Business Suitability Test

Do you enjoy the Following, Yes or No:
(Answers to this test are on the next page)

– People who tell you how beautiful your work is and then buy nothing: Yes I love it or No it sucks (pick one).

– People who say ‘they’ll be back’ but never come back: Yes or No.

– Being skunked (means having a day with zero sales in case you are not familiar with the expression): Yes or No.

– Not being able to pay for your show fees because your sales are pitiful: Yes or No.

– Not being able to pay for printing, matting, framing or other supplies for the same reason: Yes or No.

– Having anxiety at the thought of doing your next show: Yes or No.

– Waiting all day for a customer to buy something, anything: Yes or No.

– Having to be all things to all people including things that you find insulting: Yes or No.

– Paying fees to do an art show that is so bad you wish it would end right now and put an end to your misery: Yes or No.

– Feeling cheated after you made a sale because you did not ask enough money : Yes or No.

– Knowing your prices are too low but being afraid to raise them for fear you will lose the few lousy sales you are still making: Yes or No.

– Dealing with ‘Tire-Kickers’ who buy nothing but spend hours in your booth asking stupid questions, bugging you and wasting your time: Yes or No.

– Waiting behind your computer day after day after day for a sales notification that never comes: Yes or No.

– Spending lots of time and money making the most fantastic web site only to have zero sales: Yes or No.

– Wondering why people that have horrible photographs sell their work like crazy while no one buys your beautiful Fine Art Images: Yes or No.

Test results
If you answered NO to any or all of these questions you absolutely need to attend the 2018 Alain Briot Marketing Success Seminar. We will teach you how to put an end to the frustration, how to prevent ‘tire-kickers’ from wasting your time, and how to make real money with the sale of your work. This will be a life changing experience that will take you from being frustrated and depressed to being content and satisfied. You will learn how to become a winner and how to take control of your destiny. Life will be great!

Here is the solution to all your problems:

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions you have absolutely no need whatsoever to attend the 2018 Alain Briot Marketing Success Seminar. It will not do you any good because you are just fine. In fact the seminar will annoy you because it will force you to make changes that will stop you from experiencing the things you love so much.  So continue enjoying your relationship with customers while we make sale after sale after sale. We’ll be thinking of you on our way to the bank ! Oh and a big Thank You for not joining the ranks of our competitors.  The last thing we need is another artist who has learned how to make money selling their work!

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