The 2018 Moab Fine Art Photography Summit

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December 10th
We are proud to officially announce that the 2018 Moab, Arches and Canyonlands FIne Art Photography Summit is open for registration. Now in its 16th Year, the 2018 Summit takes place in Moab Utah, at the door of Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. In addition to photographing these two incredibly beautiful locations you will study the latest Lightroom and Photoshop techniques with Alain Briot and Jeff Schewe.

The three days Summit Vision Field Workshop, which takes place immediately after the Summit, will take us to Indian Creek and to the Needles District of Canyonlands on the first day, to Bluff and the San Juan River Area on the second day and finally to Monument Valley by way of Valley of the Gods on the third day.

Together the Summit + the 3 day Vision Field Workshop offer a unique photography learning opportunity as well as a photographic expedition allowing you to maximise your time and get the most out of your trip.

If this event has your name on it you can read the detailed description, and register now, at this link. If you want to attend both the Summit + the Summit Vision Field Workshop we recommend you register right away. The reason being that the Summit was previously announced privately to 2017 Summit Participants and as a result the Vision Field Workshop is already half sold out.

December 3rd
The Little Known Workshop we announced on Friday is now sold out. If you want to be notified when we announce the next Little KNown workshops email us at and we will add you to our announcement list. If you are not familiar with Little Known Workshops you can read a detailed description at this link.

Little Known workshops are by invitation only. The only way to be notified is to be on our announcement list.

November 29th
The 2017 Print of the Season Collector Set is available. Don't delay if you desire it because it was first announced privately to collectors yesterday and only one set remains available.

The December Print of the Month is also available for order. I released it a few days early because I will be busy with events later this week and I wanted to make sure it was available in time for the Holiday season.

November 28th

The 2017 Print of the Season will be announced very soon. The Print of the Season is a limited edition print, or set, that I release every year for the Holiday season and offer at a very attractive price. It is released in a very limited edition of only a few prints, making it both rare and valuable.

Because of the very limited number of prints available they sell out within a few hours. Being first when it is announced and acting fast is the key to getting one. Therefore, If you want to be notified when this print is published email me at with the words 'print of the season' in the email title and you will be first notified.

You can see the previous Prints of the Season at the bottom of the Print of the Month Page.

November 26th

The Mastery Workshop Updates site was updated to a dynamic web page. Be sure to check it out. If you own a Mastery Workshop on DVD or USB and have not registered for the updates yet this is the ideal time to do so. Just log on to the Mastery Workshop updates site and register with the username and password of your choice.

The Reflections Blog was also updated to a dynamic web page.

November 24th
Our Black Friday Special Offer is Live!
Save up to 50% and more on my Mastery Workshops Collection. 9 different workshops at the lowest price they will ever be available. Plus, you get the new, 2017 Master Files collection at a huge discount also.

And, we have 1 remaining order for the Thanksgiving Print of the Month Special Offer. Are you the one who will take it?

November 23rd
Natalie and I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for being our friends and students. We very much appreciate each and everyone of you.

November 21st
Our 2017 Thanksgiving Print of the Month Special Offer is live. Save 50% on your order! All the details are at this link.

November 16th
The 2018 Antelope Canyon Workshop is sold out. The last seat was taken immediately after I announced it in my email newsletter

We just opened the 2019 Antelope Canyon Workshop for registration. Register now If you want to have a seat in this workshop, or if you are planning your schedule early.

November 15th
We have only one seat left for the 2018 Antelope Canyon Workshop. First come first served. If this workshop has your name on it don't delay!

November 12th: 2018 Moab Summit pre-Announcement
The 2018 Fine Art Photography Summit will be in Moab, Utah on November 2nd to 5th with the field workshops on November 6th to 8th.

It will be announced soon however we opened a pre-announcement list for those of you who want to guarantee their seat and save money:

Email me at if you want to be on the pre-announcement list and save over 20% on the package Summit + Field workshop. Several Zion Summit 2017 Participants have already registered for 2018 so available seats will be limited.

This will be the 16th Fine Art Photography Summit.

Our guest presenter will be Jeff Schewe.

The photography locations will include Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Monument Valley, the San Juan River, Valley of the Gods and other remote areas of Navajoland.

November 11th
The November Print of the Month is available.

Natalie and I returned from teaching the 2017 Zion Fine Art Summit yesterday. A couple of photographs from the Summit are featured on this page. More will be posted later. Natalie and I say a huge 'thank you' to all of you who attended the Summit as well as to Jeff Schewe and Kevin Raber who joined us and gave presentations during the Summit.

October 23rd
Back to 'work' after a fun week end attending Ferrari's 70th Anniversary Celebration and watching the US F1 Grand Prix at Scottsdale Ferrari.

