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Welcome to the Alain Briot Mastery Workshops on DVD/USB updates site

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The Artistic Color Mastery Workshop on USB
This is the 2nd Mastery Workshop in the Expert Knowledge Series

1 – Click HERE to Download  the Artistic Color Mastery Workshop table of contents

2 – Click here to watch a detailed overview movie of the entire Artistic Color Mastery contents

This mastery Workshop is available on my site at

The Artistic Color Mastery Workshop on USB package

Mastery Workshops Flash and Adobe Reader updates

I created new 2021 versions of all eleven Mastery Workshops on USB/DVD as well as all Summit Recordings, Marketing Seminar Recordings, Master Files collections, Podcast and Summit collections and all the other tutorials available on USB or DVD.

These new 2021 versions are necessary because Apple and Adobe have ended support for Flash in December 2020.

How this affects you
The 2021 versions are being shipped for all new Mastery Workshops ordered after January 1, 2021.

If you own a previous version and you no longer have Flash installed on your computer, or if you have problems playing the Audio and Video files featured in the Mastery Workshops, changing your Adobe Acrobat settings may remedy these issues without replacing your Mastery Workshops. These setting changes are below:

1 – If you have the Artistic Lightroom or the HSL+ Selective Color Mastery Workshops
The audio and movie files in these two Mastery DVDs are embedded in the PDF files.

To play the movies embedded in the Mastery Workshop PDFs you need to uncheck ‘use Flash Player’ in the Adobe Reader preference settings under 3D & Multimedia Options (see the screen capture below). You can also set the Preferred Movie Player to Quicktime in the Multimedia Legacy preference pane. After changing these preferences you will need to quit and re launch Adobe Acrobat for the changes to take effect. Afterwards the movies will play in the Adobe Acrobat movie player instead of the now defunct flash player.

When you play the movies if the movie screen is too small just click on the green ‘Zoom’ icon (the circle with the + sign in it) in the top left corner of the movie window to enlarge the movie to full screen size. You can also right-click inside the movie screen and select ‘Full Screen Multimedia’ to enlarge the movie window.

These settings work with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat (December 2020) on a Mac running Big Sur OS (see the screen captures below). Be sure to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. In case you have a previous version of Acrobat the settings for Flash are found under Multimedia Legacy where you will need to set the movie player to Quicktime instead of Flash.

2 – If you use a Windows computer
The latest version of Acrobat now gives you the option to enable playing Quicktime movies. This option is found under Multimedia Legacy. You will need to have Quicktime installed on your computer. If you do not it is a free download from Apple.com This is a useful feature because the first nine Mastery Workshops on DVD feature Quicktime movies. If you cannot play the movies on one of these DVDs try the play Quicktime option. It should do the trick.

The ‘Use Flash Player option’ is also present in Acrobat for Windows. If you have problems playing flash movies try deselecting this option. The Windows preference pane for this is the same as on the Mac version.

When changing any of these preferences you will need to quit then re launch Acrobat for the changes to take effect.

3 – If you have any of the first nine Mastery Workshops
The audio and video files in the first nine Mastery Workshops are NOT embedded in the PDF files. They are available separately.

If the above solutions do not work and you cannot play the audio or video files, you can open both audio and video files directly. They are located in individual folders on your DVD or flash card and you can open them by double clicking on them. You just need to have an mp3 player and/or quicktime player software installed on your Mac or Windows computer.

4 – If you want to order the new 2021 version of any of the 11 Mastery Workshops
The new 2021 versions are available for $95 each which is 10% of the regular price. This cost covers production costs, handling costs and US shipping. Just email us to let us know which Mastery Workshop, Summit, Master File or other Mastery Tutorial you want us to ship you: alain@beautiful-landscape.com . We will send you a Paypal invoice or you can ask us to charge your card directly if we have it on file.

5 – if you want to see the current Mastery Workshops Collection ciick here to visit the Mastery Worskhops Page

The Selective Color and HSL Mastery
Workshop on USB / DVD is available

This is the 1st Mastery Workshop in the new Expert Knowledge Series

Click HERE to visit the Selective Color and HSL Mastery description and order page

Coming soon: The new Selective Color and HSL Mastery WOrkshop. Artistic Lightroom Mastery Workshop DVD or USB

1 – Join the pre-announcement list

Just email me at alain@beautiful-landscape.com with Selective Color Mastery in the subject line. You will benefit from a special offer price and free gifts when this new Mastery Workshop is published.

2 – Listen to my Podcast on Selective Color and HSL in Lightroom and Photoshop

A podcast episode about the upcoming Selective Color & HSL Mastery Workshop on USB or DVD is now avaiable on the Podcast page. In this episode I talk about the teaching approach I followed when creating this Expert Knowledge tutorial and I present the contents that make this 11th Mastery Workshop unique. I also explain why this new course important for photographers who are interested in developing a personal style and in creating images that are unique to them.

