Mastery Workshops Special Offer Holidays 2017

The Holidays 2017 Mastery Workshops on USB/DVD Super Special Offer is live.

This offer will save you 20 to 40% and more off my regular pricing. Several gifts and new products are part of this offer.

Check out all the details on the Special Offer Page:

Get the new Master Files Examples Collection #2 at a huge discount
when you order one of the Mastery Workshops.
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Get the new Podcast Collection FREE when you place your order.
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Alain Briot

Black Friday Super Special Offer

We are proud to announce that the new Advanced Adjustment Layers Mastery Workshop is ready and available for order at this link.

We have a Black Friday Super Special Offer as well! You can save 50% if you order the Super Special Offer at this link.

This is our most extensive tutorial so far. It took over one year to create. It is loaded with movies, eBooks, audio recordings, master files, Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions and more. Below is a quick overlook of the contents:advanced-layers-contents-400-1

In addition to these you also get an Alain Briot matted and signed fine art print (a $495 value), the recording of Alain’s 2015 Death Valley Fine Art Summit presentations (a $995 value), the 200 Master Files Collection (a $795 value), free shipping and a $100 off coupon for any of our workshops.
This is an offer you cannot afford to refuse, or pass up, or ignore.

This is our first Super Special Offer ever. Trust me, or Natalie.  This kind of offer doesn’t come around often!

Alain Briot

Advanced Adjustment Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD or USB card

Advanced Adjustment Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD or USB card

This new and extensive tutorial will be released this fall. Right now a pre-announcement list is available. To get on the list simply email me at with the words ‘advanced adjustment layers’ in the email subject. You will be added to the list and will benefit from special offers and lower pricing when this new tutorial is released.You will also be notified first.

You can also download the detailed table of contents for this new and extensive tutorial at this link.

A new podcast episode focusing on the new Advanced Adjustment Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD or USB card is also available. You can listen to it now on the Podcast page or on iTunes.
Additional information about this new Mastery Workshop will be posted to this site soon.

Alain Briot



Summer Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB Special Offer

Summer Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB Special Offer

The Annual Summer Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB Special Offer is live. This offer saves you up to 40% off the regular pricing. It applies to all eight Mastery Workshops on DVD/USB.

It is the perfect opportunity to complete your collection, or to start studying with the Mastery Workshops on DVD series. There are 8 different Mastery Workshops on DVD/USB covering every aspect of Fine Art Photography.

Don’t miss this opportunity to save money! All the information is here.


The 8 Mastery Workshops on DVD


2015 Print of the Season — limited edition of 15

The 2015 Print of the Season.  Offered in a Limited Edition of 15 to celebrate 2015.  Discover all the details at this link:


Shipping is Free for all USA orders

2015 Print of the Season
Limited edition of 15
16×20 Matted: $695
Free USA shippingYou save $200 compared to regular pricing for a print of this size.

2015 Print of the Season
Limited edition of 15
16×20 Framed: $895
Free USA shippingYou save $200 compared to regular pricing for a print of this size.


The Photograph
The second Alain Briot Holiday Season Print Collection is titled Badwater Reflections.

This print is only offered during the 2015 Holiday Season. Availability ends on December 31st or whenever the edition is sold out.

This is the second print in the collection called The Alain Briot Holiday Season Limited Edition Print Collection. There are 15 prints to celebrate 2015. This collection was started last year. In 2014 there were 14 prints. There will be 16 prints in 2016, 17 in 2017 and so on.

The Image
This photograph was created this year during the 2015 Fine Art Photography Summit in Death Valley National Park, California. Heavy rains had filled the Badwater basin with water, creating a unique opportunity for photographs of reflections. I spent several hours there in the late afternoon photographing the mountains reflected in this temporary lake. The salt pans, the patterns created by the salt on the floor of the basin, provided additional interest by creating interesting and endlessly varied designs.

The key moment happened not as sunset but 10 minutes or so after the sun had gone done. I waited after because there were clouds in the sky and I there was a possibility that they would turn pink after sunset. This does not always happen because it depends on many factors that are impossible to predict. Sometimes you wait and nothing happens. Sometimes you leave early thinking it won’t happen and it does happen which is obviously frustrating. The best situation is when you wait and it does happen, which is what took place here. The colors were there for a very short time because what gives the pink color to the clouds are the very last rays of the sun before everything turns black. Fortunately I was ready, with camera on tripod and the right lens selected, and I was able to get several images before darkness set in and we had to hike back.

Framing and matting
This limited edition print is available matted or matted and framed.

If you purchase it matted, it is matted museum-style in a mat hinged to the backing board. The print is attached to the mat with plastic corners, which means that no tape touches the print. The print is not dry mounting because dry mounting is not reversible. This mounting technique is therefore totally archival because the print can be removed from the mat simply by lifting it off. This also means that the print will not wrinkle or warp depending on the humidity level because it has room to expand freely not being attached with tape. This 100% archival mounting is used by museums worldwide and is preferred to all other types of matting and mounting.

If you purchase it matted and framed, the frame is a handmade Mahogany Finish Frame. The moulding is truly magnificent and does emphasize the beauty of this image. The photograph I took of the moulding shows closely how beautiful this presentation is. However, this piece looks much better in reality than a web photograph can show! You just won’t believe your eyes when you receive yours. All the framing materials used are Museum Quality, archival supplies. All my work is guaranteed for life in regard to fading and damage caused by framing materials.

Framed pieces are delivered in a stunning mahogany finish frame.

A Unique Special offer
This photograph is priced at a special print of the season pricing. Look at the table below and compare it to my regular prices to find out exactly how much you are saving through this incredible offer!

