Bicycle collection

Bicycles collection
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Bicycling 2018-2021
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About Bicycles

I was once asked by a print collector, at a show of my work, what was my hobby. To my dismay I was stumped. I realized on that day that I did not have a hobby. I was too busy running my photography business to have time to do anything else. Photography had taken over my life.

Photography used to be my hobby. But when it became my profession building my business took all my time. As I pondered the implications of this epiphany, I realized that I needed to make changes. I realized that one cannot do the same thing all the time, day after day, month after month, year after year. One needs a break. One needs a change of mind. One needs a hobby.

I tried different things, collecting this or that, or going back to things that interested me in the past. It didn't work. I needed something that provided a level of excitement comparable to photography. I needed something that was active. I also needed something that had an aesthetic appeal and that was fun. I needed something that involved adrenaline.

This page about my bicycle collection, and the related links to my car collection, woodworking, and more are way my answer to the question that stumped me nearly 10 years ago. It is also evidence that I have time for things other than photography, although, as you most likely will point out, someone had to take these photographs ;-) However, do note that some of the images on these pages were taken by Natalie and that none were made to be sold. Also note that I attend many events related to my hobbies and that no photographs of these events appear here because I do not take a camera with me.

Having a hobby is sometimes a luxury when you are in business for yourself, or when you are actively pursuing a career, because these occupations are very demanding. It is therefore very easy to spend all your time working. In that regard, one of the measures of success is whether or not you have time to do other things besides your profession.

I decided to group on this page photographs of my bicycle collection. Some of thse were purchased already built, others were built by myself. I love working on bicycles and I have all the necessary tools and supplies to do so. I make no attempts tomake money building or repairing bicycles of selling these images. My specialty is landscape photography and I am not interested in turning my hobbies into a profession ;-) This has to be, first and foremost, fun.



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