The image featured above is Butler Wash Sunset #2. Just like Butler Wash Sunset #1 it was created during our Fall 2017 Little Known Northern Navajoland Workshop.

It started as a collage of three photographs which gave me a panoramic image. I did not like the flat aspect of the panorama (I rarely do) so I stretched it vertically. That was better but the stretched image did not have enough movement for my taste so I warped it a bit to give it some curves.

I then adjusted color and contrast to match my taste. The red is my doing. The cliffs at sunset were a warm yellow, not the deep red that you see here.

As with all my work please enjoy at your own risk. This is not reality. This is an artistic image to which the 'unspeakable things' described above have been done. I let go of concerns for representing reality a long time ago. If you want to learn how to do all this, including letting go, take a workshop with us. If you like my work you'll love the experience.

Attending Ferrari's 70th Anniversary Celebration.
Photograph by Natalie Briot

October 15th
Last call for the Summit. Room registration will close soon and you will not be able to get the discounted rate. We have a couple seats left but If you are planning to attend you need to register and make your hotel reservations now:

October 13th

The 2018 Antelope Canyon Workshop 2018 - Extended
-- only 2 seats left

October 8th
The October Print of the Month is available.

September 25th

This week marks the end of four different special offers, as follows:

1 - Zion Summit with Jeff Schewe and Alain Briot

2 - New Master Files Examples Collection

3 - Marketing Success Seminar 2018 - Part 3

4 - Antelope Canyon Workshop 2018 - Extended
-- only 3 seats left

The 2018 Fine Art Photography Marketing Success Seminar, Part 3

September 19th
New updates were posted to the Mastery Workshops on DVD/USB Updates site today, as follows:

Personal Vision Mastery Workshop: 1 update
Personal Style Workshop: 1 update
Artistic Composition Workshop: 5 updates
Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop: 5 Updates
Advanced Adjustment Layers Workshop: 11 updates

These updates are free to all Mastery Workshops on DVD/USB owners. To download them simply log on to your account using this link:

September 14th
We just returned from teaching the Fall 2017 Little Known Northern Navajoland Workshop. This event was a success, thanks to the fantastic participants who attended. Natalie and I say a big Thank You to all of you.

A photograph from this photographic adventure is featured here. More photographs will be published soon.

Marcus (our Navajo guide) and Natalie Briot during the river running part of the Fall 2017 Little Known Northern Navajoland Workshop. Natalie and I say a big Thank You to all of you who attended this photographic adventure.

September 3rd
The September Print of the Month is titled Cedar Mesa Sunset. You can see it and order it from the Print of the Month page.

Just Announced:
The Alain Briot Master Files Examples Collection

September 2nd
New: the Master Files Collection
I just published the Alain Briot Master Files Examples Collection. You can order it by itself or in combination with one or several Mastery Workshops on DVD.

This is the second Alain Briot Master Files Examples Collection. I released the first Alain Briot Master Files Examples Collection last year.

Master Files are important because they show you all the adjustments I made to my photographs when I processed and optimized them. These are never shared except though the Master Files Collection. Be sure to check them out on the special offer page.

-- Just Announced --
The Summer 2017 Mastery Workshops on USB/DVD Super Special Offer

August 27th
The Summer 2017 Mastery Workshops on USB/DVD Super Special Offer is live. This offer will save you 20 to 40% and more off my regular pricing. Several gifts and new products are part of this offer. Check out all the details on the Special Offer Page now.

August 16th
Coming soon: The yearly Mastery Workshops on USB/DVD Super Special Offer. This offer will save you 20 to 40% and more off my regular pricing.

It will be first announced to subscribers of my email newsletter so make sure you are subscribed. if you are not subscribed yet you can sign up now at the top of this page. You will be first notified when the special offer is announced.

Free gifts will be available to the first few orders therefore being first notified is important.

August 15th

Part four of our four-parts Podcast series titled Podcast Story is available

August 13th
My August newsletter was sent out today to subscribers. If you did not get it you can subscribe now.

You will get 40 free eBooks when you do:

August 11th

Nazlini Sunset
August Print of the Month

August 5th
Part three of our four-parts Podcast series titled Podcast Story is available

August 1st
The August Print of the Month is available.

July 29th
Part two of our four-parts Podcast series titled Podcast Story is available.

July 21st
Due to a cancellation we have one seat available for the Spring 2018 Death Valley Workshop. First come first serve. Grab it while it's there!

We have only a few seats left for the Zion Fine Art Photography Summit

July 20th
The Summit Collection promotion is now over. Thank you to all of you who ordered it during the limited time special offer. Natalie and I very much appreciate your business.

