and well worth the investment. The workflow is comprehensive and logical and all the little tips are invaluable.The more of the DVD's that I see the more I am enjoying them and the more I get out of them. I am very surprised at how much really useful information and great tips that I am getting out of them.

Too many training videos focus on the "how".......move this slider to the right etc, rather than on the "why". Your comments on adjusting colour by adding and subtracting other colours are really great and not something I have come across before, but they really make sense and make understanding the whole process much simpler.

David Fordham, Australia

I wanted to give you feedback for the Layers Mastery DVD.

Most striking was the way your images came across through the videos.

I was able to follow the optimization, look at them for a long time, and see the final glow of a masterfile. Subjects like black point, RUSM, and selective color took several videos for me to grasps.

Because you do them several different ways and for several different reason it required 10-20 photos for me to fully understand their goal. I was glad you explained it with so much depth.

I am most interested in your comments on selective color and color theory. I was glad you went into detail on the DVDs. I was inspired to continue learning this topic. I was also able to dramatically improve the quality of my prints which is what I wanted to get out of the dvd. I did several before and after prints.

Forest Naujock,
Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD owner

I'm working my way through the DVD--just finished half of it--and had to tell you how delighted I am with it. I relate to your practical and aesthetic approach so completely!

It's helped me with my understanding already, and your delightful accent is an added bonus. The illustration are great and a huge help. Thanks for this!

Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD owner

I am enjoying the new layers DVD very much . I think this is a fabulous product and the information is very valuable. For me, perhaps the most valuable part is the discussions of the master files.

Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD owner

Thank you very much for putting so much of your knowledge into a form
that we can all learn from.

Your Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD has not only taught me a lot about marketing,
it has also inspired me to try even harder to sell my work.

I am excited about holding my own exhibits in the near future!

Peter Ahrens, Australia

Of all the photography workshops and classes I've attended, the Route 66 experience opened the door to unexpected forms of creativity.  

I am very happy with the images I produced on that trip.  In fact, I ended up with more interesting images from that workshop than from any other.  

Thanks again!

Joel Geffen

I am still on a high from my wonderful time with both of you. 
It was very, very special to be with you in the Navajo country.

Ginny, Colorado

Summit 2010 and Vision Field Workshop participant

I am about half way through your new book and very impressed. 
You have done a great job with it and I am finding the concepts very helpful.
Thank you for writing such a great book.  I am really enjoying it. 
Your photo of the stars rotating around Polaris is wonderful.


The Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD has helped me excel my work in a way that no other book,
tutorial (NAPP member) or seminar has. Your down-to-earth teaching style and your willingness
to share your techniques is unmatched in this business.

Thank you Sincerely

David Wolfe

Marketing Fine Art Photography is The Best photography business book
I have EVER read!

I'll make this short: if you are a student, an emerging or a professional photographer just wanting to improve your bottom line, read this book. The author is personable and helpful and the text is enjoyable.

Christine Goldbeck, Middletown, PA

Although I do not envision selling my work anytime in the near future I bought Marketing Fine Art Photography figuring there would be some useful info that I could apply in the workplace somehow (personal brand, etc).

I have so far read Part 1 & Part 2 (Chapters 1-8) and I can say that the book is more than I expected (not that I have low expectations for any book from Alain based on all the previous ones).

I found that these first 8 chapters contain much information that causes me to think differently about my work and artistry in general and gives me energy to do some different things in the future. Good stuff Alain!

John Motzi, Downingtown, PA

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