Why you must attend the 2018 Marketing Success Seminar

This is why you must attend:
If you have been wondering why your work is not selling you need to attend this seminar.  We will not only explain why your work is not selling, we will teach you what to do to sell your work.  You will need to make changes to your selling approach of course but the outcome is that you will be selling your work more often and for more money than you ever thought possible.  No more people telling you that your work is beautiful and then not buying it!  This will be a thing of the past after you attend this seminar.

Here is the seminar description and registration page:

Important notice
None of this knowledge is featured in my books, online essays or other materials. Not even in the marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD!  It’s only featured in this year’s Marketing Seminar.  Why?  Because this is brand new knowledge that we have not taught before.  This is why you need to come if you are serious about selling your work successfully.

Don’t wait !
Also, don’t wait.  There is no reason to delay learning things that will change your life.  Knowledge is power and the sooner you acquire the knowledge we will share in the seminar the sooner you will be empowered selling your work.  No more frustration at people who leave you hanging after giving you the impression they are going to make a purchase.  You will be taken seriously and you will make sales, because you will learn how to close the sale no matter what.

Part 3 is totally different from parts 1 and 2
This is Part 3 of the Marketing Success Seminar (parts 1 and 2 were taught in 2016 and 2017)Part 3 is totally different from Parts 1 and 2.  Part 3 focuses on how to talk to customers, handle objections and close the sale. It also focuses on how to write blog entries, essays and other texts to sell your work. During the Seminar we will do role-playing and we will give you scripts you can use to talk to customers and to write essays successfully.  We will focus also on internet sales and on solving problems that prevent YOU from selling YOUR work.

Here is the seminar description and registration page:

Selling your work like a pro – becoming part of the 20%

Selling your work like a pro: becoming part of the 20%

1 – Introduction
I am often asked for recommendations by students who want to sell their work and generate income from the sale of their photographs.  Usually these questions come from photographers who have tried to sell their work and have been unsuccessful and are wondering what to do next.

2 – Recommendations
My first recommendations is to revise your price list.  Most photographers get it all wrong, to put it bluntly, when it comes to pricing their work.  My second recommendation is to learn salesmanship.  There are 2 types of sales: the first one generates a few % of my income, the second one generates 95% to 99 % of my income.  Most photographers only make the first type of sales which means they miss out, or lose if you prefer, 95 to 99% of their potential income.

My third recommendation is to work on your marketing plan.  Many photographers start selling in restaurants, bars or other public places in addition to their website. Those are the starting points of most artists.  Unfortunately they are not enough to generate regular or significant sales.

To achieve regular significant sales you need to have a professional marketing plan tailored for your work, a plan designed to meet your financial goals and fit in your schedule.  This is something that has to be worked out in order to become successful.  Without a marketing plan you are left hoping for the best which is how most artists do it.  This does not work and this is why most artists make very little, if any, money from the sale of their work.

3 – Becoming part of the 20%
The goal is to become part of the 20%.  In any business, be it photography or any other product or service, 20% of the businesses take home 80% of the income.  The other 80% share the 20% of the income that is left.  In other words they get the crumbs while the top 20% share the pie, so to speak.

To make real money you need to be part of these 20%.  This is true whether you want to do this part-time or full-time, and whether you want to do this now or later.

You need to learn, study and practice marketing to become part of these 20%.  If you try to reinvent the wheel (meaning try to learn how to market your work on your own), it is virtually impossible to join the 20% because you have no idea what successful businesses are doing marketing-wise. They play close to the chest and what you see from the outside is not representative of what takes place behind the scene.  In fact what you see is often misleading because while you may see their marketing materials, you have no idea  what their marketing plan is.

The purpose of studying marketing and salesmanship is to give you this knowledge, bridge the gap between you and the 20 percenters and let you see what is really going on behind the doors so to speak.  The goal is to learn what the 20% are doing that you are not privy to so that you can become one of them.

