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June 24th
We have a few seats left for the Zion Summit but the Summit Vision field workshop is sold out. if you want to do both what you need to do is register for the Summit first, then ask to be added to the Vision field workshop waitlist. We often have cancellations so your chances of getting in are good. Detailed info is on the Zion Summit Page.

June 23rd
New podcast available: What is Art-Part 1?

In part one of this episode Alain and Natalie talk about what is art using a list of 17 art definitions written by Natalie's Navajo students. Part one covers definitions one to seven. After reading each definition Alain and Natalie talk about what they mean to them, how they relate to them, and what they make them think of. You can listen to this episode now here.

June 20th

Only 2 seats left for the 2018 Death Valley Workshop.

We also have one opening for the Little Known Northern Navajoland workshop this fall, due to a cancellation. If you want to join us email me atalain@beautiful-landscape. You can also learn more about our Little Known workshops at this link.

June 18th

We have only 3 seats left for the 2018 Death Valley Workshop. If you are considering attending this is decision time because these will not last long. All the details are on the Death Valley Workshop Page.

The photograph featured on this page today was taken during our just-completed Little Known Eastern Navajoland Workshop. LIttle Known workshops are by invitation, very limited (only 6 previous participants) and take you to places we cannot access with a large group. Most of the locations were discovered by Natalie and us when we lived in Navajoland. If you want to join us email me at and I will add you to the waitlist for the next opening. You can also learn more about our Little Known workshops at this link.

June 10th

New images were added to the 2017 Online Portfolios section today.

June 8th: Free Zion Summit mug with your next order

The next 10 registrations for the Zion Summit, Field Workshops or the Marketing seminar or the next 10 orders for Mastery Workshops on DVD/USB or Fine art Prints will receive a free Zion Summit mug.

We only have 10 Zion Summit mugs available so this offer is on a first come first served basis. This mug is not for sale. The only way to get it is to place an order or register for a workshop.

If you have a question (if you want to know if it is still available for example) just email me at

June 7th
The available seat for the September Little Known Northern Navajoland Workshop has been taken. If you are interested in our Little Known Workshops email us and we will add you to the waitlist:

June 2nd

The June print of the month is available.

June 1st
We have one opening for the September Little Known Northern Navajoland Workshop, due to a cancellation. Email or call us if you are interested and we will give you all the details. This workshop is open to 6 participants only and focuses on little known areas and on advanced landscape photography. 928-252-2466 or

May 25th

A photograph created during our May Navajoland Workshop (a couple weeks ago) is now featured on this page. Join us for a workshop and learn how to create photographs like this one for yourself! Click Here to see our current workshop offerings :-)

May 19th

A new podcast episode was published today. In this episode Natalie and Alain talk about the Marketing Success Seminar series. You can listen to this episode now, free, on the podcast page.


May 18th
The May Print of the Month is available.

May 17th: Print of the Summit announcement

This year every Zion Summit participant will receive a matted and signed print by Alain Briot. This print, titled the 2017 Zion Print of the Summit, will be released in a limited edition equal to the number of Summit participants.

This limited edition print will not be available elsewhere, the offer being unique to the 2017 Zion Summit.

The value of the print itself is nearly half of the Summit registration fee:

We have not offered such a print before and we may never do it again. Take advantage of it.

The 2017 Zion Print of the Summit

May 10th
A second new Podcast episode is available at this link. This is the 81st episode of our Podcast.

May 4th

A new Podcast episode is available at this link. This is the 80th episode of our Podcast.

May 1st
A new essay about the 2017 Zion Fine Art Summit is available at this link.

April 20th

The 2017 Marketing Success Seminar on USB or DVD is available for order right now at this link. A special offer is available for a limited time.

The 2017 Marketing Success Seminar on USB or DVD
Available for order right now

April 19th
Registration for the 2018 Antelope Canyon Workshop has started. If this workshop has your name on it don't delay.

April 19th

The 2017 Marketing Success Seminar on USB or DVD will be available tomorrow. A special offer will be available for the first orders.

The initial announcement will be emailed directly to interested students. If you want to order this new Marketing Seminar let me know over email at

April 16th

We returned from teaching the Antelope Canyon workshop in Page, Arizona, earlier this week. The workshop was fantastic thanks to a wonderful group of participants. Thank you again to all of you who joined us for this photographic learning adventure and experience.

