San Juan Booklet
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San Juan Booklet
26 pages, 6"x8"
plus one 5"x7" Companion Print:
Mists of the San Juan
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Navajoland DVD plus
signed 5"x7" Companion Print:
Spiderock Snowstorm
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San Juan Booklet
plus one signed 5x7 Companion Print
matted in 11x14 museum-quality mat
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1-San Juan Booklet plus Companion Print
The photographs in this Booklet were created during my first exploration of the San Juan River in October 2005 This exploration proved so exciting that I returned this year for a second and longer time. The booklet was created on my Macintosh G5, and took only a few days to assemble and send to printing. This is another interesting aspect of the project: I assumed a book project was a daunting task. In fact, it can be done quite simply and easily, if one follows the approach I did for this book. The images are either printed half-page, full page, or panoramics across two pages. Here is one of the two-page spreads from the booklet:

I decided to include two Companion Prints with the Booklet. The Companion Prints are very exclusive and this for several reasons: first, I do not offer prints smaller than 11x14 (matted to 16x20) in my regular collections. Second, if I was to sell these Companion Prints separately, I would most likely sell them for $40 or more each, unmatted. So you are getting an incredible opportunity to collect my work at a very advantageous price. The prints are all signed under the photograph and can be matted to 11x14 mat size.

If you want to receive your Companion Print matted, I am offering custom mats cut for each print size (each Companion Print has a unique size to respect the composition of each image). These mats are hand-signed on the mat, in pencil. This way you have my signature visible after the print is matted, without having to leave a space under the print in the mat so that my signature can show. Plus, the prints are ready to display right out of the box, without you having to do anything. Remember that only the first 25 orders will receive both prints.

Oh, and yes, each booklet is signed by me, silver on black, on the first page:

Mists of the San Juan
Companion Print
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Slickhorn Canyon
Companion Print
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2-Navajoland DVD plus Companion Print
The Navajoland DVD features a slide show of the 25 images in my Navajoland portfolio, accompanied by the Native American Flute music of Travis Terry. It is offered at a uniquely low price as part of the San Juan Booklet announcement ($10 below my regular price), available only when you order the San Juan Booklet.

If you are a photographer, the Navajoland DVD is a wonderful example of how you can use your images, this time as a DVD movie with a musical score. Here too, this project was completed using simple software and in a relatively short time frame. Details of the software used are provided with the DVD. A special offer for 16x20 matted prints of the images featured in the movie is included in the DVD. These prints are priced below my Print of the Month prices, and are only available to Navajoland DVD owners.

TI decided to include a Companion Print with the Navajoland DVD as well. I selected Spiderock Snowstorm for this Companion Print because it is one of the my landmark images from Navajoland. This companion print, just like the two Companion Prints for the San Juan Booklet, is printed on the Epson 4800 on Crane Museo Silver Rag. The print quality is stunning.

Each companion print is printed to the same exact standards as my regular fine art prints. The only difference is the size. These prints are 5"x7" (exact size varies depending on the composition of the image) instead of 11x14 or larger, tha's all. Matting (if you select the matting option) is Museum Quality, which is the highest matting quality we offer. It's a great offer. Natalie may have me pull it off this site if she finds out about it, so you probably want to take me up on it right away!

The Navajoland DVD features all the photographs in my Navajoland Portfolio, plus 3 new images that are not in the Portfolio, for a total of 29 images. The movie is 32 minutes long, and features all 9 compositions in the Navajoland CD. Below is a short clip excerpted from the movie:

Movie Excerpt
Navajoland DVD
Spiderock Snowstorm
Companion Print

3-Museum Matted Companion Prints
I hesitated on this one. First, I wasn't sure whether to offer 8"x10" or 11"x14" mat sizes. So, I asked Natalie to mat both prints in both sizes. When I saw the prints matted the choice became evident right away. 8x10 looked like touristic souvenir items. 11x14 looked like fine art. The larger mat border of the 11x14 presentation gave the 5x7 prints plenty of room to "breathe" and exist on their own. In the larger mats the images really stood out in a beautiful and world-class presentation.

So we decided on the 11x14 mat size with custom cut openings for the 2 different prints since each of them has unique dimensions. The mats are museum-style, our finest quality, meaning they are white 4 ply Bainbridge archival mats, with a backing board hinged to the top mat. Natalie mounts the prints with mylar corners so that the mounting process is 100% reversible. Finally I sign each mat. The result is a stunning, jaw-dropping presentation that will make everyone you show them to envy you.

The second aspect of my uncertainty is that I only offer matted prints in 16x20 minimum size normally. Plus, I wasn't sure how to price smaller prints. So I decided to charge $55 per matted and mounted print, with shipping. That's a very small amount for a fine art print to say the least. At this price I don't know how many Natalie will agree to make until she "pulls the plug" so to speak. So order quickly as this is truly a tentative offer.

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Sold out
Photographs of the actual matted prints.
The print and matting quality exceeds what can be shown on the web.

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