4 – The 2016 Alain Briot Marketing Seminar
I will be teaching a Fine Art Photography Marketing Seminar in Spring 2016. This will be a 2 day event and it will take place in Peoria, Arizona.  Peoria is 30 minutes north of the Phoenix airport.

I will be teaching marketing techniques not featured in my Marketing Books. These are techniques I started using after I wrote the book (the book was written in 2009 a long time ago by current marketing standards).

This event is by invitation and places will be limited. I did not teach a marketing seminar for several years so I expect this one to fill out immediately.

If you are interested send me an email at: alain@beautiful-landscape.com with Marketing Seminar in the subject line. A discounted special offer will be available for the first registration.

I will email you detailed information about this Seminar upon receipt of your email.  This information will have a list of all the subjects I will cover during the Seminar.

Alain Briot

Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD announcement


In 2006 I released the Introductory Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD.  This year, 8 years later, I released the Advanced  Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD.  This new Workshop on DVD is called the Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD because the contents of this new Workshop on DVD goes way beyond the contents of the Introductory Marketing Workshop on DVD.

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This new tutorial is also up to date with today’s economy.  8 years ago is a huge amount of time in the world of marketing. A lot of things happened in those 8 years!  The most significant being that we went through a dramatic recession of which we have not fully emerged yet.

In 2006 the economy was rock solid and business was rocking.  If you had asked anyone back then what they thought the future had in store, they would have said ‘more of the same’.  In other words, positivism ran wild back then.  People were optimistic.  Everyone was buying and spending freely.


The recession came as a shock and took many people down with it.  Housing values crumbled. Net worth was severely diminished.  To face what for many amounted to a disaster people cut down on unnecessary expenses. One such expense was art, photographic art in our situation.  There is no point buying a photograph to hang over the mantle when you are foreclosing on your home.  Similarly, home decor, one of the main reasons collectors purchase fine art photographs, is not on people’s radar when they lose they job, see the value of their investments plummet or face other dire financial issues.

Some fine art photographers went out of business.  Some made do.  Some did better than they ever did.  We know why some went out of business. There is no mystery there.  We can also guess how some managed to ‘make do.’  Cutting expenses, going into ‘survival’ mode and basically waiting out the storm hoping that things will improve.  The real question, the one that is puzzling many people, is how and why did some fine art photographers manage to do better in such a poor economic situation. The short answer: they knew how to market their work successfully during a recession.  The longer answer: the contents of the new Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD.  It’s all there and it works.

This new seminar is centered around the message that is at the center of my teaching:

The most important aspect of selling your work successfully
is taking control of your own destiny instead of waiting to be discovered

The reason for this focus is that I’ve never been fond of waiting.  Call me impatient if you want, that’s fine with me.  Life is simply too short to wait to be discovered.  Plus there’s a major problem with waiting.  What if nobody comes?  What if nothing happens?  What if we are never discovered?  To me that option is no fun at all and I am not willing to take the chance of waiting for nothing.  Especially since there is a solid and efficient alternative and that is to be pro-active and take control of our destiny ourselves.  Who wants to wait?  Not me and I’m ready to bet not you either.  Especially if you know how to make things happen now.

The contents of the new Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD
All this is nice but I am sure you want to know exactly what is in this new Seminar.  Well, no problem.  Here is the table of contents.  There are 19 sections.  Each section featuring one to ten sub-sections:

Section 1 – Introduction

Section 2 – How Fine Art Photographs are Sold

Section 3:  Theory – The Fine Art Photography Business

Section 4:  Theory – Understanding the Selling process

Section 5:  Theory – Why people buy art

Section 6:  Practice – How to start your business

Section 7:  Practice – Where to sell your work

Section 8:  Practice – Seeking Gallery Representation

Section 9:  Practice – Selling on the web

Section 10:  Practice – Communicating with customers

Section 11:  Practice – Improving Sales

Section 12:  Practice – Managing your career

Section 13:  Practice – Creating the Lifestyle you desire

Section 14:  Practice – How are you going to do this

Section 15:  Practice – The 12 commandments of Marketing

Section 16:  Conclusion

Section 17:  Artist Stories

Section 18:  Reference files

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