Artistic Lightroom Mastery

Now available: The Artistic Lightroom Mastery Workshop DVD or USB

The Artistic Lightroom Mastery Workshop on DVD or USB is available.  You can see the table of contents and order it at this link:

 July 21st, 2018
Coming soon: Artistic Lightroom Mastery Workshop DVD / USB

Coming soon: The Artistic Lightroom Mastery Workshop on DVD & USB. A pre-announcement list is opened. Just email me or to add your name  to this list: alain@beautiful-landscape.com

You will be first notified when this new Mastery Tutorial is available and you will benefit from a super special offer and a free gift if you are among the first to order.

November 21st
Colorbyte ImagePrint Version 10 update

Available in the Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB
updates page

This update was posted to the Printing Mastery Workshops on DVD/USB
updates page today.

September 19th
23 new updates are available

New updates were posted to the Mastery Workshops on DVD/USB Updates site today, as follows:

Personal Vision Mastery Workshop: 1 update
Personal Style Workshop: 1 update
Artistic Composition Workshop: 5 updates
Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop: 5 Updates
Advanced Adjustment Layers Workshop: 11 updates

These updates are free to all Mastery Workshops on DVD/USB owners. To download them simply log on to your account and visit the UPdates page for the Mastery Workshops listed above.

July 14th

The Fine Art Photography Summit Collection
is available for immediate order

The the 2006-2016 Fine Art Summit Collection on DVD/USB is available for order right now
This new collection features Alain’s Fine Art Photography Summit presentations recordings and handouts from the past 11 Summits.

A special offer is available for a limited time:

The Fine Art Photography Summit Collection features the complete recordings of all the presentations Alain gave at the yearly Fine Art Photography Summits from 2006 to 2016. 11 Summits total and over 45 presentations!

The Collection also features all the seminar handouts, texts, location maps, presentations files and all the other documents that were given to Summit participants. These are provided to you in eBook/PDF format.

Click here or on the image above to see the entire Table of Contents in eBook format

April 25th

The 2017 Marketing Success Seminar
is available for immediate order

The 2017 Marketing Success Seminar on USB or DVD is available for order right now.

A special offer is available for a limited time:

This is the complete recording and text of the 2017 Marketing Success seminar, with both the audio and the texts used during the seminar.

The 2017 Marketing Seminar is the continuation of the 2016 Marketing Seminar.  The 2016 Seminar is Part 1 and the 2017 Seminar is Part 2.  Part 3 will be taught next year in 2018.

If you were unable to attend this is the ideal way of learning how to sell your fine art photographs in today’s hyper-competitive market. The purpose of the seminar is to teach you how to make more money selling your work:


October 14th, 2016

 Announcing the Advanced Adjustment Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB

I am hard at work on a new Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB: the Advanced Adjustment Layers Mastery workshop on DVD or USB card.

The publication of this new Mastery Workshop is scheduled for this fall.  At this time the text files, the quicksteps, the audio tutorials and half of the video tutorials are completed.  I am currently finishing the recording the video tutorial movies.

Right now a pre-announcement list is available. To get on the list simply email me at alain@beautiful-landscape.com with the words ‘advanced adjustment layers’ in the email subject. You will be added to the list and will benefit from special offers and lower pricing when this new tutorial is released. You will also be notified first.

You can download the detailed table of contents for this new and extensive tutorial at this link:

A new podcast episode is available about the Advanced Adjustment Layers Mastery:

This is the largest and most feature-filled tutorial I have created. Be sure to take a look at the table of contents. I believe you will be impressed !  And don’t forget to join the pre-announcement list so you can take advantage of the upcoming special offers and invitations.

Alain Briot

August 17th, 2016

Seven new updates are available for the
Vision Mastery
Workshop on DVD/USB

Seven new updates were posted to the Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB free owner’s updates page today.  These updates consist of the following tutorials:

1 – About Photo Competitions
2 – Books on telling your story
3 – Critiquing photographs
4 – Mentors
5 – About Photographer’s Block
6 – Revealing the artist within
7 – Vision Guidelines

Simply log on to the updates area to download these new updates.

Best regards,

Alain Briot

August 12th, 2016

Three new updates are available for the
Artistic Compostion Mastery
Workshop on DVD/USB

Three new updates were posted to the Artistic Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB free owner’s updates page today.  These updates consist of the following tutorials:

1 – San Javier close up example
2 – Multiple compositions of the same location
3 – Seeing Compositions in the whole landscape

Simply log on to the updates area to download these new updates.

Best regards,

Alain Briot

June 22nd, 2016

The Marketing Mastery Success Seminar: Part 1
A Mastery Seminar on DVD/USB Card


The 2016 Marketing Mastery Success Seminar is now available on DVD or USB card.  This new Mastery Seminar includes a full audio recording of the 2 day Seminar plus the entire text of the Seminar complete with photographs, illustrations and exercises used during the live seminar.

In addition it also includes several freebies not available anywhere else.  The link above features the detailed description of the seminar, a free download for the table of contents, and information on how to place your order.

You can place your order immediately at this link:

Now Available
Artistic Composition Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB

The 8th Mastery Workshop on DVD , the Artistic Composition Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB is now available for order, with a limited time special offer.  You can see all the details, download the table of contents and see the special gift that comes with it at this link:


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