Unsolicited testimonials from Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD owners:

Testimonial from Doug Winn in Oregon

Hi Alain:

Well, I just finished a two-and-a-half day session focused on your new “Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD” and I have to say that it is the very best compilation of useful concepts, work flow and techniques that I have yet seen on this subject—bar none.  As you know, I participated in your “Expressive Fine Art Print” workshop last February—that was tremendous and I have my notes from that workshop right next to my work station all of the time, referring to them regularly during my Photoshop works.  But this “Workshop on DVD” is just wonderful, and far better than my notes!  It will reside in one of my DVD drives on my computer until it all becomes second nature to me, and as you say in your conclusion, “mastery come from repetition and regular use” so I’m encouraged that “mastery” is attainable, thanks to you and Natalie.

The “highlights” for me are many:

Starting with the clarity in concept and application of your 28-step approach.  It is clear, is based upon your years of experience and good fine art work, is clearly presented and each step is then validated with real live examples.  Since the presentations are on a DVD I was able to repeat the steps as I went through your video presentations.  [I actually had Photoshop CS2 on in the background, and I applied your steps to one of my images right along with you as you showed how to do it in the video.  That was very educational for me, and it really drove home the concepts and techniques that you were presenting].

Next was your demonstrations of current systems on the market today relating to digital image conversion—showing how Camera Raw Pro, Bridge, DXO and Lightroom work was dynamite.  You made it so clear, without “trumpeting” any of the hype from the digital street…you focused just on how they each worked, where each of them “shined”, and what the future might have in store.  That was so helpful.

Next, your video “how to’s” and “Quick Steps”.  They are loaded with information, and I’ll use them often.  I’m in the process of making a number of my own templates, based upon my workflow, but revolutionized by the extensive use of layers.  Thank you so much for clearly explaining how to use them.

Next, your presentations on printing and printers and RIPs.  Again, comprehensive, practical, usable and results oriented.

And finally, Natalie’s presentations on the nuts-and-bolts of mat cutting, mounting, and framing was very helpful.  And her personality made it all very genuine.

PS:  I've opened the DVD four times already today...adjusting my colorspace, resetting my Photoshop memory, and referencing two adjustment curves on two different images.  I really am using it!

Thanks, Alain and Natalie, for your good work,

Doug Winn, Oregon

Testimonial from David White in California
I've found that the DVD is very well organized with a wealth of materials. Every lesson is presented as a Quicktime movie with additional supporting materials which can be viewed separately. I've found that working on one of my images in Photoshop while viewing a movie presentation has been very helpful. I can pause the movie and try what he is presenting on my own photographs and instantly see what works and what doesn't work on a particular image and why.

The DVD has more material and presentations that you would probably get in a 2-3 day workshop on printing and is costs a lot less than you would pay to go to such a workshop when you look at the workshop cost, transportation, lodging and meals.

The material is superb and covers just about everything you need to know about how to produce a fine art photograph from capture to mounting and matting and I've found it to be a worthwhile investment for me. I've already had several concepts and techniques that I have struggled with cleared up and made easily understandable.

Certainly, $975 is a lot of money, but when taken in perspective it isn't that much. This is certainly no corporate fluff training DVD.

I am impressed with the quality of the teaching.

David White, California

Testimonial from Bob Fields in Texas
Your Printing Mastery Workshop DVD is simply masterful. I'm just up to Global Image Adjustments, and it's apparent if I had this DVD when I started working in Photoshop and pursuing fine art printing it would have saved me a great deal of time and money.

It is well worth the price.

Bob Fields, Texas

Testimonial from Peter Cox in Ireland
I have gotten through a large part of the DVD now and have found it very useful. The curating section in particular has given me plenty of ideas re my own print framing and fulfilment.


Peter Cox, Ireland

Testimonial from Edward Delaney in Ireland
I am amazed at the amount of information contained on the Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD and the Expressive Print Seminar 2006 CD.

I am looking forward to the challenge of studying the 28 Steps. I can really appreciate the amount of work that went into putting this together. I consider it great value for money.

