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I write extensively about photography -both photographic technique and aesthetics- about the business aspect of photography, and about photography as art. My writings and photographs are published both in print and on the internet. This is only a partial listing. This page features a partial list of the books that are available on the web as of 2016. You can see an older list of essays at this link.

I write a monthly column for titled Briot's View. I am a Senior Editor for

I write a monthly column for I am a Contributing Editor for

I write a regular column for

I write a regular column for

I also publish essays regularly on a variety of other websites including, Nikonians and many other sites.

My essays and photographs have been published in print in numerous magazines.

I have published 4 printed books. All of them are available in eBook format as well.

Printed Books: click here

eBooks: click here.

Natalie and I publish a podcast on photography. Our podcast is available at this link.

My essays are extremely popular and draw an international readership. They are available in the following languages:
- English (see above. My articles are originally written in English)
- Dutch - Esthetica en Fotografie
- Italian - Estetica e Fotografia
- Portuguese - Estética e fotografia 1
- Portuguese - Estética e fotografia 2
- French - Interview
- French - Interview
- French - Comment Composer un Paysage
- Spanish - Estética y Fotografía
- Swedish - Att vara konstnar
- German - Einen persönlichen Stil entwickeln
- German - Was es heisst, Künstler zu sein
- Greek - PhotoEidolo
Hungarian - Esztétika és Fotográfia
- Hungarian - Audience and Best Sellers
- Rumanian - Estetica in fotografie
- French - on
- And more coming up

I enjoy having my articles translated in additional languages. If you want to translate some of my essays simply contact me at with the titles of the essays you are interested in.

Alain Briot Portfolio in PhotArt Number 4

Grand Canyon Rainbow and Antelope Light Dance in PhotoEidolo number 21


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