November 15th: The Advanced Adjustment Layers Mastery Workshop will be
available for order this week

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Coming this November:

Alain Briot
Advanced Adjustment Layers Mastery
Workshop on DVD / USB

(available on USB flash card or DVD)

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Click on the images above to download the Advanced Adjustment Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB
and the Mastery Files Collection Tables of contents in eBook / PDF format (30+ pages long)

New: Alain Briot 200+ Mastery Files Examples Collection announcement
I just completed an extensive collection of over 200 mastery files from my favorite photographs. A Mastery File is the Photoshop layered file that I use to make the fine art print of a specific image. No one got to see those until now if you order this new collection!

Mastery Files are very important because they show you exactly how I did what I did. When you study them you see what I did to the original capture, how I did it, in what order and more. You can also copy the adjustment layers to your own file and duplicate my actions. Mastery Files provide a huge learning opportunity for an aspect of Photoshop that cannot be taught in any other way.

I decided to give you the option of ordering the 200+ Mastery Files Examples Collection with the Advanced Adjustment Layers Mastery Workshop. A special offer at an hugely discounted price will be available for both when the Advanced Adjustment Layers Mastery Workshop goes up for sale.

You can download the table of contents now by clicking here.

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This new tutorial will be released this fall. Right now a pre-announcement list is available. To get on the list simply email me at with the words 'advanced adjustment layers' in the email subject. You will be added to the list and will benefit from special offers and lower pricing when this new tutorial is released.You will also be notified first.

Additional information about this new Mastery Workshop will be posted to this site soon. he Pre-announcement list

2 - Listen to my podcast episode about this new Mastery Workshop
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You can also listen to it on the podcast page.

3 - About this new Mastery Workshop

The Advanced Adjustment Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD is similar to attending my 2 day Advanced Fine art Printing and Processing Mastery Seminar except that you don't need to travel and you can study the materials anywhere, as many times and you want at your own pace.

The Artistic Composition Mastery Workshop on DVD-USB is the 9th
Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB

4 - Contents of the Advanced Adjustment Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD

I am currently hard at work on the upcoming Advanced Adjustment Layers Mastery workshop on DVD or USB card. The text files and the audio file tutorials are completed. I am currently recording the video tutorial movies.

5 - NEW: Why Layers are Important
Layers are both one of the most important and one of the most difficult areas of Photoshop to learn and to master.

Layers are important because layers offer a non-destructive and infinitely adjustable method for the creation of Fine Art Photographs.

For example, do you know that there are 149 different commands in the Layers Palette? If this surprises you, you are not alone. I was shocked at this number when I got around to counting the actual number of commands!

This is a complex subject, and my goal is to explain how to create beautiful photographs using what I consider to be one of the most powerful features of Photoshop, and one that all Master Fine Art Photographers use.

6 - NEW: About Layer-based, Fine Art Photography tutorials
There are no tutorials focusing solely on Fine Art, layer-based, image optimization. As a result, many photographers either use only a small part of what layers can do or do not work with layers at all. Among those who do work with layers, many get frustrated and stop using layers altogether.

This is a very unfortunate situation. Why? First, because by not using layers, or by not using everything that layers can do for you, you only use a small part of what Photoshop has to offer. You see, Photoshop is essentially built around a layer-based workflow. So, if you do not use layers, you are not using Photoshop for what it was made to do. As a result, you spent hundreds of dollars for software capabilities that you are not using.

7 - NEW: About Raw conversion
The frustration that many photographers experience with layers has led many photographers to do all their image "optimization" in the raw converter. This is a huge mistake when it comes to creating Fine Art Photographs because as of today, no raw converter offers all the image-enhancement capabilities of Photoshop. Plus, no raw converter in the world offers a Layer-Based workflow.

What this means is that if you do all your image optimization in a Raw converter (regardless of which exact converter you are using) you are not maximizing the possibilities offered by your image. In other words, you are not maximizing the color quality, the contrast quality, the detail level, the color range and much more that is in your photographs. A lot of what you captured in the field is not making it to the final image because it is not optimized properly and as a result it cannot be seen in your final photographs.

Often, photographers also damage the image data during improper optimization in the raw converter. As a result, a lot of what their cameras capture is not seen in the final image. Here too, hundreds, if not thousands of dollars spent on purchasing a fine camera and lenses is lost because the image data was not processed properly and what the camera captured did not make it to the final version of the image.

In the Advanced Adjustment Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD I show you exactly how to process your images in the raw converter so that no image data is lost during the conversion. I also show you how you can recover image data that you thought was lost.

In the Advanced Adjustment Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD, I show you the exact workflow that I use in the raw converter prior to importing my images in Photoshop and completing the image optimization, soft proofing and print proofing process there.

8 - NEW: About Image Optimization

Image optimization is a requirement for the creation of a Fine Art Photograph. This is because the goal is to express an emotional response to the subject we photographed, and not just show the subject as the camera captured it.

In this approach it is crucial to understand the differences between what the camera sees and what we see.

We also have to know how to transform what the camera saw into what we saw. This is where image optimization comes in.

The finest way of doing this is through layers, which is why I created this tutorial.

9 - How to order:
Coming soon. This tutorial will be available this November.

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