The more I delve into this DVD the more I am impressed with its contents.It definitely wont be your fault if I don't produce excellent fine art prints when I finish the course.

Many thanks

Edward W. Delaney, Ireland

Testimonial from Rob Eckert in Pennsylvania
Hi Alain,

I am very impressed with the DVD. I have been pouring over the contents since I received it. I have most of the software tools that you cite on the DVD, but I did not understand how to tie them together in a cohesive workflow as you have done for me. Who knew that I could compare my Joseph Holmes DCam profiles with my camera profiles in ColorSync. ColorSync just sat on my hard drive with all that potential that you unlocked for me. The tools that were on my computer were, metaphorically, like a disorganized orchestra. All they needed was a talented conductor to bring them together. I must say I was taken aback by the price of Printing Mastery when I got your email announcing the availability of the DVD, but it was well worth every hard earned penny.

Thanks again,

Rob Eckert, Pennsylvania

Testimonial from Ambika Balasubramaniyan in Arizona
Your Printing Master Workshop on DVD is absolutely amazing. It has so far well exceeded my expectations - by far one of the best investments I have made. This is an absolute MUST for any one interested in furthering their skills in image processing and presentation. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge accumulated over the years.

You have moved me up my learning curve by leaps n bounds!

You present an absolute wealth of information in an easy to absorb format and the overall content is well produced. Personally, the spontaneity of your presentation style keeps the material interesting and retains a sense of humor. I have worked through your 28 steps - listening/viewing to content and experimenting with the techniques you have showcased. Results so far on my image(s) have been nothing short of spectacular! The Quick steps and curves sets have come in quite handy as well - I appreciate the thoughtfulness of providing them.

You and Natalie have produced a winner! Congratulations ...

Ambika Balasubramaniyan, Arizona

Testimonial from Charles Morrin
I have had the Printing Mastery DVD workshop on DVD and CDfor about 3 weeks now and I have listened to most of it at least once.  They are far better than any of the books I have read.  I have already learned much. 

I practiced by improving and reprinting a set of photos using your approach.  I just made a print from a photo that I took two years ago, solving the problems that I previously experienced.  But I am not surprised -- most of my progress in learning Landscape Photography results from reading your essays on the Luminous Landscape in 2004, and then practicing when I had time the last 2 years.  Yes, I also bought the book. I look forward to further study of the DVDs and doing more exercises.

Charles Morrin

Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD Testimonial
by Peter Farrer

I must thank you both so very much for the DVD, there are no photoshop books which can help to improve the image quality to near perfection. I am so very pleased with my results which are only with thanks to your DVD workshop. I feel that a cheetah photo is the best quality animal photo I have ever seen, you want to stroke it. I intend to offer a limited amount of postcard size animals to the kids for free.

I am using your mat board technics Natalie, it ensures the longitivity of the artwork which is important to me. I feel the DVD is underpriced but I did get it at the special offer first 50 price. Some of the advice is priceless. I use Canon ipf5000 and only hahnemuhle paper which is also extremely high quality.

Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD Testimonial
by P.W. (full name withheld by request)

I have just finished working through the workshop at my own pace, and wanted to write something for the two of you.

The Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD is a gift.
It is a set of tools--with a message.
It is an exhortation-- to focus better, to extract the art from the data, to slow down in the beginning and take a few notes, to slow down in the middle and possibly go in a new direction, to go where the image is going and to expand one's personal art by orders of magnitude.

Part of my personal credo is 'getting out of the way and letting my soul expand' and you've given me lots of new tools to get out of my own way. For me it is about the connotations of an image, about the emotions evoked in the resonance of another soul. Thanks for showing me how to expand my soul and touch others.

--PW from Jersey."

Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD Testimonial
by John (last name withheld by request)

The DVD is a remarkable body of work, from the quality of the audio to the clarity of the explanations.  The amount of caring that it took to assemble the body of work is just staggering, and the quality of the production is exquisite.  Congratulations!

I have a much better chance of touching others and myself with the help of the DVD.  I get to start kind of 'standing on your shoulders.'

Thanks for the boost, and a very sincere thank you from my heart--