I am currently working on the 2017 Marketing Success Seminar audio recordings. The recordings will be available on USB and DVD very soon. An announcement will be featured on this site when the recordings are ready to ship. if you want to get these recordings let me know over email at A special offer will be available for the first orders.

The 2018 Marketing Success Seminar and 2018 Antelope Canyon Workshop will be announced shortly. The 2018 Marketing Seminar will focus on salesmanship skills, handling customer objections and more. The contents will be new and different from the 2016 and 2017 Marketing Seminars.

The 2017 Zion Summit: click on the image to see the detailed description

April 6th
Natalie and I extend a big 'Thank You' to all the participants of the 2017 Marketing Success Seminar. You helped us make it a success and we enjoyed your company as much as we enjoyed helping you with your photography marketing.

If you want to join us for the 2018 Marketing Success Seminar drop me an email with the words '2018 Marketing Success Seminar' in the subject line and I will add you to the pre-registration list. No obligation, you will just be first notified when the event is announced and you will benefit from the early bird registration price:

Alain teaching during the 2017 Marketing Success Seminar

April 1st,
The April Print of the Month is available:

March 25th, 4:40 pm
The 2018 Alumni Rendez Vous is sold out. Thank you to all who registered for your amazing level of interest in this event. If you did not have time to register email me and I will add you to the waitlist:

March 25th, 2:30 pm

Only 1 seat left for the Alumni Rendez Vous as of Saturday March 25th at 2:30 PM AZ time:

March 25th

I wrote a short description of the 2018 Alumni Rendez Vous at this link:

March 21st
The 2018 Alain Briot Alumni Rendez Vous will be announced today. Let me know if you are interested. Places are limited and given the level of interest it will fill up fast. This workshop is by reserved for Alumni and by invitation only. So to receive an invitation you need to email me at:

Create images for an audience who loves your work, not for an audience who despises what you do.

An appreciative audience pushes you forward, gives you confidence and gives validity to your work.
A negative audience makes you feel worthless, saps your energy and makes you want to quit.

Alain Briot

March 20th
Natalie and I are impressed with the quality of the work students are posting on the Facebook Alain Briot Workshops Group and with the quality of the comments and the conversation. We want to thank you all for participating in this group.

If you have not joined the group yet you can do so now by clicking here.

I also want to take this opportunity to make a pre-announcement. We will be offering an Alumni Workshop next year, in the spring of 2018. It will be called The Alain Briot Workshop Alumni Rendez Vous. It will be open only to Alumni (previous workshop participants) and it will be by invitation only.

If you are interested in participating in this event let me know by emailing me at
I will have a detailed description shortly.

The new Alain Briot Workshops Group on Facebook

March 19th
My March Newsletter was sent today. If you did not receive it you can subscribe now at this link and get 40 Free ebooks.

If you are already subscribed and did not receive it let me know and I'll check why it is not getting to your email box.

March 14th

One of my favorite photographs from our just-completed White Sands Workshop is featured on this page.

March 10th

The Spring 2017 Antelope Canyon Workshop is sold out. You can join the waitlist by emailing us at

The workshops that still have openings are available at this link:

March 8th

We just returned from teaching the March White Sands Workshop. A photograph of Natalie and I teaching in White Sands is featured on this page. It was taken by Paul, one of our workshop participants. Thank you Paul :-)

Natalie, Alain and Diane during the 2017 White Sands Workshop
Composing in Teams - Photograph by Paul W.

March 1st
The March Print of the Month is available.

Antelope Canyon Triptych

February 27th
I just created a Facebook group for workshop participants to post photographs taken during our workshops. If you are on Facebook the group is called Alain Briot Workshops Group and you can find it at this link. If you are not on Facebook this is the perfect opportunity to give Facebook a try :-)

The group features photographs created during our field workshops and during the Annual Fine Art Photography Summit.

The group is open to all Alain Briot Workshop Alumni. If you attended one of our workshops, no matter when, be sure to post some of your photographs.

You are encouraged to post comments on other members photographs. Just make sure your comments are respectful of the other group members sensibility, work and efforts.

