Photographs Taken during the Fine Art Summit

I just wanted to tell you and Natalie how much I enjoyed the Summit and the Field Workshops afterward.  I am looking forward to next year's Summit in Zion.

Steve Pope
2008 Fine Art Summit Participant

Summit participants listening to one of the presentations

Summit participants listening to one of the presentations

Alain conducting a print review

Tony Sweet teaching at the 2011 Fine Art Summit in Death Valley, California

Mark Nelson teaching at the 2011 Fine Art Summit in Death Valley, California

Tony Sweet and Alain Briot

Prints made during the Summit

I wanted to thank Alain, Uwe, Tony and yourself for organizing this wonderful Fine Art print workshop and the very enjoyable and educational follow on field workshop. It was so packed with new information and ideas that I am still processing much of it and will work on learning the new skills for a long time now.

Moti Hodis
2008 Summit Participant

Prints, books and brochures from instructors and sponsors

Natalie showing portfolio prints

Natalie showing portfolio prints

I enjoyed the Summit and Field workshop very much and got a lot out of both.  Every aspect was well planned, well organized and the instructors of the highest caliber.  I look forward to future summits and the possibility of one on one instruction.

Thanks and stay well,

Glenn Gilchrist
2008 Summit Participant

Natalie showing portfolio prints

Alain working with Venus Kondos and Jackie Stoken during a 1 on 1 session

The Vision Field Workshops after the Summit
Each year we organize field workshops after the Summit in nearby locations. This allows everyone to explore new photographic locations and combine field work time with Summit instruction. It also gives everyone an opportunity to practice what was taught during the Summit.

This year the field workshops took us to the Escalante area. We travelled from Bryce Canyon to Goblin Valley and saw some of the most stunning natural locations anywhere in an area that is still very little visited by tourists. We photographed in the Escalante area, on Boulder Mountain (going up to nearly 10,000 feet), in Capitol Reef National park and finally in Goblin Valley State Park.

Below are photographs of Summit participants working in the field as well as photographs taken by the participants themselves. Credits are provided under each photograph.

Devil's Garden
Photograph by Alain Barbezat

Mike photographing at Sunrise near Escalante

Moti in the field near Escalante

The 2011 Fine Art Photography Summit was a blast! Got some great images, learned a lot and made some new friends. Alain Briot, Natalie Briot, Tony Sweet, Susan Milestone and Mark Nelson put up an excellent program. Mark Nelson, the guest speaker, gave us a glimpse of alternative printing processes and convinced me that Pt/Pd printing is in my future. We even had a cameo appearance by Jeff Schewe during the print review!

Sounds like next year's summit will be in Zion, and the slate of speakers will be equally impressive to this year... time to start planning for it!

Stefano Lassini

Alain photographing at sunrise near Escalante

Alain teaching in the Eastern Sierra Nevada
after the 2011 Death Valley Summit

Venus photographing in Goblin Valley

Moti photographing in Capitol Reef

I want to thank you and Natalie for a tremendous summit.

Thommy Andersen, Sweden

Backlit Cottonwoods
Photograph by Alain Barbezat

Alain teaching in the Eastern Sierra Nevada
after the 2011 Death Valley Summit

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