The 2019 Alain Briot Print of the Season
Limited Edition Eastern Sierra Nevada Trilogy Print Set

Released in a limited edition of 4 sets

Only available during the 2019 Holiday Season

Mesquite Sand Dunes, Death Valley National Park
Mobius Arch, Alabama Hills

Mono Lake, Lee Vining

Eastern Sierra Nevada Trilogy 2019
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The 2019 Print of the Season Limited Edition
The Sixth Alain Briot Print of the Season Limited Edition is titled Eastern Sierra Nevada Trilogy 2019. I used the title Eastern Sierra Nevada because the three images I selected were created in the Eastern Sierra Nevada, California. This edition is released in a very limited quantity of only 4 print sets. Each set features three prints. Each print is matted, hand-signed and numbered.

The Limited edition Trilogy print set is offered only during the 2019 Holiday Season. Availability ends on December 31st or earlier if the edition sells out before December 31st. So far the Print of the Season has sold out within days of being announced so I expect the 2019 edition to close just as quickly.

About the Print of the Season Limited Edition Collection

The goal of the Print of the Season Limited Edition Collection is to offer a unique set of prints for the Holiday season. I offer very few limited edition prints and when I do I usually offer them in an edition of 100. The Print of the Season collection is truly unique because each edition features a very small number of prints making it both highly collectable and valuable.

The Print of the Season collection was started in 2014. The 2014 edition featured 14 prints to celebrate 2014. The 2015 edition featured 15 prints to celebrate 2015. The goal was to continue offering a number of prints equal to the last 2 digits of the year. However this meant increasing the edition size each year. In 2016 I decided to change this by setting a much smaller number for the edition size. As a result the 2016 Print of the Season offering was released in an edition of 5 print sets only. The 2017 Print of the Season saw a further reduction in the size of the edition, being released in an edition of only 4 print sets. I kept the edition size to four sets in 2018 and again in 2019. The number 4 is meaningful because 4 is the sacred number of the Navajo People. This number is present in all aspects of Navajo life: 4 seasons, 4 cycles of life and 4 parts of many other aspects of life.

The goal of this very small number is to make this edition valuable and collectable. Because this edition is a trilogy, each of the three images are numbered from 1 to 4 for a total of 12 prints (3x4).
To keep the integrity of the trilogy this edition is sold only as a set of three prints. This means that these images will only be owned only by four collectors.

Pricing value
The value of the 2019 Print of the Season Trilogy is unique: you get three limited edition prints for the price of one.
My regular price for a 16x20 mat size Limited Edition Master Print is $2195. At regular prices the cost of three prints is $6585 The Trilogy set of three 16x20 Limited Edition Master Prints is offered at $2195 for the set. This means you get three limited edition prints for the price of one! What is the catch? There is only one: only four collectors will own this set. That's all. A great offer, an incredible offer in fact, but available only to four lucky collectors.

You can take a look at my regular print prices to verify how much you are saving through this incredible offer.

About the Images
All three photographs were created this year during several photography expeditions to the Eastern Sierra Nevada. I have been visiting and photographing this area for many years. What keeps me coming back is the quality of the light. No matter how often I go there the light is always different, always changing. This provides opportunities for new photographs of course. It also offers a challenge: how do I use this light creatively, how do I capture it and most importantly, how do I convey this light on a print so that it can be shared effectively, not just in terns of what it looks like but in terns of what it feels. Conveying an emotion in a photographic print is one of the most exciting challenges!

When the time came to select images for the Print of the Season Collection, I chose images that complement each other and that have exceptional color and light qualities. I also selected images that demonstrate my latest workflow. This new workflow is characterized by brilliant colors and soft contrast. The colors are rich but not over-saturated and there is detail throughout the image, from open shadows to soft highlights. I teach this workflow in my new Selective Color and HSL Mastery Workshop on USB and DVD. If you own this tutorial these are splendid examples of what can be created with it.


This limited edition set is matted museum-style. Each print is attached to the mat with plastic corners, meaning that no tape touches the print. The print is not dry mounted because dry mounting is not reversible. The mounting technique we use is totally archival because the print can be removed from the mat simply by lifting it off. This also means that the print will not wrinkle or warp depending on the humidity level because it has room to expand freely not being attached with tape. This 100% archival mounting is used by museums worldwide and is preferred to other types of matting and mounting.

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2019 Alain Briot Print of the Season
Limited Edition Eastern Sierra Trilogy Set
Limited Edition of 4 sets

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