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Summer 2014 Mastery DVDs Special Offer

June 9, 2014 Art, Composition, Marketing, Workshops No Comments
I am pleased to announce the Summer 2014 Mastery Workshops on DVD Special Offer:


You can also learn about the upcoming Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD here. This upcoming tutorial is the continuation of the Personal Style Mastery Workshop on on DVD

This limited time offer  saves you 20% or more off the regular pricing of the Mastery Workshops on DVD tutorials series.This offer applies to the following Mastery DVD photography tutorials:

1 – Adjustment Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD
2 – Introductory Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD
3 – Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD
4 – Composition Mastery Workshop on DVD
5 – Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD
6 – Personal Style Mastery Workshop on DVD
7 – Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD

The detailed description of all 7 Mastery Workshops on DVDs, with the unique benefit offered by each, is available at this link: http://beautiful-landscape.com/Articles-DVDs-Collection-2014.html


The Mastery Workshop tutorials are also available on USB Flash Drives, and you can pay in three installments if you like. Just let us know if you want to use these options.

800-949-7983 (US and Canada)
928-252-2466 (International)

Best regards,

Alain and Natalie

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