Reflections Blog Improvements

Hello, The layout and organization of my Reflections Blog was improved over the Holidays. 1 – The blog is now formatted as a dynamic site, meaning the page size will adjust automatically to fit the size of the digital device you are using. 2 – The essays were reorganized in specific categories.  Each essay appears […]


Eclipse This photograph was created during the 2012 Eclipse of the Sun. The photograph was taken from the Island in the Sky viewpoing in Canyonlands National Park, not that it matters since you cannot tell from the photo where it was taken. I used a 250mm lens on my medium format digital camera. The image […]

The 2017 Zion Fine Art Summit

The 2017 Zion Fine Art Photography Summit You can register for this event now by clicking here Sunrise, Zion National Park Introduction Each year for the past 15 years we have offered an event called the Fine Art Photography Summit. This event used to be organized jointly by Uwe Steinmueller and myself. When Uwe passed […]