Workshop Question

I recently received the question below and I thought it would be interesting for you to read my answer as it applies to many photographers looking to attend one of our workshops Question: I am an amateur photographer. I have read one of your books (Photographic Composition) and listened to several podcasts. I like them […]

Alain Briot Photography eBooks-Composition, technique, marketing, art.

eBooks Download table of contents & sampler Download table of contents & sampler Download table of contents & sampler Download table of contents & sampler Mastering Landscape Photography 245 Pages, full coloreBook version $23.99 Photographic Composition, Creativity Personal Style 370 Pages, full coloreBook version $24.99 Marketing Fine Art Photography 315 Pages, full coloreBook version $24.99 […]

Reaching your goals in 2015

Whether you think you can or think you cannot you are correct. Henry Ford 1 – Introduction – New Year Resolutions We all make resolutions at the start of the year.  However, for many these resolutions disappear into the ether around the end of January.  Quite often, thirty days is what it takes for old […]

Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD announcement

Introduction In 2006 I released the Introductory Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD.  This year, 8 years later, I released the Advanced  Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD.  This new Workshop on DVD is called the Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD because the contents of this new Workshop on DVD goes way beyond the contents of the Introductory Marketing Workshop on DVD. […]

The 2014 Fine Art Photography Summit

The 2014 Fine Art Photography Summit is the yearly event during which we combine field work, image processing, photograph reviews, presentations and one on one work.The Fine Art Summit features a different guest speaker and is organized in a different location each year. This year’s Summit takes place in Moab, Utah, home of Canyonlands and […]