February 20th
The 2018 Little Known Western Navajoland Workshop is sold out. We still have 2 seats in the 2018 Little Known Grand Canyon Monsoons Workshop. Don't delay if you want to sign up: or 800-949-7983.

If you are not familiar with our Little Known Workshops series here is the description:

February 19th
Regarding the two Little Known Workshops we announced a couple days ago we have 1 seat left in one of them and 2 seats left in the other. If you want to sign up let us know now: or 800-949-7983.

February 17th
The 2017 Marketing Success Seminar goes up $100 today. You can still get the special offer price if you register now:

You also get a huge discount if you attend the Seminar + the Antelope Canyon workshop because they are offered back to back.

The February 16th

Little Known Workshops Update:
The two Little Known Workshops we announced yesterday are already almost sold out. We just have a couple seats left. If you received an invitation over email and you plan to join us you need to let us know right away. If you did not receive an invitation and are interested in learning about these private workshops let us know by emailing me at

February 15th
Today we are announcing two new 2018 Little Known Workshops. If you did not receive an invitation and are interested in attending one or both let us know: These usually fill up right away so do it now.

If you are not familiar with our Little Known Workshops series here is the description:

February 10th

The February Print of the Month is available.

February 5th

I am currently publishing a series of essays on my Reflections blog. These include the following essays so far:
- My Philosophy
- The power of marketing
- You don't need a larger audience, you need a more qualified audience

- Be good at marketing what you do, not just good at creating photographs

Visit the Reflections Blog regularly to see new essays as they are published.

January 26th

Our first 2018 Workshop will be Death Valley in the Spring. Click Here to visit the description and registration page.

January 25th

We will be announcing a Death Valley Workshop in Spring 2018 shortly. If you are interested email me at

These are our current Workshops and Seminars. Some have openings and some are sold out.

January 24th
The Start the Year in Style special offer ends this week. If you want to take advantage of it do so now. All the details are here.

January 13th
Our Start the Year in Style special offer is live. All the details are here.

January 11th
New photographs are being added to the Online Portfolios Section, and specifically to the new Images Created in 2017 section. These consist of images created both in 2016 and in 2017 and published now. As is my habit I publish them under the heading of '2017 Photographs' because I go by the publication date, not the creation date.

The addition of these new photographs is an ongoing process. Expect to see new images coming up at irregular intervals over the next few days or weeks, as my schedule allows.

January 9th
New Year resolution #2: collect art
I am always surprised at the number of fine art photographers who do not collect art. Art for me is a lifestyle. I love beautiful things and having beautiful things in my life is an essential aspect of who I am. As an artist I know that collecting art is indistinguishable from the act of creating art. Owning art by different artists in different mediums is inspirational. Their vision is expressed and shared in their work. To be able to see it everyday nourishes my soul. I encourage you to collect art, originals or reproductions depending on your budget. Being an artist is not just making art, it is also living with art. No one can create in a vacuum.

See New Year resolution #1 on the January 3rd entry below

January 7th

Here are our current workshop openings:


Antelope Canyon

A few seats left

Navajoland Workshop
A few seats left

2017 Zion
Fine Art Photo Summit
Field workshop


January 6th
The January 2017 Print of the Month is available.

January 3rd

New year Resolution #1: Learn how to reach the next step with your photography

It's that time of year again! Over the next few weeks I will be featuring New Year Resolutions to help you reach the next step with your Fine Art Photography. Here is the first one:

The start of a new year is the time to start new resolutions. For photographers this means improving your photography or making your business more profitable if you are selling your images. Regardless of your goals or achievement level, it always means reaching the next step with your work because art is a journey and not a destination.

We all know that success requires efforts and that efforts equals results. The question is which efforts are you going to make this year, in 2017, in regards to reaching the next step with your work?

This can be both a difficult question and a difficult decision to implement. Our workshops and mentoring programs are designed to help you reach your goals. Take a look at our current workshop openings and see which one best fits your need. We just announced the 2017 Zion Fine Art Photography Summit and the field workshops are starting to sell out. Don't delay if these have your name on it. The best time to make decisions is now.

January 1st, 2017

Natalie and I wish you a glorious Happy New Year! May the New Year bring you health, happiness, beautiful light, fantastic photography and be the best ever. May all your wishes come true.

