Lemons & Lemonade - 3
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Hoseshoe Bend without Flowers

Workshop participants often want to re-do images I have previously created. Such was the case during our April Antelope Canyon workshop when a participant asked Natalie to show him the exact location where I created Horseshoe Bend and Flowers. Natalie obliged. Unfortunately, while the time was right, the flowers weren't there. Desert flowers do not bloom each successive year. The participant went away disheartened, saying that "there was no shot."

I wasn't there when this took place and when Natalie recounted the event to me I was somewhat surprised. This past weekend, during our May Antelope Canyon workshop, I decided to check it out for myself and, if possible, to create a different version of this image, sans fleurs, s'il vous plait. The scene, according to Natalie, was similar to what it looked like in April

The result is above. I placed my original photograph below to make comparing the two as easy as possible. No shot? I beg to differ. However, you are the judge.

The truth of the matter, for truth needs to be told, is that there is an infinite --and I mean infinite-- variety of images in any given location. In fact, during the May Antelope Canyon workshop, I created a third original image from Horseshoe Bend, entirely different from any of the images I created at this location so far. This one was inspired by the Vertical S-Curve composition, one of the 20 different compositions I describe and present examples for in my Composition CD.

I will have an account of this other image from Hoseshoe Bend very soon. Just one more reason to come back to this website.

Hoseshoe Bend with Flowers

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