2023 Alain and Natalie

Cafe Paris

Alain's Birthday

Lunch on our patio in April

Christofle Mood Coffee

Natalie's Birthday


Cabbage Soup

Alain Landscaping

Celebration of Fine Arts



Sonoran Desert

Consulting with DIane

Eastern Sierra Workshop

Barstow murals

Escalante Master Class

Spring Master Class

Petrified Forest

Burnhams Trading Post


Halona Inn

White Sands Workshop

Does and Bucks Coffee and Cafe, Pie Town, New Mexico

Owl Bar, San Antonio, New Mexico. If you know, you know.

ZW's Blacksmith Shop, Magdalena, New Mexico

Three Rivers Trading Post, New Mexico

Abandoned Yamaha 650 Heritage Special, Big Valley, Arizona


Souvenirs, Motel, Alamogordo, New Mexico

Garmin 700 GPS

Joshua Tree Flowers

LA Thai

Le Monde d'Hermes

Antelope Canyon Workshop

2023 Page Fine Art Photography Summit Photographs

Alain with Jeff Schewe and Mike Robinson, Century Darkroom.com, Toronto

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