Shipping costs for US orders are included in the Print of the Month price. US orders are shipped via US Priority Mail insured and trackable. International orders are shipped via US Airmail insured. Shipping costs for international orders are calculated separately.

Each package is professionally packed and insured for its full value by us. We guarantee that you will receive your matted or framed photograph in perfect condition. If you receive your photograph damaged simply contact us and then return the damaged photograph to us. We will ship you a new piece right away upon receipt of your return piece at no extra cost.

One month, 100% Money Back Guarantee
All purchases are covered by my unique 100% Take one month to decide money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason just return it (in original condition) for a refund or credit. Take one month to decide. And, if your photograph fades, we will replace it at no charge!

Place your order now at this link:

Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD announcement


In 2006 I released the Introductory Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD.  This year, 8 years later, I released the Advanced  Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD.  This new Workshop on DVD is called the Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD because the contents of this new Workshop on DVD goes way beyond the contents of the Introductory Marketing Workshop on DVD.

Click here if you want to go to the special offer page immediately:

This new tutorial is also up to date with today’s economy.  8 years ago is a huge amount of time in the world of marketing. A lot of things happened in those 8 years!  The most significant being that we went through a dramatic recession of which we have not fully emerged yet.

In 2006 the economy was rock solid and business was rocking.  If you had asked anyone back then what they thought the future had in store, they would have said ‘more of the same’.  In other words, positivism ran wild back then.  People were optimistic.  Everyone was buying and spending freely.


The recession came as a shock and took many people down with it.  Housing values crumbled. Net worth was severely diminished.  To face what for many amounted to a disaster people cut down on unnecessary expenses. One such expense was art, photographic art in our situation.  There is no point buying a photograph to hang over the mantle when you are foreclosing on your home.  Similarly, home decor, one of the main reasons collectors purchase fine art photographs, is not on people’s radar when they lose they job, see the value of their investments plummet or face other dire financial issues.

Some fine art photographers went out of business.  Some made do.  Some did better than they ever did.  We know why some went out of business. There is no mystery there.  We can also guess how some managed to ‘make do.’  Cutting expenses, going into ‘survival’ mode and basically waiting out the storm hoping that things will improve.  The real question, the one that is puzzling many people, is how and why did some fine art photographers manage to do better in such a poor economic situation. The short answer: they knew how to market their work successfully during a recession.  The longer answer: the contents of the new Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD.  It’s all there and it works.

This new seminar is centered around the message that is at the center of my teaching:

The most important aspect of selling your work successfully
is taking control of your own destiny instead of waiting to be discovered

The reason for this focus is that I’ve never been fond of waiting.  Call me impatient if you want, that’s fine with me.  Life is simply too short to wait to be discovered.  Plus there’s a major problem with waiting.  What if nobody comes?  What if nothing happens?  What if we are never discovered?  To me that option is no fun at all and I am not willing to take the chance of waiting for nothing.  Especially since there is a solid and efficient alternative and that is to be pro-active and take control of our destiny ourselves.  Who wants to wait?  Not me and I’m ready to bet not you either.  Especially if you know how to make things happen now.

The contents of the new Advanced Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD
All this is nice but I am sure you want to know exactly what is in this new Seminar.  Well, no problem.  Here is the table of contents.  There are 19 sections.  Each section featuring one to ten sub-sections:

Section 1 – Introduction

Section 2 – How Fine Art Photographs are Sold

Section 3:  Theory – The Fine Art Photography Business

Section 4:  Theory – Understanding the Selling process

Section 5:  Theory – Why people buy art

Section 6:  Practice – How to start your business

Section 7:  Practice – Where to sell your work

Section 8:  Practice – Seeking Gallery Representation

Section 9:  Practice – Selling on the web

Section 10:  Practice – Communicating with customers

Section 11:  Practice – Improving Sales

Section 12:  Practice – Managing your career

Section 13:  Practice – Creating the Lifestyle you desire

Section 14:  Practice – How are you going to do this

Section 15:  Practice – The 12 commandments of Marketing

Section 16:  Conclusion

Section 17:  Artist Stories

Section 18:  Reference files

Limited Time Special Offer
Do you want to place your order now? We have a limited time special offer: Here is the link:

But do hurry because this offer is strictly limited to 25 orders! Don’t delay, order it now!

Best regards,

Alain Briot

The Alain Briot Print of the Season Collection

The Alain Briot Print of the Season Collection

Natalie and I are proud to announce a new Limited Edition Print Collection: The Alain Briot Print of the Season Collection:

The 2014 Holiday Print of the Season is titled Comb Ridge Sunset.

This print is only offered during the 2014 Holiday Season. Availability ends on December 31st or when all 14 prints are sold, whichever comes first.

The edition is limited to 14 prints to celebrate 2014. There will be 15 prints in 2015, 16 in 2016 and so on.

You can see the image we selected for the 2014 Holliday season at the link below:


Black Friday Special Offers

Briot Black Friday Special Offers

Click on the offers below to access the order page

1 – All seven Mastery Workshops on DVD are 20% to 40% off + free shipping 

2 – Register for a workshop and get Alain’s book, Mastering Landscape Photography, signed, free

3 – All 140 Prints of the Month are 50% off + free shipping

Hurry because these are good only November 26th to December 2nd

Thank you!

Alain and Natalie

Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD

Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD

We are putting the final touches to the Personal Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD (also available on USB flash card). We plan to officially announce it and start shipping in a week or so. If you haven’t joined the pre-announcement list yet you can still do so by emailing me at We will have a special offer for 20% and more.

You can see a pre-release description of this new tutorial at this link.

And you can read excerpts from my story at this link. My entire story is featured in the Vision Mastery Workshop on DVD in the context of my body of work. The reasons why your story is important are explained on the DVD.