The Summit Collection is now available in our Online Store at regular pricing.

July 16th
Part one of a new series of four podcast episodes titled Podcast Story is available.

In this new series Natalie and I talk about how we started the podcast, what motivated us to start and what our goals were. As we go through each episode we talk about the various aspects of the podcast including the sound quality, the equipment we used, how this equipment was improved over the years, and finally where we find inspiration for each episode. We conclude by discussing ideas for future episodes.

You can listen to this new episode now on the Podcast Page.

"Your new Artistic Composition Mastery DVD/USB is a real winner!
Thanks for all the effort and knowledge you put into it.
Much appreciated."

Trevor Lundstrom

Download the FREE Fine Art Photography Top 16 Free monitor wallpaper
My Fine Art Photography Top 16 is now available as a wallpaper for your computer monitor or iPad. This free download comes in 7 different monitor resolutions (from 30" to 12"), plus iPad resolution (1024x768). It is available in English and in French. Below is a small jpeg of this wallpaper. You can download it now at this link.

Recent Testimonials:

I just wanted to let you know that I am very much enjoying the Mastery DVD training videos which are truly excellent and well worth the investment. The workflow is comprehensive and logical and all the little tips are invaluable.The more of the DVD's that I see the more I am enjoying them and the more I get out of them. I am very surprised at how much really useful information and great tips that I am getting out of them.

Too many training videos focus on the "how".......move this slider to the right etc, rather than on the "why". Your comments on adjusting colour by adding and subtracting other colours are really great and not something I have come across before, but they really make sense and make understanding the whole process much simpler.

David Fordham, Australia

I wanted to give you feedback for the Layers Mastery DVD.

Most striking was the way your images came across through the videos.

I was able to follow the optimization, look at them for a long time, and see the final glow of a masterfile. Subjects like black point, RUSM, and selective color took several videos for me to grasps.

Because you do them several different ways and for several different reason it required 10-20 photos for me to fully understand their goal. I was glad you explained it with so much depth.

I am most interested in your comments on selective color and color theory. I was glad you went into detail on the DVDs. I was inspired to continue learning this topic. I was also able to dramatically improve the quality of my prints which is what I wanted to get out of the dvd. I did several before and after prints.

Forest Naujock,
Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD owner

I'm working my way through the DVD--just finished half of it--and had to tell you how delighted I am with it. I relate to your practical and aesthetic approach so completely!

It's helped me with my understanding already, and your delightful accent is an added bonus. The illustration are great and a huge help. Thanks for this!

Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD owner

I am enjoying the new layers DVD very much . I think this is a fabulous product and the information is very valuable. For me, perhaps the most valuable part is the discussions of the master files.

Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD owner

Thank you very much for putting so much of your knowledge into a form
that we can all learn from.

Your Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD has not only taught me a lot about marketing,
it has also inspired me to try even harder to sell my work.

I am excited about holding my own exhibits in the near future!

Peter Ahrens, Australia

Of all the photography workshops and classes I've attended, the Route 66 experience opened the door to unexpected forms of creativity.  

I am very happy with the images I produced on that trip.  In fact, I ended up with more interesting images from that workshop than from any other.  

Thanks again!

Joel Geffen

I am still on a high from my wonderful time with both of you. 
It was very, very special to be with you in the Navajo country.

Ginny, Colorado

Summit 2010 and Vision Field Workshop participant

I am about half way through your new book and very impressed. 
You have done a great job with it and I am finding the concepts very helpful.
Thank you for writing such a great book.  I am really enjoying it. 
Your photo of the stars rotating around Polaris is wonderful.


The Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD has helped me excel my work in a way that no other book,
tutorial (NAPP member) or seminar has. Your down-to-earth teaching style and your willingness
to share your techniques is unmatched in this business.

Thank you Sincerely

David Wolfe

Marketing Fine Art Photography is The Best photography business book
I have EVER read!

I'll make this short: if you are a student, an emerging or a professional photographer just wanting to improve your bottom line, read this book. The author is personable and helpful and the text is enjoyable.

Christine Goldbeck, Middletown, PA

Although I do not envision selling my work anytime in the near future I bought Marketing Fine Art Photography figuring there would be some useful info that I could apply in the workplace somehow (personal brand, etc).

I have so far read Part 1 & Part 2 (Chapters 1-8) and I can say that the book is more than I expected (not that I have low expectations for any book from Alain based on all the previous ones).

I found that these first 8 chapters contain much information that causes me to think differently about my work and artistry in general and gives me energy to do some different things in the future. Good stuff Alain!

John Motzi, Downingtown, PA

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