Happy New Year to all of you from Natalie and I.
(if you click on the card you will see the full size version)

Click on the card to see the full size version

"Your new Artistic Composition Mastery DVD/USB is a real winner!
Thanks for all the effort and knowledge you put into it.
Much appreciated."

Trevor Lundstrom

Download the FREE Fine Art Photography Top 16 Free monitor wallpaper
My Fine Art Photography Top 16 is now available as a wallpaper for your computer monitor or iPad. This free download comes in 7 different monitor resolutions (from 30" to 12"), plus iPad resolution (1024x768). It is available in English and in French. Below is a small jpeg of this wallpaper. You can download it now at this link.

Recent Testimonials:

I just wanted to let you know that I am very much enjoying the Mastery DVD training videos which are truly excellent and well worth the investment. The workflow is comprehensive and logical and all the little tips are invaluable.The more of the DVD's that I see the more I am enjoying them and the more I get out of them. I am very surprised at how much really useful information and great tips that I am getting out of them.

Too many training videos focus on the "how".......move this slider to the right etc, rather than on the "why". Your comments on adjusting colour by adding and subtracting other colours are really great and not something I have come across before, but they really make sense and make understanding the whole process much simpler.

David Fordham, Australia

I wanted to give you feedback for the Layers Mastery DVD.

Most striking was the way your images came across through the videos.

I was able to follow the optimization, look at them for a long time, and see the final glow of a masterfile. Subjects like black point, RUSM, and selective color took several videos for me to grasps.

Because you do them several different ways and for several different reason it required 10-20 photos for me to fully understand their goal. I was glad you explained it with so much depth.

I am most interested in your comments on selective color and color theory. I was glad you went into detail on the DVDs. I was inspired to continue learning this topic. I was also able to dramatically improve the quality of my prints which is what I wanted to get out of the dvd. I did several before and after prints.

Forest Naujock,
Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD owner

I'm working my way through the DVD--just finished half of it--and had to tell you how delighted I am with it. I relate to your practical and aesthetic approach so completely!

It's helped me with my understanding already, and your delightful accent is an added bonus. The illustration are great and a huge help. Thanks for this!

Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD owner

I am enjoying the new layers DVD very much . I think this is a fabulous product and the information is very valuable. For me, perhaps the most valuable part is the discussions of the master files.

Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD owner

Thank you very much for putting so much of your knowledge into a form
that we can all learn from.

Your Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD has not only taught me a lot about marketing,
it has also inspired me to try even harder to sell my work.

I am excited about holding my own exhibits in the near future!

Peter Ahrens, Australia

Of all the photography workshops and classes I've attended, the Route 66 experience opened the door to unexpected forms of creativity.  

I am very happy with the images I produced on that trip.  In fact, I ended up with more interesting images from that workshop than from any other.  

Thanks again!

Joel Geffen

I am still on a high from my wonderful time with both of you. 
It was very, very special to be with you in the Navajo country.

Ginny, Colorado

Summit 2010 and Vision Field Workshop participant

I am about half way through your new book and very impressed. 
You have done a great job with it and I am finding the concepts very helpful.
Thank you for writing such a great book.  I am really enjoying it. 
Your photo of the stars rotating around Polaris is wonderful.


The Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD has helped me excel my work in a way that no other book,
tutorial (NAPP member) or seminar has. Your down-to-earth teaching style and your willingness
to share your techniques is unmatched in this business.

Thank you Sincerely

David Wolfe

Marketing Fine Art Photography is The Best photography business book
I have EVER read!

I'll make this short: if you are a student, an emerging or a professional photographer just wanting to improve your bottom line, read this book. The author is personable and helpful and the text is enjoyable.

Christine Goldbeck, Middletown, PA

Although I do not envision selling my work anytime in the near future I bought Marketing Fine Art Photography figuring there would be some useful info that I could apply in the workplace somehow (personal brand, etc).

I have so far read Part 1 & Part 2 (Chapters 1-8) and I can say that the book is more than I expected (not that I have low expectations for any book from Alain based on all the previous ones).

I found that these first 8 chapters contain much information that causes me to think differently about my work and artistry in general and gives me energy to do some different things in the future. Good stuff Alain!

John Motzi, Downingtown, PA

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